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RobotEra is a SandBox-like ecosystem, a P2E ecosystem, and a game created on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The project is still in its presale run and promises to offer the best P2E systems to players. In RobotEra, players can earn TARO, the ecosystem’s native currency. Players can also buy and sell NFTS (Robots, lands, and robot companions). Investors can also purchase the TARO token, and trade in the open market. Let’s explore the full RobotEra price prediction.

RobotEra Price Prediction Table

Year Price Prediction ($)
2023 0.0020 – 0.0030
2024 0.0063 – 0.0099
2025 0.025 – 0.0980
2026 0.023 – 0.0968
2027 0.066 – 0.132
2028 0.0724 – 0.1465
2029 0.0981 – 0.324
2030 0.1134 – 0.676

You can lose your money

RobotEra Price Predictions Explained 

The price prediction table does not explore technical indicators because TARO does not yet have a chart. The RobotEra token is still in its first presale phase. The team’s presale decisions will determine the 2023 prices. 2024 and 2025 prices will depend on demand and supply, and many factors influence demand and supply. For example, the actions of crypto whales, regulations, adoption of the gameplay, and other factors will determine if TARO will explode.

You can lose your money

RobotEra Price Prediction 2023

RobotEra is still in its first presale phase. Currently, there are 1,800,000,000 coins in circulation, and about 40,000,000 coins have raised up to $785,000 from the $1,800,000 goal. Let’s explore the token and what it holds for the next seven years.

The token’s creators determine the prices of tokens in their presale phase. The TARO token is founded on the ERC-20 blockchain protocol and is the utility token of the RobotEra ecosystem. In 2023, we expect macroeconomic factors to affect the price of RobotEra, but then we do not expect any chatter beyond the usual token prices in each presale stage. Right now, a TARO token is $0.02 and will increase to $0.025 in the second presale. Since listings on CEX won’t happen until 2024, the price of RobotEra will remain within the direction of the TARO creators.

RobotEra Price Prediction 2023: $0.020 – $0.030

RobotEra Price Prediction 2025

In the fourth quarter of 2024, two exciting features will launch in the RobotEra project:

  1. TARO will be listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges
  2. RobotEra multiverse NFTs will be launched and users can buy and sell them on third-party websites.
  3. Battle system will be completed and launched

RobotEra’s Features

Battle System: The battle system is an anticipated feature where players can battle against each other for various prizes. The TARO token is deflationary, and the team intends to keep it as that. With the battle system, including tournaments and leaderboards in the picture, players can compete for various prizes. In the end, some players will win and enjoy rewards, and other players’ robots and robot companions may suffer from the harsh realities of battle.

All battle bets will be placed using the TARO token, and winners will win TARO. Players can also win TARO tokens in the sacred trees. People who battle and lose may lose part of the robot’s vitality.

CEX and DEX Listing: When a token eventually gets listed on decentralized and centralized exchanges, the early birds will be allowed to exchange their tokens for fiat currencies immediately. With DEX and CEX listings, we can expect some popularity and acceptance of the game. The gameplay acceptance will positively influence trading the gameplay’s native currency.

RobotEra robots

Depending on how excited the market becomes at the news of the Battle System, we expect anticipated demand for the TARO token in 2024. The demand might jump into the CEX and DEX launch, resulting in a sharp increase in the price of TARO; however, as many other tokens have behaved, we expect a Fibonacci retracement a few weeks or a few months after. Price swings will be determined mainly by demand and supply – and the perception of the TARO token in the market greatly influences this.

You can lose your money

The Effect of Web 3 Growth on RobotEra

Many web 3 enthusiasts believe the industry will grow to unprecedented heights in the next decade. Just like Bitcoin became a sensation, people expect virtual reality, augmented reality, web 3 social interaction, blockchain, and cryptocurrency projects to take over from web 2. The notions are idealistic, but enthusiasts believe that the internet in the early 2000s was just as complicated and inaccessible as blockchain is today. With modifications and the release of applications, people will eventually warm up to the idea of the technology and what it can offer.

RobotEra Robots

On the other hand, there are regulation restrictions and clamours for stringent regulatory standards that will protect users from getting schemed by so-called blockchain app developers. The recent FTX scandal was one of many instances where blockchain founders mismanaged user funds because the companies were not properly monitored. The FTX fiasco has left thousands of people stranded, with many companies investing their member funds in FTX.

The FTX scandal and Sam Bankman Fried opened people’s eyes to the dangers of the cryptocurrency world. While transparency may be good, blockchain technology can easily become a tool used by nefarious individuals to swindle the public. Regulatory restrictions are bound to cast a negative spell on the Blockchain industry and generally on tokens. Other than regulation, the calls for the energy consumption of cryptocurrencies is defining issue in the blockchain industry. In 2021, Elon Musk voiced his support for the meme coin, dogecoin, spoke against the coin and also stopped Tesla from accepting payments in Bitcoin because he was bothered about the level of energy crypto mining consumes. Elon would go on to sell 75% of its Bitcoin holding. When the charismatic CEO twitted his intention to buy Twitter, the price of dogecoin skyrocketed, but only for a few months.

The price patterns of cryptocurrencies are sometimes haphazard, and it becomes almost impossible for investors and analysts to reach reasonable decisions about what the price may fall within a week or even a few days. This is because the cryptocurrency industry is incredibly volatile, and news can swing the price up just as fast as it tears it down.

The Growth of Social Media

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram indirectly influence the growth of tokens like TARO. The growth of Facebook’s user base will certainly influence the number of people looking to use Metaverse applications. Facebook is one of the leviathan companies to invest heavily in the metaverse. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, changed the official name of Facebook to Meta, letting the world know that the company feels like the new direction for global acceptance is the metaverse. While his tens of billions of dollars of investment have not paid off, there is still the hope that the company can salvage its reputation and release products that will be just as acceptable as Facebook was.

Robotera Ecosystem

Zuckerberg has painted a picture of a world where people can hold virtual meetings, attend concerts with their avatars, create their private space, buy $10 65-inch virtual televisions, and just enjoy the immersive experience the metaverse promises. While many analytics have condescended on metaverse and deemed it a Ponzi scheme or a waste of time and energy, it’s still too early to know if people will fully buy into some of the most popular web 3 applications.

If Meta finds itself away from the layoffs – a situation caused by the incessant investment in web 3 and the obvious lack of returns, the demand for web 3 projects should increase.

RobotEra Price Prediction 2025: $0.025 – $0.090

You can lose your money

RobotEra Price Prediction 2030

2030 is 8 years away, and if the prediction of crypto enthusiasts is correct, then web 3 utility tokens and ecosystems like RobotEra, LuckyBlock, and Tamadoge, may become big deals in the next three to eight years. There is a positive reinforcement that web 3 is the future of the internet. We expect adaptability that will match what the internet has to offer.

Today, more than 80% of the world’s population has access to the internet. Even remote areas are beginning to access excellent satellite internet services. But just like the internet crash in 2008, blockchain suffered a terrible winter in 2021. The winter wiped out more than 70% of the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many tokens. Utility tokens of virtual properties like SandBox and Infinity were decimated; stablecoins also suffered. The winter washed everything, leaving investors reeling from terrible losses.

Today, Bitcoin is rallying and making small gains. Of course, its glory days of hitting almost $70,000 per coin seem far gone, but many analysts believe winter was essential to stabilize the industry. While crypto enthusiasts believe Bitcoin may hit $100,000 in 2030, others liken the cryptocurrency industry to a big tentacled Ponzi Scheme.

Again the perception of investors is, sometimes more important than the value of an asset. As long as cryptocurrency continues to be perceived as a transparent and decentralized ecosystem where business can be conducted openly and fairly, web 3 applications like RobotEra may stand the test of time. Long-term investors have so much to gain but then can lose it all – and that is the industry’s volatility.

You can lose your money

RobotEra Price Prediction 2030: $0.111 – $0.676

RobotEra Price Prediction Summary

In this RobotEra price prediction, we used fundamental analysis to navigate through what the price of TARO may be in the next few years. Since TARO isn’t yet listed on any centralized exchange, we cannot apply technical indicators like RSI, Fibonacci retracement, correlations, correction, SMA, and other indicators to determine price direction. While charting future price predictions, combining technical and fundamental indicators is important to determine the best possible direction for a token’s price. TARO is the utility token of the RobotEra ecosystem and has the makings of an asset that will perform well. If macroeconomic values favour the growth of the token, then maybe enough people will trade in a direction that will push the token to $1 before 2030.

You can lose your money

RobotEra (TARO)- A Closer Look

What is RobotEra (TARO)?

Let’s explore the RobotEra platform to learn more about the projects utility, appeal and possible contributions to the web3 space.

The Story

RobotEra is a SandBox-like ecosystem or planet-rebuilding metaverse on Blockchain technology. Players are Robots in a once-beautiful and everlasting metaverse decimated by war. Your duty is to manage your Land, create robot companions that will help you through your journey in the ecosystem, and create anything at will. It’s the dawn of a new era, and anything is possible.

RobotEra Home Page

RobotEra connects with other universes: you can move digital assets from the RovbotEra universe into other metaverses. Build your parks, home, concert hall, museum, and whatever else comes to mind. TARO is the currency of the RobotEra universe. With TARO, you can buy and sell NFTs, create your Robot companion, and sell other in-game assets.

Other key aspects of the RobotEra ecosystem include:

  1. Partake in rebuilding TARO, and trade the benefits with the RobotEra universe members and the multiverse.
  2. Construct anything that comes to your imagination, from theme parks to museums, houses, and concert halls.
  3. Explore RobotEra social spaces, and interact with other members of the RobotERra community.
  4. Use RobotEra’s editor and partake in the system’s architecture.
  5. Meet with community members in the Central City, win rewards, and trade assets.
  6. Create your own lands and Robots. You are in control, and you can determine the direction of your own continent.
  7. Explore spaces, find rewards, and participate in quests.
  8. Invite multiverse NFTs into your theme park.

You can lose your money

RobotEra Robot NFTs RobotEra Robots

Within the ecosystem, players will place as Robot avatars. These robots will either be valuable NFTs or simple virtual characters. The ability to play with either an NFT or a free character will allow both web2 and web3 enthusiasts to access the game. When entering TARO, you can either enter as a robot in one of the continents or roam free in the public continent.

There are seven camps of robots, and each camp has its ideologies and strengths. When Prosius’ new robots took form, they possessed incredible emotions and thoughts from the different star domains and analysis processes. Robots with similar ideologies came together to build their factions or camps and attached special insignia to their arms. You will know a robot’s faction with its insignia. All new robots had seven factions, and each faction had the same ideas on building TARO.

Each robot faction agreed that TARO’s cataclysm could and would not happen again, so instead of fighting with each other and finding the superior idea, they decided to split throughout TARO and build their continent. In the New Contract Agreement, all robot factions decided not to destroy each other, even if they ever conflicted fiercely. TARO’s robot factions are below:

Guardian Song

The Guardian Song are the guardians of TARO and will not allow anyone to pervert, desecrate, or destroy TARO. They want to rebuild the long-lost civilization and return TARO to its lost glory. They have a high defence and their robot companion has a higher HP attribute.


This group promotes individualism and expression and hopes they can change TARO’s direction. This group of robots advocates individualism and pushes other robots to change TARO with their personalities. The Ω have high attack and blood volume, and their robot companions also have high blood volume.

The Justice League

The justice league always pursues truth, fairness, and justice in all affairs. They cannot deviate from what they feel is right and are single-minded in all their affairs. The Justice League faction has high morale, and their robot companions have higher morale attribute bonuses than other factions.


The Pioneers advocate for the innovation, development, and growth of TARO. They want to integrate TARO’s resources, follow a long-term roadmap, and are driven by the star and sea forces.  Their faction characteristics include attack, speed, and robot companions that are great attackers and move swiftly.

War Academy

The War Academy is obsessed with technology and innovation. They constantly seek knowledge and explore the unknown. They travel the depths of TARO, searching for secrets of the universe. You can only impress a War Academy robot by filling its hard disk with knowledge. What’s scary is that they can turn other robots into data for their scientific research, so do not underestimate them. The War Academy faction attaches importance to skill, and their robot companions usually have great skills.


The Lava factions have no fear in their pursuit of civilization and truth. They face death and pursue a life that may ultimately lead to death to create miracles and find the secrets of Taro. Lava believes that every robot should be able to face new realities and search for truth and understanding, regardless of how bad the new reality may seem. Their power characteristics include high attack and robot companions with high attack attributes.

Desire Paradise

The Desire Paradise faction believes that seven emotions and six desires were the most precious gifts God left to humans, but the desires are not well-groomed. They believed that if the humans had developed their desires, the war would not have wiped out everyone. The faction travels the depths of desires, hunts down emotions, and gives life to thoughts. They are spiritual. Their faction characteristics include blood volume and morale, and they have robot companions with good blood volume and morale attribute bonuses.

Robot Companions

Robot Companion

Robot companions are your loyal partners in the game. They travel with you through Taro and help you through battles. Your robot companions also help you mine your land and build on it. You can assemble your companion from raw materials on the land. Check through building factories and mine for minerals. The raw materials you use will determine the characteristics of your companions. There isn’t a limit to the number of companions you can create.

RobotEra Land NFTs Robotera seven continents

Within the RobotEra ecosystem, players are given true ownership of all digital assets. This means that it is possible to own land NFTs. Land prices are determined by land size and location. RobotEra is SandBox-like, so you should gear up for lands you can build upon and develop to your own taste. If you want free land on RobotEra, you can purchase the robot avatar and stand a chance to win a parcel of land by airdrop from the creators. Activities you can do on your land include mining, manufacturing robot companions, building houses, and more. The RobotEra ecosystem has a 3d editor that can be used to build anything you imagine.

You can lose your money

TARO tokenomics

TARO is RobotEra’s utility token – that is, it is used for transactions throughout the RobotEra planet. It is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Investors should understand this: When a token is in presale, the owners actually offer an initial coin offering, ICO. Taro isn’t technically a token yet but will become one once it starts trading on CEX and DEX websites.

Below is TARO’s verified smart contract address:

Total number of tokens in circulation: 1,800,000,000

  • Presale 1: 90,000,000
  • Presale 2: 90,000,000
  • Presale 3: 90,000,000
  • Team: 180,000,000
  • Advisers: 54,000,000
  • Play-to-earn: 450,000,000
  • Treasury/DAO: 594,000,000
  • DEX liquidity: 54,000,000
  • Eco fund: 162,000,000

Taro tokens allocated to the team are locked for 12 months and will be released linearly for 20 months.

Who is the team behind RobotEra?

RobotEra Team

The team behind the RobotEra project are Jason Chan, CEO & Co-founder, Alex Wong, COO, and Slimane Lee, CTO & Founder.

RobotEra (TARO) Price History

RobotEra will have three presale phases. In each presale phase, 90,000,000 tokens will be available for early investors to purchase. Currently, the team is at its first presale phase, and 39,300,489 tokens have been sold, raising $786,009 out of the $1,800,000 target. RobotEra has a prolific presale run and reached up to half its target. A token in the first presale phase is $0.02. After the first presale ends, the team will move to the second presale, and a token will be sold for $0.025. The third presale price will also increase to $0.030 per token.

You can lose your money

What Is The Current Price of RobotEra (TARO)?

One TARO is $0.02.

Will RobotEra Explode in 2023?

RobotEra will not explode in 2023 because the project will still be in its presale phase. However, the team plan to launch the Battle System in the fourth quarter of 2024. We expect such an update to improve the project’s buzz and prompt more adoption. With bigger user adoption and media hype, RobotEra might explode when it becomes available on Decentralized and Centralized Exchanges in 2024. It’s impossible to trace how long the explosion will last before a Fibonacci retracement, or a price correction happens, but if the project continues to turn heads, it might have a splendid 2024 and 2025 run. You must also consider external factors like global economics, the housing crisis, and international trade.

You can lose your money

Is RobotEra (TARO) A Good Investment in 2023?

Yes, RobotEra might be a good investment in 2023. Early investors that purchase tokens in the ICO phase have the highest chance of making the most money. If a token like RobotEra explodes or hits the $1 mark, investors can gain up to 20,000% on a token, which is exponential ROI. However, investing in tokens can be highly speculative, and investors can also lose all their capital. You must never invest more than you are willing to lose and monitor the market because tokens can be incredibly volatile.

You can lose your money

How To Invest in RobotEra Presale

Buy Crypto from eToro

Visit eToro to buy cryptocurrency. eToro is one of the biggest social trading websites in the world, with over 28.5 million users.

Create an eToro account

Once you visit the eToro website. Navigate to the Sign-Up button and click it. Fill in your name, email address, and phone number in the appropriate fields. Ensure that your name matches the name on your identity card.


Verify ID

Submit a government-issued ID card for verification. Follow these tips for ID verification:

  1. Only submit a valid ID card. eToro may reject expired cards or cards with unclear details.
  2. Snap your ID card under bright light.
  3. Do not edit the image. You can crop the picture so that the four borders of the ID shows.
  4. Once you are done with your ID verification, you must submit a proof of address document. Submit a bank statement or a utility bill no longer than three months. Ensure that the address on your PoA is the same as your profile address. Before you submit your PoA, go to your profile and complete it.

Deposit funds

Once your ID card and PoA are verified, you can deposit funds. The minimum deposit depends on your country. The minimum deposit is usually $50 for the US and other countries, $10 for UK investors, and can be as high as $10,000 for investors from Israel. When making deposits for cryptocurrency, you need to consider the gas fee for any transaction you make.

Search for ETH

Visit the cryptocurrency tab and search for ETH. Input the number of ETH you want to buy.

Place an order

Once you fill in the appropriate fields, you can place your order. Always check the status of your order. A completed order has been fulfilled; a pending order is still in process, and a failed order was not fulfilled.

Transfer crypto to MetaMask

Before transferring ETH to MetaMask, you need to register for an account. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit your Chrome Extension Store and search for MetaMask. Scammers sometimes upload fake crypto wallets. The real MetaMask wallet has millions of downloads.
  2. Download the MetaMask extension.
  3. Sign up for a MetaMask account by filling in your email and password.
  4. Once you sign up, request your Key Phrase: Keep your Key Phrase in a safe offline place. Your Key Phrase is the only key that can get you back to your account should you lose access. If you ever lose the 12-mnemonic phrase, you have lost access to your account, and it’s permanent.
  5. Copy your MetaMask wallet address and head back to eToro.
  6. On the eToro Transfer Crypto page, select ETH and input the receiving address (your MetaMask wallet address). Click send.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated in the UK. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Connect MetaMask wallet to the RobotEra website

With ETH now in your MetaMask wallet, visit the RobotEra website. On the home page, click on ‘Connect Wallet’, and the system will automatically connect to your MetaMask wallet on your chrome extension. You may be asked to provide your login credentials. Once you have connected, input the number of TARO tokens you wish to buy and submit your order. You will also be charged a gas fee for the transaction.

Swap ETH for TARO

Swap your ETH for TARO tokens via the RobotEra presale event. To do this, simple choose the amount of ETH you want to swap and execute the order.

Claim tokens once presale has ended

Once the presale ends, you can revisit the RobotEra website to claim your TARO tokens.

You can lose your money

RobotEra Price Prediciton 2022- Conclusion

RobotEra has an explosive presale run. The token is still in its first presale stage and has raised up to half of the target. The team intends to have three presale runs in 2023 and then launch the token on exchanges in the fourth quarter of 2024. While there are no price patterns yet, external influences like regulation, web 3, Facebook growth, and internal factors like the actions of crypto whales will influence the price. Invest responsibly.

You can lose your money


What will TARO be worth in 2025?

Taro will be worth between $0.025 and $0.090 in 2025.

Will TARO explode after the presale?

TARO's explosion depends on a number of factors, including the actions of crypto whales, web 3 development, and the adoption of the game's battle system and P2E gameplay.

When will the RobotEra presale end?

RobotEra is in its first presale stage, and the presales may run throughout 2023.

Is RobotEra a good investment for beginners?

Yes, RobotEra is a good investment for beginners. However, you must conduct intensive research on a token before investing as a beginner. Most importantly, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

When is the best time to buy RobotEra?

The best time to buy RobotEra is when it is still in its presale phase.


You can lose your money



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