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Bitcoin has grown to become the company or asset with the 8th largest market capitalization in the world which has made it a popular investment since its launch in 2008. While investing in bitcoin for the long-term and short-term can yield incredible returns, choosing the best crypto apps to facilitate your trade is the first step to successful bitcoin investment. The best bitcoin trading app UK offers UK clients the best trading commissions, spread, and leverage and is regulated by the FCA. Keep reading to find out more.

Best Bitcoin Trading App UK – Overview

  • Choosing a good Bitcoin trading app will help to streamline the investing process an make it easier to manage your portfolio.
  • Our recommended app, eToro, supports 25 different coins and offers social trading. Furthermore, you can invest with as little as $10.
  • To ensure safety, it is always a good idea to choose an app that is regulated or licensed.
  • Other apps to consider include Coinbase, CEX.io, Coinmama and Binance UK.

Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

Best Bitcoin Trading App UK- List

  1. eToro– Trade Bitcoin and 24 other cryptocurrencies on a social trading platform
  2. Coinbase – Excellent Bitcoin Trading App with 150 Cryptos to Trade 
  3. Alvexo– Best Bitcoin Trading App For Social Trading
  4. Margex– Bitcoin Trading Platform With High Leverage Offerings

Best Bitcoin Trading Apps- A Closer Look


eToro is a multi-asset trading platform best known as the first social collaboration platform that allows traders worldwide to communicate, learn, and grow their investment portfolios. eToro supports 25 coins and ETFs, and allows the transfer of crypto holdings to other platforms.

eToro supports bitcoin trading, ethereum trading, and trading of other variety of assets under a unified strategy.

eToro Copytrade

Key Features

  • Copy trading allows users to mirror the strategies of more experienced traders.
  • Available in 160 different countries
  • Supports 25 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.
  • Trading education includes news headlines, earning reports, daily market analysis, and standard economic calendar reports. Trading Central is limited to the eToro club members.
  • 120K reviews on Google Playstore
  • Over 10 million Playstore downloads.
  • The eToro app allows traders to access the web application’s full feature on the go.
  • eToro users can make instant fiat-to-crypto transactions for the platform’s stablecoin, the USDEX. Traders can load USDEX on their eToroX account through a Signature bank account or SIGNET—Signature’s blockchain-based payment platform.


  • Active user community
  • Allows copy trading
  • Users can transfer crypto holdings to the native crypto wallet
  • Zero management fees for the Metalife Smart portfolio, regardless of the trade volume; however, you may have to pay commissions on executing trade orders. For UK users, exchanging fiat currencies also carry a conversion fee.
  • Social trading allows users to connect with others.


  • Trading fees apply.
  • A limited number of ETFs and cryptos available
  • There aren’t many fund deposit options.
  • You may have to pay a conversion fee for GBP deposit.

Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.


Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies can be bought, sold, transferred, and stored on Coinbase.

As the first cryptocurrency company to receive US venture capital funding, it was founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in 2012.

With 65 million users, CoinMarketCap ranks the platform among the top 15 exchanges in terms of transaction volume, processing around $4 billion daily. Fiat currencies are supported on this exchange: USD (US dollars), EUR (euro), and GBP (British pounds).

Key Features

Among the assets that can be traded on Coinbase are a variety of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase also allows you to trade security tokens, stablecoins, and cryptocurrencies.

  • Cryptocurrencies can be bought, sold, and traded on Coinbase using several platforms. Several Coinbase products are available, including Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Wallet, Coinbase Prime, and Coinbase Commerce.
  • In addition to selling and buying digital currencies, Coinbase charges a fee for its services. It depends on the payment method and the type of cryptocurrency used to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.
  • Furthermore, Coinbase has an extensive educational section for its users. You can find everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies in this section, from what they are and how they work to how to invest in them.
  • Coinbase offers 24/7 customer support. Email and Live chat are the two ways users can contact the support team.


  • Customers can choose from various cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • Security technology developed by the company is used to store customers' assets securely.
  • The app also supports two-factor authentication, adding an extra security layer.
  • Coinbase tracks the performance of traders' investments through different tools.
  • Payments and transfers can be made easier using other platforms like PayPal and Apple Pay.


  • There are fees associated with each platform use, which can be costly depending on the amount being traded or transferred.
  • Regulations limit the availability of services in certain countries and regions.
  • The platform is not suitable for Investors looking to make quick profits.

Your Money is at Risk.


Alvexo is a social trading and copy trading platform with over three hundred and seventy registered users and a 45 billion trading volume. Alvexo facilitates Forex and CFDs, allows copy trading, and supports various commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices.


Key Features

  • Streamlined account opening process: Alvexo uses an account generator that helps assess and direct your trading experience. Questions you will be asked include experience level, investment goals, risk tolerance, and skill set.
  • Negative balance protection: Traders can never lose more than the initial investment.
  • Leverage: 30:1 trading leverage for Alvexo users and 300:1 for traders under the FSA regulation demography.
  • 450 tradable assets, including cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, stock, and commodities.
  • Offers three trading platforms: web trading, mobile application, and MT4. The mobile application does not have all the features of web trading.
  • The mobile application has a 4.2-star review as of writing.
  • Mobile app features include real-time alerts, daily signals, risk management, and a charting suite.


  • Mobile app features are extensive enough for on-the-go trading.
  • Availability of 30 technical indicators.
  • Extensive educational resources and guides for beginner and advanced traders.
  • Extensive financial instruments, tiered accounts—with their respective benefits, and competitive spreads.


  • The mobile application lacks market signals and complex customization tools for advanced trading.
  • Alvexo is not regulated in the UK.

Past performance is not an indication of future rewards.


Margex is a digital trading platform that supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, LTC, and USD. Launched in 2020 in Seychelles, Margex’s high leverage of x100 and deep liquidity makes it an excellent Metaverse crypto trading application.

Key Features

  • x100 Leverage: With x100 leverage, traders have wider exposure to open positions in the market.
  • Deep Liquidity: Margex’s deep liquidity is sustainable because the platform uses AI to constantly track the price of an asset on 12 different platforms.
  • Multicollateral wallets for better risk management
  • Bank grade and cryptocurrency security that ensures that you are in total control of your trading experience. Margex keeps its operations 100% transparent.
  • 100% of all Margex cryptos are stored in cold wallets; hence, almost eradicating fund loss from hack.
  • MP Shield protects users from unfair price manipulations, ensuring that  cryptocurrencies are always liquid.


  • Leverage positions are excellent for traders.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Bank-grade security system
  • Low minimum deposit and competitive transaction fees


  • Doesn’t support a large number of cryptocurrencies or NFTs.
  • Withdrawals are credited as BTC assets.

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Past performance is not an indication of future rewards.

How To Use eToro to Trade Bitcoin

eToro is one of the best crypto apps for trading bitcoin. Thanks to a seamless and efficient process, you can create your account, submit your identification for verification, and start trading with the demo account if you are not ready to invest or go live after ID verification.

Create an Account

eToro Signup


Create your eToro account on their sign-up page. Supply your email address, username, and password. You can also sign up directly from your Google or Facebook accounts.

Verify ID

eToro mandates proof of address and proof of identity for every account. Your identification document must be issued by the government of your residence and may include a driving license, passport, or government-issued identification. The document must be double sided and when capturing, use a phone.

You can also use eToro’s ID-capturing software. The process is seamless and should only take a minute.

Deposit Funds

To deposit funds into your investment accounts, simply sign into your eToro account, click deposit funds, and enter the currency and amount you want to deposit. eToro cryptocurrency trading app accepts debit card and bank transfer.

Use the Demo Account to Practice

The eToro demo account allows you to trade risk-free while accessing all eToro cryptocurrency trading app features. Practice different investment strategies, from leveraging up to 30x to executing stop loss orders. To create a demo account, sign into your account and select virtual portfolio in the menu under your username.

Explore Social Trading

eToro crypto trading app is one of the best crypto apps—from integrating stock, ETFs, indices, and cryptocurrencies. eToro’s Investor Program is perhaps one of their best features. With the Investor Program, beginner and even advanced investors can copy the trades of other investors.

To explore Social Trading, click on Invest in CopyPortfolios, and an intuitive screen will pop up.

On the screen, you will a selection of traders and their trading strategies, including live trading. You can copy the trader that aligns the most with your trading goals. You can also use the search tool to search for particular traders.

The advanced search tool allows you to filter your searches with different parameters.

Conduct Research and Analysis

eToro has extensive research resources for traders to utilize in their investment processes. For example, the social news feed allows you to follow important world events, social media happenings, and commentaries from other traders and professionals. With eToro, you can interact with experienced investors, understand fundamental analysis, and access intuitive technical analysis tools.

eToro also notifies you when traders you copy publish articles or if an asset you trade on your watch list becomes volatile. The comprehensiveness of the data you access and the simplistic and intuitive presentation of the data makes eToro the best app for bitcoin.

Begin live Bitcoin trading

It’s time to start live bitcoin trading and investment. You must understand that buying bitcoin, has its risks, and there is the possibility of losing all your income. eToro facilitates the process by helping you copy trade and providing all essential data points, market information, news updates, and global occurrences.

Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

Are Bitcoin Trading Apps Regulated?

Some of the best crypto apps are regulated within the countries and regions they operate. It's important to research the regulatory bodies that guide a bitcoin trading app before you invest through such an exchange. Investing in an unregulated app can lead to a loss of funds. Regulatory bodies worldwide include FCA, ASIC, DFSA, BaFin, CySEC, and SCB.

On another note, there are some Bitcoin trading apps that claim to be regulated but are not; hence the need for due diligence on an investor's part. Confirm the claims made by a trading app before using the exchange. For example, if you want to confirm if an app has the FCA approval, simply check out the FCA website and confirm the list of trading platforms that have been licensed to operate

Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

Top Tip for Using a Bitcoin Trading App

Before choosing a bitcoin trading app, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Intuitiveness and User Interface: Use a bitcoin trading app that is intuitive and has all or almost all the features of the web trader. Mobile applications for trading bitcoin should enhance on-the-go trading without diminishing the features of the web trader, especially for beginners.
  2. Use the demo trader before investing: Even if you are a seasoned investor, when using a new app, you might do better if you use the app’s demo trader and get core knowledge of how the app works.
  3. Consider payment methods: Different apps have different payment methods, from wire transfer to Paypal, Payoneeer, and credit/debit card, and each payment method carries its fees and deposit and withdrawal limits. Familiarize yourself with the app’s limits and payment options.
  4. Read the app’s terms and conditions: As important as this is, it’s almost always the most ignored piece of advice. Read an app’s T&Cs, privacy policies, and how they handle your data. Do they share data with third-party apps? If they do, what apps do they share personal customer information with? Are they insured and what is the extent of their insurance. Some exchanges only insure assets up to $250,000 per customers – this means that if there is a hack and you lose more than $250,000, the exchange might not be liable to pay your full funds, regardles of how much.
  5. Liquidity of the assets in the bitcoin app: Liquidity simply means the ease of buying and selling an asset. A trading app must be liquid enough to accommodate large trade volumes without affecting the asset’s price. When you trade an illiquid asset, the ask price will be far greater than the bid price, leaving a wide spread and unfair increase in the asset’s price.
  6. Leverage: Bitcoin leveraging simply means borrowing bitcoin to make trades and earning larger profits. For example, eToro offers x30 leverage—that is, you can borrow up to 30 times your bitcoin holdings and make trades. When choosing a bitcoin trading app, choose an app that offers sufficient leverage. eToro offers a maximum of x30 for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Looking for higher leverage, check out the best leverage trading
  7. Security: Always use the bitcoin trading app UK that has the necessary certifications from the top regulatory bodies within their jurisdiction. You should also consider the exchange or app’s security measures like two-factor authentication, cold storage or wallet, and insurance policies in the case of a hack.
  8. Fees: Choose an exchange with convenient trading fees. Your selection should depend on your trading strategies. Do you do more of day trading or you invest long-term? What’s your trade volume? Some exchanges charge lower fees for higher trade volume and deposits. You should also consider commissions, withdrawal fees, and currency conversion rates.
  9. Review: You can check the review of an app in Google Playstore or Apple store. Note that crypto apps do not always have raving reviews, especially if the app is new; however, most decent apps should have 4.0 stars and above. You can also check an exchange’s review on Trust Pilot. More importantly, confirm if an app has been hacked in the past and the owners’ reaction to the hack. Did they quickly acknowledge the hack? How much was stolen? Was it an insider-accused hack?

Where Do Beginners Invest in Bitcoin?

Beginners use exchanges to invest in bitcoin. Therefore, choosing an exchange or an app that aligns with your core goals is important. You can check out these other exchanges to find the best app for bitcoin trading and investment. You can also use an exchange's demo account to practice trading before investing real money.

What Are The Risks Of Trading Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and other crypto assets can be incredibly volatile. Bitcoin dropped to around $19,805 in August 2022—a sudden low from 2021’s all-time high, wiping out many retailers’ investments. There is a real risk of losing all your investments, so it's important to consider your investment goals and financial strategies before investing. Are you investing in bitcoin for the long-term or short-term? Are you investing for retirement, or do you have some spare cash and want to buy some bitcoins? What's your long-term target? When you have a plan, you can easily map out an entry and exit strategy, greatly increasing the opportunity to earn a positive ROI and mitigate losses.

Other risks of trading bitcoin includes:

  1. If you have a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio, a bitcoin winter market can influence other tokens. Bitcoin and ethereum often have economic impact on tokens, including metaverse native cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
  2. Bitcoin price swings: While day trading is a good way to make money from bitcoin, the cryptocurrency often has price swings that can become fatal to your bottom line. If you do not have in-depth experience of day trading, including reading technical indicators and opening and closing positions at the right time, there is a risk of losing your investment. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose. Another approach to day trading would be to use automated trading apps.

Bottom line: Invest in bitcoin wisely and carefully. Do not invest more than what you are willing to lose. Educate yourself on cryptocurrency investment.

Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

Best Bitcoin Trading App UK- Our Conclusion

eToro is a suitable Bitcoin trading app for UK investors. From reasonable leverages to copy trading and social investment, low spreads, high liquidity, an intuitive mobile application, impressive resources, and a community-based educational and investment platform, eToro is the leading bitcoin trading app for UK residents.

eToro Money—a native eToro feature is only fully available to UK traders. While users from other countries can use the eToro Money wallet, only UK users can request the eToro debit card. eToro Money allows traders to deposit as much as $250,000 at once, while traders that deposit with their debit card cannot exceed the $40,000 limit. With the eToro debit card, UK traders can pay for items anywhere in the world, and withdrawals are instant.

Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.


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