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No human trader could ever process quickly all the information needed to make a winning trade in any given equity or market. But trading bots like the Quantum AI crypto bot with the ability to make thousands of simultaneous decisions at once might be the trading bot that changes the game.

Is the platform right for you? And how good is Quantum AI really? Let’s go through the features, offers, and inner workings of it all in this Quantum AI trading review.

Quantum AI Summary

Rating 4.8/5
Trading Bot Type Quantum Computing
Profit Opportunity Up to 60%
Minimum Deposit 220 EUR
Withdrawal Timeframe Hours
Mobile App None
Available Assets BTC, ETH, XRP, others

What is Quantum AI?

Built and founded by Quantum AI Ltd, the Quantum AI trading platform helps users find the right equities to trade by making use of its powerful quantum computing trading bot.

Unlike your normal home computer that’s limited to executing one line of code at a time, quantum computers manage workloads so well and so intelligently that they don’t have this limit. According to the site’s video, quantum computing analyzes data 100 times faster than any regular computer that’s available today. You can use this robot with a Bitcoin wallet app.

Being a relatively new technology, the Quantum AI app also claims to bridge the gap between retail and institutional traders. They want to give power to the people. Essentially, they’re saying that through the Quantum AI crypto robot, regular investors will have the same or even greater income opportunities through trading than huge institutional investors with large amounts of resources.

How Does Quantum AI Work?

It is common for crypto robots to trade in conjunction with brokerage accounts that use contracts for difference (CFDs), and the Quantum AI crypto robot is no exception. You’ll first have to open an account with an authorized CFD broker and then allow the software to be integrated into the platform which we figured was the case from our Quantum AI review—more on this later.

In order to live by their stance of ‘smart investing with the potential to make you thousands’, the Quantum AI trading platform needs a powerful system to live by its mantra. Combined with the claim of giving regular folk the same power that big corporations hold in terms of trading, it is important that the company rely on new technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing to hold these statements. This is what Quantum AI explains to be happening under the hood, and so far it has been beneficial to the users who have used their platform in the past.

Quantum AI vs. Other Crypto Robots

Quantum AI Robot Other Crypto Robots
Uses quantum computing to execute and pick better trades Relies more on simple strategies that don’t get the best results
Works with regulated brokers Some don’t work with regulated brokers
No upfront fees Some require fees and/or additional hidden charges to use their software
Intuitive and simple platform Some interfaces are too complex and not user friendly
Withdrawals and deposits within hours The lengthy time frame for deposit confirmations and withdrawals.

Quantum AI Key Features

The Quantum AI app has many special features that help differentiate itself from the rest. Other crypto trading bots available in the market today have common features such as 24-hour trading, API technology, a plethora of trading tools, and support for multiple equities. That’s expected of trading bots today, but depending on their target market and their technology, bots like Quantum AI’s can offer more.

In this Quantum AI UK review, we made sure to show the most relevant features as seen below.

quantumai services

Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

It’s hard to put a value on combining artificial intelligence and quantum computing. Two of the last technologies in the last decade have been hard to measure in terms of their uses and growth. The possibilities seem endless.

When it comes to trading, the case remains the same. Thousands of instances of information being processed faster than any regular computer means that Quantum AI’s ability to harness artificial intelligence and quantum computing to trade could mean more consistent, reliable, and high-percentage trades.

CFD trading

Bots that use CFD trading have an advantage because they can buy the underlying asset at a lower cost than buying the asset outright, trade executions happen faster and easier, and it gives the ability to go long or short.

It’s important that these features are available to trading bots, especially in the Quantum AI trading platform because of its capability of making thousands of ‘decisions’ quickly. Coupled with being able to go long or short (being able to bet on an equity increasing or decreasing in price), more options means more chances of finding winning trades for the Quantum AI crypto robot.

Ideal for Beginners

More and more brokers are aiming to be more beginner-friendly so that they can tap into more users and provide fewer barriers to entry. For many trading bots, however, this is not the case. Luckily, as seen in our Quantum AI trading review, the entire setup process is easy to follow and novice traders can learn and start trading after registering and can even use the demo account to make trades without risking any equity. Don’t miss also our BitIQ app review here!

Quantum AI Claimed Success Rate

Right at the front of the Quantum AI trading platform website, the site promotes a profit of up to 60% daily. More than that, it is advertised that users can expect a profit of $1000-$2000 dollars a day based on the site’s video.

These are quite the claims coming from the site and can mean either a high confidence in their trading bot prowess or a slight ruse to get peoples’ attention. In any case, there are reviews and users who have reported to make the advertised profits through the site, so actual results might not seem so far-fetched. It’s always good to hold responsible trading practices at any level, making sure that you only risk what you can lose.

Quantum AI Fees

Another thing you need to take into account is that there’s no cost to use Quantum AI, meaning you do not need to pay any direct fee to purchase the software. There are also no hidden fees associated with using the platform. Instead, the only fee you need to pay for using the software is the trading fees charged by the partner broker.

And, because Quantum AI funnels users to CFD brokers, then you won’t have to pay fixed trading fees when you go in and out of a position. This is because, unlike traditional stockbrokers, most of these brokers typically charge the buy and sell spread where you trade the best stocks at each price that they quote.

Quantum AI Fees
Minimum deposit 220 EUR
Demo account Free
Trading fee Depends on the partner broker

Is Quantum AI Legit or a Scam?

We have come to the point in our Quantum AI trading review to discuss the authenticity of the platform’s claims. Because their main claims are the opportunities for users to earn from their site, the fact of the matter is that it is possible to reach positive results.

QuantumAI Landing Page

You’ll be registering the licensed and regulated brokerages that show real live market data and allow you to make trades just like any other broker out there. Furthermore, with the option to contact their support team and even getting your own account manager for their partner broker, it’s hard to say that Quantum AI is a scam.

While there are a large number of reviews from different sites that have given relatively high ratings, success is never guaranteed and you should always practice trading cautiously. As with all trading platforms, there is always risk involved. Keep in mind that there may be clone sites out sprawling on the web that offer similar functionality and features but can lead to different results and sites that might not be what you’re looking for.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Quantum AI?

The volatility in the cryptocurrency market is often attributed to the prodigal media posts and reports of famous tech celebrities. Perhaps the most influential of them all in regards to crypto is none other than space advocate and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk.

A huge supporter of artificial intelligence and quantum computing, it’s no surprise that there have been rumors of Musk experimenting with and potentially investing in Quantum AI as some say the company shares similar values.

However, if you do enough research you will find recent investigations and reports that have revealed this to be false and it’s possible that such allegations are only being used to stir activity around cryptocurrency, crypto trading bots, and even Musk himself.

So far in making this Quantum AI trading review, it seems that celebrity support for the platform has yet to be achieved. Will it ever be endorsed by crypto or stock market influencers? We’ll have to wait and see.

Quantum AI Elon Musk

Several rumors have indicated that Elon Musk has invested in this robot – However, like most information circulating over the Internet, it is subject to verification. There are people who have cataloged that this may be the ‘Elon Musk automated trading platform’ or the ‘Elon Musk trading app’ but according to our research, there is insufficient evidence to ensure that this is true. Overall we cannot confirm that Quantum AI is endorsed by the eccentric millionaire.

Quantum AI Customer Support

It’s not common to see customer support for trading bots, which is why we were surprised to find out in our Quantum AI UK review that the robot actually does include user support. Contacting through the platform is as simple as going to the site page, clicking on contact us, then send your message of concern to the team in charge of handling the requests.

It is also important to note that for inquiries on the integration of the Quantum AI app in your partner brokerage’s site, you have the option of contacting the support team of your broker. As mentioned previously in our tests, the partner broker that we registered with when trying out the site already delegated an account manager once you create an account. Some brokerage firm account managers send emails or call their clients, but reaching out to you is welcome as well.

How to Use Quantum AI

Earlier, we talked about how Quantum AI is ideal for beginners because the instructions to register and set up an account are simple and easy to follow. It is also important to note that there are no specific verification needs in terms of identification or other documentation requirements when creating an account.

This isn’t to say that the platform is only for beginners, but rather it can be used by many different levels of expertise. In any case, it is important that users can safely set up an account. With all this in mind, in this section of our Quantum AI UK review, we are going to show how the account creation process works from the client’s perspective.

Step 1: Register an account

The first step, users must register an account on the Quantum AI site. After reading their privacy policy and terms and conditions, you may register by providing your first name, last name, email address, and telephone number.

QuantumAI Create Account

Since Quantum AI partners with licensed and regulated brokers, you will receive an email from the partner broker that will give you a client portal username as well as a client portal password for you to use on their site. If you have more questions about the partner broker, you will also be informed that a personal account service manager is waiting to help you get started.

Use your newly given client portal username (which should be the email you used to register) and password to log in to the partner broker’s site and you should be able to view their entire platform.

Step 2: Complete your deposit

After completing the first step, you’ll be asked to make a deposit of at least 220 Euros to get started. The partner broker should allow deposits from credit or debit cards and maybe other payment methods. Again, if you have any concerns with payment methods, you may contact your partner broker’s assigned personal account service manager.

Step 3: Pick the recommended trades of Quantum AI

Once you’ve completed your first deposit, you should be able to integrate the Quantum AI app into the partner brokerage account with one click of a button. You’ll then have to simply activate the Quantum AI trading bot to scan the markets and show you its recommended trades. From thousands of sets of information and executions, the bot should be able to find the right orders for its users and it is recommended that new users monitor their accounts for a few minutes every day.

Step4: Withdraw profits

Withdraw any funds or profits made through your account in just a matter of hours. If you’ve made successful trades and have gained some more equity in your account, you can withdraw what you’ve gained and it should be processed within the day or the next 24 hours.

Quantum AI Pros & Cons


  • Cost-effective with minimum deposit at $260
  • Simple and easy-to-use crypto app
  • Quantum AI bot recommends trades for you to pick
  • Claims to give users the opportunity of up to 60% daily profit
  • Offers 24/7 customer support


  • No Mobile App
  • Does not eliminate the risk involved in trading

The Verdict

If Quantum AI’s claim of harnessing quantum computing under their trading bot is true, the platform has the potential to be a frontrunner in the entire industry. We can only base our Quantum AI trading review on the claims of the provider and the reports from other users and reviews. Seeing as there are testimonials that have shown beneficial results, there seem to be no negative experiences so far on the platform, and the potential to earn remains for the Quantum AI trading platform.

If you wish to start your trading and investing journey with Quantum AI, a minimum deposit of 220 EUR is required. It’s enough to give a substantial amount of trading volume and not too big of an investment to start out. Even then, we still recommend you trade with funds you are willing to risk and trade with caution.

Quantum AI – Best UK Bitcoin Trading Robot


Is Quantum AI genuine?

Yes, Quantum AI is genuine. Our Quantum AI review found the site showing all its features and benefits as well as for instructions on how users can sign up and create accounts. There are also several other reviews that have reported good trading experiences.

Is Quantum AI safe?

Yes, Quantum AI is safe.

How much money can I make with Quantum AI?

As mentioned on the site, it is possible to make $1000-$2000 dollars daily, but this is probably if users are willing to be riskier and maybe even invest with higher capital.

Is this the so-called Elon Musk Quantum AI software?

As of press time, there are no indications nor official statements coming from the eccentric millionaire that this software is endorsed by him.

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