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There’s plenty to be excited about in the cryptocurrency scene like bitcoin and ethereum. But how do more recent cryptos like the Ekrona cryptocurrency in particular fare today?

Should you start trading Ekrona coins? Is the platform right for you? Let’s answer all this and more in this Ekrona Cryptocurrency review.

Ekrona Cryptocurrency Summary

Rating 9.8/10
Minimum Deposit $250
Trading Volume $530.9 Billion
Trading Fees None
Supported Cryptocurrencies eKrona

What is Ekrona Cryptocurrency?

As experts agree on the growing trend of cashless transactions in Europe, many have flocked to cryptocurrencies as the future of monetary units. The eKrona cryptocurrency is an up-and-coming blockchain-based digital currency with goals of being the first government-approved digital coin by Q3 2021. It aims to be the most widely used crypto in Europe.

Through the Ekrona crypto trading platform, users may exclusively buy and sell eKrona coins. But despite the limitation of the platform in only trading Ekrona crypto, it could be argued that the benefits of the site’s other features more than makeup for the limitation. Packed with zero trading costs, a low minimum deposit, expedient withdrawals, and an affiliated broker to boot, there’s plenty in store in the Ekrona Cryptocurrency app.

Ekrona Cryptocurrency Future

Why Should You Trade Ekrona Crypto?

The beautiful thing about cryptos is that they each offer something different. So what does the Ekrona Cryptocurrency app offer that sets it apart from the rest?

Potential to be the future of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency in and of itself is already a high potential market. But like in any market, a few leaders stand out. In particular, for crypto, the big names such as bitcoin and ethereum are the current coins that are making waves in the scene.

Such is the case now, but nobody knows for sure if these top digital assets will continue to dominate in the future. On the eKrona website, the platform states that ‘eKrona is the future of crypto currency’ and has plans of being the most widely accepted crypto in 2021.

Set the bar high

Ekrona Cryptocurrency Goals

How does the Ekrona crypto trading platform plan on having eKrona coin as the future of cryptocurrency? Well, first they set the bar high. Not only do they have plans of government regulation as stated on their site, but they also aim to reach 10 million in population, 5.6 billion in payment transactions, and $530.9 billion dollars in trading volume this year.

Low price

The low price of the eKrona coin means that the crypto is easy to buy in a crypto app. Early adopters of the digital currency can easily exchange hands with others in the platform and essentially more coins can be bought and sold. It is more readily available and easy for people to start out with since they would not need a large investment to start trading.

Is Ekrona Cryptocurrency Legit or a Scam?

In this portion of our Ekrona Cryptocurrency review, we will discuss the authenticity of the platform together with its statements and goals. 

The majority of the site showcases the vast benefits of eKrona. From the potential to earn multiple times your initial investment to how poised the coin is to be widely accepted and regulated, there is much to be said. All of these statements however appear to be goals or just potentials that the company and coin have yet to reach.

But even though the platform shows great statistics and high activity, the site seems to back its legitimacy from reputable legal and media institutions. Taken in the context of eKrona and cryptocurrency as a whole, everything seems to be legit.

Note that legitimacy does not promise profits. Success is never guaranteed and responsible trading should always be practiced. As with all equities, there is always risk involved. 

How Does the Ekrona Cryptocurrency Platform Work?

As mentioned earlier, the Ekrona crypto trading platform enables users to buy, sell, or exchange only the eKrona coin. Given the digital currency’s low price, this should not be a big problem for those only willing to invest the minimum deposit amount of $250 dollars. It’s plenty enough to start.

Reported to be fully regulated with official cryptocurrency licensing, the eKrona platform allows users to connect their brokers to the platform via their official website. In fact, upon signing in to the platform, users may opt for their given eKrona affiliated broker (usually tixee or beneffx in our testing). 

If users want to try trading the coin without investing, the platform also allows for demo use. With the demo account, you gain access to advanced trading tools without any initial investment. Users are free to trade the coin and see for themselves first-hand the trading movements and momentum of the crypto.

Benefits of the Ekrona Crypto Trading Platform

The eKrona Official site already shows many of the platform’s key features that we’ve mentioned and brought up from time to time in this article. It may be difficult to synthesize all of the beneficial features from the platform unless we review them all in one section.

In this Ekrona Cryptocurrency review UK, you may find the benefits of using the Ekrona crypto trading platform below.

Zero commission fees

Some brokers charge a small fee per transaction. Years ago, this was probably the norm. However, the Ekrona crypto trading platform doesn’t charge any transaction fees at all. Even if other brokers require less than a percentage of the trade per transaction, the costs build up over time and are an extra hassle to take note of in the long run.

On top of this, there aren’t even any withdrawal or deposit fees for eKrona, which is quite common in today’s most popular brokers like in the eToro app and IBKR.

Easy to buy

A low coin price means that the eKrona digital currency is easy to buy. With this, crypto newcomers and trading beginners can easily start out. They can learn from trading multiple coins and the investment required to make multiple or high volume transactions is low.


Withdrawals may take days to process for many broker apps or bitcoin wallets, but the Ekrona Cryptocurrency app can process withdrawals in hours. This makes the platform more user-friendly as users can cash in winning trades and profits quicker if they’re looking to spend them soon. Aside from this, the platform’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, making starting out a smooth transition especially for beginner traders and those coming from multiple other brokers.

Fully regulated

The Ekrona cryptocurrency app is fully regulated and holds official cryptocurrency licensing, guaranteeing users the best prices and safe payment processing methods according to their site. Brokers that are connected through their website are audited and checked to hold a valid license, allowing them to distribute eKrona.

Once a trading account has been opened, you are given access to state-of-the-art trading tools and investment advisors. The company states that it works with all major financial institutions, which is ideal for users who want to get their funds transferred directly to their bank accounts quickly and easily.

Ekrona Cryptocurrency Claimed Success Rate

So far, we’ve taken into consideration what exactly is the eKrona crypto trading platform and its relevant features and benefits. Now, in our Ekrona Cryptocurrency review, it’s time to get into how likely you are to see success with the site.

The platform advertises that for every Euro invested in September, users may expect potential profits of 4000 Euros within a few months. It is even claimed that European traders in particular who use the platform ‘can safely invest to and gain 10 or 20 times their money within months’. There are also other reports of a 99% success rate for the platform from other reviews and testimonials.

Anyone who checks out the site and stumbles across these figures should definitely take them with a grain of salt. Most likely these figures are inflated to give more value to the platform. A lot of their claims are expectations that they hope to achieve in the future and it seems that it is a viable strategy to gain traction and help the platform ultimately achieve them.

Because of the volatile and sporadic nature of cryptocurrencies, cautious and responsible trading should always be practiced. Profit even for Ekrona is never guaranteed, but with enough risk tolerance, the potential to gain remains.

How to Trade Ekrona Cryptocurrency

Step 1: Complete your registration

Ekrona Cryptocurrency Registration

Firstly, users must complete their registration on the eKrona official site. Once you have read the terms and conditions and privacy policy, you are clear to register an account. Provide your first name, last name, email address, and telephone number. Country fixed-line area codes are provided.

To add, eKrona Cryptocurrency is fully regulated and holds affiliate brokers that can connect to their platform. After completing the fields, users can expect an email from the broker upon registration. In our experience, we even received an email from the broker’s personal account service manager. You may contact them for future queries or assistance.

Upon receiving the email that gives you your username and password to sign in to the platform, you may redirect to the broker and gain access to their user-friendly and intuitive platform.

Step 2: Make a deposit

Secondly, you’ll need to make a 250 dollar deposit to start your trading sessions. For the eKrona crypto trading platform, there aren’t any deposit fees to worry about, so this step should be fairly straightforward. The site should accept the usual payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard, VirtualPay, etc. If you have questions about the payment methods, you may contact their customer service.

Step 3: Demo account trading

Trading Platform

While waiting for your account to be funded via the deposit, it is advisable to get used to the platform and eKrona coin by demo trading. You’ll have access to the same advanced tools as live trading and trading with virtual money first is highly recommended for first-time traders in crypto. The point of trading with your demo account is to build confidence, help users identify their risk tolerance, and get a better grasp of the technical side of the trading platform.

Step 4: Start Trading Ekrona Cryptocurrency

Once the funds have been deposited into the account, users may start live trading the eKrona cryptocurrency. You’ll have the option of buying and selling the equity and you can even enable one-click trading to make faster exchanges.

Ekrona Cryptocurrency Trading Fees

Ekrona Cryptocurrency Fees
Minimum deposit $250
Demo account Free
Withdrawal/deposit fees None
Trading fee 0%

Have Celebrities Endorsed Ekrona Cryptocurrency?

Since the inception of crypto and the dawn of blockchain technology, many celebrities, and tech entrepreneurs have endorsed and invested boatloads into digital assets and their industries. In this section of our Ekrona Cryptocurrency review UK, we will discuss the rumors that have indicated celebrities endorsing the digital asset.

Elon Musk

Currently, the most popular and well-known crypto investor, Elon Musk has not only invested literally billions of dollars in bitcoin but has also advocated for lesser accepted coins like the infamous dogecoin. Taking to Twitter to express cryptically bullish sentiments for the crypto earlier this year, Musk’s opinion has potentially been one of the largest influences on the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Mark Cuban

mark cuban The billionaire shark and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has quite a mixed relationship with cryptocurrencies. Cuban is an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, allowing for his NBA team’s merchandise and tickets to be purchased via dogecoin. 


logic Famous American rapper and record producer Logic had announced earlier in the year that he would invest millions in bitcoin. Despite numerous critics calling him out for his massive investment, Logic has remained an early adopter of the coin. Many estimate that he has earned a large amount from his initial investment.

Lionel Messi

Widely regarded as the best player in his generation, Lionel Messi is known for his finesse and insane football IQ. It is not widely known however that the Argentine football star is a well-versed and early adopter of blockchain technology. Recently, he has launched his own collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or crypto art which is the latest trend in blockchain today.

Ashton Kutcher

Tech investor and well-known Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher has been highly engaged with bitcoin. It has been reported that Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis have invested in the digital coin in the past eight years. They have since been staunch supporters of crypto.

While there have been rumours that have indicated these celebrities being associated with eKrona, these claims are subject to verification. According to our research, there is insufficient evidence that any have actually invested in the coin. We cannot confirm that eKrona cryptocurrency is endorsed by any of these celebrities.

Ekrona Cryptocurrency Pros & Cons


  • Fully regulated, holding official cryptocurrency licensing
  • Affordable minimum deposit at $250 dollars
  • Multiple bank approvals mean faster withdrawals
  • 0.00% trading, withdrawal, and deposit fees
  • State of the art software in the crypto app
  • Could be the first regulated crypto by the EU if accepted by a government body

  • Platform is not currently available in all countries
  • Not yet as popular and widely used as the frontrunner cryptos BTC, ETH, XRP, etc.
  • No mobile app as of now

The Verdict

The Ekrona crypto trading platform has definitely set its goals higher than many of the popular cryptocurrencies today. If their expectations are correct, the coin will be worth exactly what they have aimed at.

However, the reviews for the platform have been fairly mixed. There are reports of users benefiting from the great features of the platform. But there are also online threads such as those in Reddit’s cryptocurrency community that mentioned otherwise. The communities reported the currency was used as clickbait to lure unsuspecting traders to cloned websites.

Above all, those looking to start trading eKrona cryptocurrency are required a minimum deposit of $250. Moreover, even if a security is fully regulated and licensed, there is always risk involved. Responsible trading measures should always be followed. In other words, always trade with funds you are willing to risk and exercise responsible trading.

Ekrona Cryptocurrency Logo


What is Ekrona Cryptocurrency?

Is Ekrona Cryptocurrency legit

Is Ekrona Cryptocurrency safe?

How much money can I make by trading Ekrona Cryptocurrency?

Is Ekrona cryptocurrency a good investment?

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