If you’re looking for the best stock trading app Australia – you’ve got plenty of providers to choose from. Most allow you to buy and sell stocks on the move, as well as check the value of your portfolio at the click of a button.

With that said, as the stock market apps Australia are backed by online brokerage firms – you need to check metrics concerning fees, commissions, payments, and of course – safety. Regarding the latter, your chosen app should be licensed by a reputable body like ASIC, CySEC, or the FCA.

In this guide, we review the best stock trading app Australia right now. On top of discussing the top-rated providers to consider, we’ll also walk you through the process of getting started with an Australia stock trading app.

Best Stock Trading App Australia 2024

Below you’ll find the best stock trading platform Australia and the runners up. To read our full review of each provider – simply scroll down!

  • eToro – Overall Best Stock Trading App in Australia
  • Vantage Markets – International CFD Stock Trading App in Australia
  • Trade Nation–  Easy-to-use Stock Trading App
  • Pepperstone – World Popular Trading App for Stocks
  • Plus500 – Best Stock Trading App for Low-Cost Trades

Best Stock Market App for Beginners Revealed

With so many stock trading apps now serving the Australian market – it took us time to get our list down to just a handful. For example, we looked at everything from how much the best share trading app Australia charges in fees, what AUD payment methods it supports, and whether or not your money is safe.

Taking all of these metrics into account (and then some) – below you will find the best share trading app and stock investment apps in Australia.

1. eToro – Overall Best Stock Trading App in Australia

etoro logo After carefully evaluating numerous service providers, we have determined that eToro offers the best stock trading app. This brokerage firm is under the regulation of ASIC and CySEC, and is currently utilized by a thriving community of over 20 million active traders.

Creating an account through their mobile app is a swift process that takes only a few minutes, granting you access to a wide range of asset classes. The stock trading section provided is comprehensive, which includes more than 3000 shares from 17 global exchanges.


Additionally, if you have a limited amount of capital and are seeking to engage in trading activities, you will find the eToro app particularly appealing. This is due to its support for fractional ownership, which allows you to trade cryptocurrencies starting from $25 and other assets with a minimum of only $50.

The eToro platform includes a Copy Trading app feature, which enables passive trading by replicating the positions of seasoned eToro traders. With this feature, you have a wide selection of thousands of traders to choose from, and the best part is that there are no additional fees associated with it.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of eToro, you can refer to our detailed eToro app review, which provides in-depth insights into the offerings of this brokerage.


  • 3000+ shares listed on 17 international stock markets
  • Trusted brand with over 20 million clients
  • Trade cryptocurrencies
  • Social Trading and copy trading


  • Only one account base currency
  • Not suitable for technical analysis

eToro AUS Capital Limited AFSL 491139. eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk. See PDS and TMD

2. Vantage Markets – International CFD Stock Trading App in Australia

Vantage Markets is an international broker that specializes in Forex and CFDs. Trading a wide range of instruments in a variety of markets is made possible by leveraging the latter.

Since 2009, it has served its users with over 13,000 active profiles, with more than a decade of experience. In addition, it operates from Australia, which is an excellent location from a security perspective.


Speed, reliability, and efficiency are some of the significant features of Vantage. Deposit and withdrawal issues constitute a minimal percentage of issues in the latter category.

Additionally, brokers have become synonymous with transparency and many people’s first choice worldwide. Over 100 countries are represented by it, which is no coincidence.


  • A strong regulatory framework (including the U.K. and Australia)
  • Various trading platforms are available (including ProTrader with TradingView technology).
  • Options for deposits
  • A high level of customer service


  • Support for other languages is limited

Your Money is at Risk.

3. Trade Nation –  Easy-to-use Stock Trading App

The Trade Nation CFD and forex trading app is well-designed, easy to use, and convenient for beginners. For seasoned traders, Trade Nation lacks some advanced features in the best trading platforms.

With Trade Nation, you can trade 601 symbols. The popular commodities, metals, bonds, and indices include 33 spot forex pairs, 102 UK stocks, and 423 US stocks.


Your MetaTrader platform can be customized with Trade Nation’s fixed and variable spreads. In contrast to most brokers, Trade Nation’s spread distance remains constant regardless of price changes. The price can be treated as an average without further calculation unless rollover periods occur when prices widen.

The app has many of the usual features one would find on a trading app, but it is not as advanced as many other apps.

Trade Nation is licensed in numerous global markets and offers an easy-to-use online and mobile trading platform suite.


  • A fully regulated brokerage
  • ASIC and FCA regulate and license the industry
  • Withdrawals and deposits are free
  • Fixed spreads
  • MT4 trading platform
  • No minimum deposit is required


  • In terms of trading proposals and conditions, regulations vary
  • A 24/7 support service is not available
  • Offshore entities

Your Money is at Risk.

4. Pepperstone – World Popular Trading App for Stocks

Pepperstone is an online broker that offers Forex and CFDs. This financial intermediary was founded in 2010 and enjoys a good reputation in Australia.

It operates on a NDD/STP model as a pure intermediary without a dealing desk. Trading orders placed by traders are not matched by brokers, thus avoiding conflicts of interest (like with market makers).


ASIC of Australia, CySEC of Cyprus, and the FCA of the UK regulate Pepperstone, among others. The trading platform offers various financial instruments, such as Forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks indices, precious metals, and energy.

A deposit of $200 or the equivalent in euros is all that is required to open an account with this broker. Pepperstone has relatively low spreads and no restrictions on trading strategies (scalping, hedging, E.A.s, etc.).

A Standard Account holder can use Metatrader (Pepperstone offers Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5) or Trading View.

This platform is widely known and one of the most popular trading platforms in the world.


  • Opening an account is easy and quick
  • The spreads and commissions are low
  • It is not necessary to make a minimum deposit
  • There are no inactivity fees


  • Tradeable assets are limited
  • There are no CFDs available on European stocks
  • Long-term investments are not recommended

Your Money is at Risk.

5. Plus500 – Best Trading App Australia with Low Spreads

plus500 logo

Plus500 is another of the best CFD trading apps that is worth considering. The platform is licensed by ASIC, as well as the FCA. You can easily open an account and the minimum deposit is just $100. Plus500 supports Australian debit/credit cards, Paypal, and bank transfers.

In terms of what you can trade, Plus500 offers a wide selection of stock CFD markets. Popular exchanges include the London Stock Exchange, NYSE, and NASDAQ. Heaps of Australian stocks are supported too. If you’re interested in less liquid stock trading markets, the Plus500 app covers Singapore, Hungary, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, and Italy.


If you want to trade other asset classes alongside stocks, Plus500 hosts everything from bonds and indices to cryptocurrencies and forex. These all come via CFD instruments.

Once you’ve loaded the app up, you will also be able to trade via the Plus500 demo trading app account facility. This comes with a pre-loaded balance and it replicates real market conditions. In terms of trading fees, all markets on the Plus500 stock app are commission-free. Its usability awards Plus500 with the title of having the best stock buying app. When trading stocks listed on major exchanges – you will benefit from super-tight spreads. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees, either.

Read our comprehensive Plus 500 review to find out more.


  • Heavily regulated trading platform
  • 0% commission on all forex trading positions
  • Leverage facilities available
  • Mobile app is highly rated
  • No transaction fees
  • Account minimum just $100
  • Heaps of forex pairs supported
  • Thousands of CFD instruments


  • Does not offer traditional investment assets

Your Money is at Risk.

The Best AU Stock Apps Compared

No. of Shares  Fees Leverage  Other Investment Options 
Vantage Markets  N/A $3 per commission  Up to 500:1 Forex, Indices, Commodities and ETFs
Trade Nation  600+ 0% N/A Forex, Indices and Commodities 
Pepperstone  800+ 0.1% – 0.2% Up to 500:1  Forex, Crypto, Indices and Commodities.
Plus500  N/A 0.5% – 1% 1:20 Indices, Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Options and ETFs.

Can I Trade Stocks in Australia Without a Stock Trading App?

It is possible to trade stocks in Australia without a stock trading app by going through a broker and connecting the broker to your bank. The process of doing this is typically more complicated than using a stock trading app but is ideal for traders who do not want to go through the process of creating a stock trading account.

To trade stocks directly through a broker, you will need to create a brokerage account and then connect this account to your bank. You will then be able to make deposits from your bank to the brokerage and trade stocks without a trading app.

Using a brokerage directly means that you can pick and choose which stocks you trade. However, this process can be complicated for beginner traders. Stock and commodity trading apps make it easy to access the market, conduct analysis and pick stocks based on informed decision making.

How to Choose the Best Stock Market App Australia for You

Although we have discussed the best stock trading apps available to Australians right now, it is always a good idea to do some research yourself. After all, stock investment apps come in a range of shapes and sizes – each appealing to a specific type of investor.

The most important metrics that you need to research when look for the best share trading platform Australia are listed below:


ASIC regulation When you download an Australian stock market app and start trading – you are risking your hard-earned money. In other words, you are entrusting your capital with a third-party stock broker. As such, it is imperative that your chosen provider is regulated by a reputable body.

In an ideal world, the broker will hold a license with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This will ensure that the stock app has your best interests at heart.

For example, ASIC stock market apps for Android and iPhone offer the following safeguards:

  • Your money will be kept in separate bank accounts from that of the broker
  • The platform must clearly explain the risks of stock trading to you
  • You will be capped in how much leverage you can apply
  • The stock trading app will have its books audited on a regular basis
  • All active traders must provide at least one form of photo ID – thus reducing the threat of fraud

It is important to note that Australians can still use the best micro-investing apps Australia for stocks that are not licensed by ASIC. For example, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) are two reputable financial bodies that also regulated stock trading apps.

These two bodies offer the same regulatory safeguards as mentioned above.

User Experience

You might be looking to obtain an Australian stock trading app because you want the option of buying and selling shares when away from your desktop device. Or, you might just like the convenience of a stock trading app and are planning to use it as your primary investment vehicle. A trader deserves the best stock buying app, and that’s why the importance of a top-notch user experience is high.

Either way, it is crucial that your chosen stock trading app offers an all-around user-friendly experience. For example, the app must make it simple to find your chosen stock. It must also be seamless to set up buy and sell orders, as well as deposit and withdraw funds.

A great way to gauge the user-friendliness of the app is if the provider offers a demo account. Often times the demo account feature will mirror that of live market conditions. This means that you can spend a bit of time navigating through the app to make sure it meets your needs.

Tradable Stocks

There are scores of stock exchanges located around the world – some larger than others. The most important thing is that your chosen stock trading app offers the marketplace in which you wish to access.

For example, if you are looking to invest in home-grown companies, then make sure that the app offers access to the Australian Securities Exchange.

Similarly, if you are interested in US stocks like Apple and Disney, you’ll want access to the NASDAQ and NYSE.

With that being said, you also need to make the distinction between traditional shares and stock CFDs. This is crucial, as traditional shares are best suited for long-term investments, while CFDs are more conducive for short-term trading.


All Australian stock trading apps charge fees. In most cases, you will need to pay a commission every time you place an order. If, for example, you are buying traditional stocks, you will likely pay a flat fee. Or, if you’re trading CFD instruments, then this is usually charged as a variable percentage fee.

Outside of your core trading fees, your chosen Australian stock market app might also charge you when you make a deposit or withdraw. You then have overnight financing fees, which are charged when you keep a stock CFD position held overnight. Finally, check whether the app charges an inactivity fee.

Stock Trading Apps Tools & Features

While some stock investing apps in Australia offer a skin and bones service, others come jam-packed with tools, charting, and features. Whether or not you actually need access to these features will depend on your personal investment style.

An additional feature that we would suggest looking for is fractional ownership – especially if you are looking to invest in shares as opposed to trading stock CFDs.

Education, Research & Analysis

The best Australian share market apps come packed with educational resources. While this won’t really matter to you if you have heaps of experience in mobile trading, it will if you are just starting out. Handy resources in this respect include video explainers, trading guides, and webinars.

It is also useful if your chosen stock trading app offers research tools. In the case of chart analysis, this might include technical indicators. With that said, performing technical analysis on a mobile device will be challenging.

Nevertheless, fundamental resources like real-time financial news and market insights are also useful. This will allow you to stay ahead of the curve at all times. In fact, the best stock trading apps in Australia will send a notification to your phone when an important news story breaks on one of your invested shares.

Device Compatibility

In all but a few rare cases, Australian stock market apps will only design their applications for Android and iOS devices. This does make sense when you consider that less than 1% of mobile phones are backed by an alternative operating system. As such, if you’re on Windows or Blackberry – you might be disappointed.

In addition to this, we should note that some share trading apps work better on a particular operating system. For example, while one app might work in a seamless manner on Android phones, this might not be the case with iOS. As such, a good starting point is to read the reviews on your respective app store.

Note: Stock apps for Android and stock market apps for iPhone should always be downloaded directly from the respective broker’s website. In doing so, you can be 100% sure that you are downloading the official app and not an imitation.

Payment Methods

By investing in or trading stocks, you are going to be risking your own money. As such, you need to figure out the best way to deposit funds into your chosen stock trading app.

The easiest way to do this is via an Australian debit/credit card or Apple/Google Pay. E-wallets are also convenient as you can securely and instantly fund your brokerage account. We also find that e-wallet withdrawals are processed faster than other payment methods.

Most Australian stock trading apps will allow you to transfer funds from your checking account, too. But, this can take a few days to process – so avoid this if you want to start trading straight away. Ultimately, you can check what payment methods are supported by the stock trading app before signing up.

Trading App Payment Methods 
eToro  Bank cards, Wire Transfer and e-wallets
Vantage Markets  Bank transfer, Credit/Debit Cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies 
Trade Nation  Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfers and e-wallets 
Pepperstone  Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfers and e-wallets
Plus500 Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfers and e-wallets

Customer Service

Finally, you’ll want to pick one of the stock apps Australia that offers top-rated customer support. If you are using an overseas brokerage firm, then be sure to check what hours the support team works.

The best stock trading apps offer customer support on a 24/5 basis – which means you’ll always have access to an agent during the week. The best form of support comes via live chat – as this is both instant and free. Some trading apps also offer telephone support alongside email.

Best Share Trading App Australia – Conclusion

Stock trading apps in Australia are a must-have for those looking to invest in the financial markets. Sure, you won’t be able to perform in-depth technical analysis on a small screen – but all other account features can be accessed with ease.

For example, the best stock trading apps Australia allow you to buy and sell shares, check your open positions, make use of educational fundamental research tools, and deposit/withdraw funds.

eToro AUS Capital Limited AFSL 491139. eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk. See PDS and TMD



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