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If you’re looking to gain exposure to the global cryptocurrency trading industry – but have little to no idea of how this space works, Bitcoin Motion claims to have the solution.

This is because Bitcoin Motion offers cryptocurrency software that can automatically trade on your behalf. But, is Bitcoin Motion legit, or is it simply a scam?

In this Bitcoin Motion review, we explain how this cryptocurrency robot works, what to expect, the risks to consider, and more.

Bitcoin Motion Overview

Our Bitcoin Motion review found that the robot provider offers the following fundamentals:

Withdrawal Times  Instantly Processed
Supported Digital Currencies BTC, ETH, USDC, DOT
Mobile App Available No
Claimed Win Rate  99.4%
Fees to Join  No 

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

What is Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion review 2022 Bitcoin Motion is a third-party platform that allows you to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies without needing to do any research or place any orders.

This is because the underlying software operates autonomously – meaning that it can make trading decisions made on algorithms and machine learning. As such, Bitcoin Motion offers one of the best automated crypto trading services in the UK.

  • Our Bitcoin Motion review found that the robot operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week – constantly looking for new trading opportunities.
  • When a potential profit-making opportunity is discovered based on current market conditions, the Bitcoin Motion software will place an appropriate position.
  • From your point of view, you will first need to open an account and meet a minimum initial outlay of at least €250.

In doing so – and after activating the robot, the Bitcoin Motion UK software will begin to trade on your behalf. In simplistic terms, this means that you can sit back and allow the Bitcoin robot to place buy and sell positions – subsequently permitting a passive investment experience.

How Does Bitcoin Motion Work? The Basics

The best way to understand how Bitcoin Motion works is to have a firm grasp of the step-by-step setup process. As such, in this section of our Bitcoin Mining review, we will walk you through the end-to-end investment process.

Step 1: Registration

The first part of the process is to visit the Bitcoin Motion website and fill in the registration form – which you will see at the top of the page. This requires just a few bits of basic personal information – such as your name, mobile phone number, and email address.

Bitcoin Motion review 2022

Once you click on the ‘Register Now‘ button, you will receive a confirmation email. To proceed to the next step, you will need to click the confirming link found with the email that Bitcoin Motion sends to your inbox.

Step 2: Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

In joining Bitcoin Motion, you will have access to its proprietary cryptocurrency trading software. However, Bitcoin Motion is not a trading platform or brokerage site – meaning that it cannot facilitate the positions that the robot places.

  • On the contrary, the Bitcoin Motion robot needs to be connected to a crypto day trading app that not only supports its software – but a sufficient number of markets and competitive commissions.
  • As such, once you proceed to the next step of the registration process, you will be redirected to a third-party brokerage site.
  • Our Bitcoin Motion review found that the platform claims to only partner with reputable and licensed brokers.
  • Moreover, the specific crypto trading platform that you are redirected to will depend on your country of residence.

Once you are sent to the registration page of the respective broker, you will need to open an account. This will require some personal information and contact details – alongside a copy of your government-issued ID. This is a requirement at all regulated brokers – as per KYC laws.

Step 3: Meet Minimum Deposit

The next part of the set-up process at Bitcoin Motion is to fund your account. After all, for the Bitcoin Motion UK robot to buy and sell digital currencies on your behalf – it needs to have access to trading capital.

  • As we briefly covered earlier, you can deposit any amount from €250 upwards.
  • If this is your first time using Bitcoin Motion, we would strongly suggest that you keep your stakes modest until you get comfortable with the software.
  • Crucially, Bitcoin Motion will be trading crypto assets – which are both volatile and speculative.

Another important point to note is that our Bitcoin Motion review found that your deposit will not be processed by the platform itself. Instead, this will be taken care of by the broker that you were partnered with.

We found that most of the brokers that Bitcoin Motion uses will support debit/credit card and bank wire payments. Some will also support e-wallets like Paypal.

Step 4: Demo Account

At this stage, you should now have a funded account balance with Bitcoin Motion. This means that you can activate the robot from within your dashboard area and allow the Bitcoin Motion software to begin trading cryptocurrencies for you.

However, it is wise to take a step back and instead start with the Bitcoin Motion demo account. Our Bitcoin Motion review found that this allows you to run the software in live market conditions – but without needing to risk your account balance.

As such, you might consider running the robot in demo mode for at least a week to see how it performs in the open market.

Step 5: Activation

Once you have test-driven the Bitcoin Motion robot in demo mode and you are happy with the results – you might then consider allowing it to trade in the live cryptocurrency markets.

To do this, it’s simply a case of activating the robot from within your account. Once you do, the robot will begin placing buy and sell orders that are funded from your account balance. At any given time, you can deactivate the robot so that it stops trading.

Pros of the Bitcoin Motion Robot

Our Bitcoin Motion review found that the robot offers the following benefits.

No Experience Needed

Although the global cryptocurrency markets can now be accessed by anyone with an internet connection and a readily available payment method – this investment arena can be difficult to grasp.

  • The main reason for this is that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are still a new asset class in the broader scheme of things – and so volatile levels are still super high.
  • In the case of Bitcoin Motion, however, no prior cryptocurrency investment experience is needed.
  • This means that you will not be required to research or analyze the markets – nor will you need to manually place orders at an online broker.

Instead, as soon as you have registered and activated the robot, you can sit back and allow Bitcoin Motion to trade for you.

Trade Around the Clock

Another benefit that our Bitcoin Motion review came across is that the underlying robot operates around the clock – meaning that it will actively scan the cryptocurrency markets 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  • This means that the Bitcoin Motion robot can trade non-stop and thus – this is something that even the most skilled of investors could not rival.
  • And, as the robot makes decisions purely on code – it does not suffer from fatigue like human traders.
  • This also means that the Bitcoin Motion robot does not make irrational trading decisions.

In turn, you can allow the Bitcoin Motion software to operate 24/7 – meaning you will never miss a trading opportunity again.

Multiple Cryptocurrency Markets

Although the name suggests that Bitcoin Motion UK only trades BTC-denominated pairs, the platform also targets alternative markets.

This includes the likes of Ethereum, Polkadot, and USDC. This ensures that the Bitcoin Motion robot takes a more diversified approach to trading – rather than sticking to just one digital asset.

Bitcoin Motion Minimum Deposit

Another benefit that our Bitcoin Motion review discovered is that you only need to deposit a minimum of €250 to gain access to the provider’s proprietary software.

This is not only a benefit for those on a budget. On the contrary, such a low minimum ensures that you do not need to risk large sums of money to test the robot out.

Adjust Trading Parameters

As noted just a moment ago, our Bitcoin Motion review found that you do not need to have any prior knowledge of either trading or digital currencies to get started.

If, however, you have a basic grasp of trading principles, Bitcoin Motion enables you to adjust the settings of its robot. As such, you can instruct the robot to trade in a manner that aligns with your financial goals and tolerance for risk.

  • For instance, let’s suppose that the Bitcoin Motion robot targets a risk-return ratio of 1:3.
  • In simple terms, this means that the robot will risk 1% of your account balance on a single trade – to make a profit of 3%.
  • You, however, only wish to risk 0.5% on a single trade, and you wish to target a take-home profit of 2%.
  • As such, you decide to adjust your Bitcoin Motion account settings to only follow a risk-return ratio of 0.5:2.

Various other metrics can be adjusted too from within your Bitcoin Motion dashboard. And, best of all, as the platform offers the option of running the robot in paper trading mode – you can test your new settings out in a risk-free manner.

Cons of the Bitcoin Motion Robot

Like all investment services, our Bitcoin Motion review found that the provider also comes with its drawbacks.

Risk of Loss

The most obvious risk to consider when you sign up for Bitcoin Motion is that you can lose some or even all of your investment. After all, once you activate the Bitcoin Motion robot, it will start trading with your account balance.

As such, although the robot claims to have a super-high success rate – there is, unfortunately, no way of knowing whether you will walk away in profit.

Bitcoin Motion UK review

Once again, this is why we suggest deploying the Bitcoin Motion robot in demo mode for at least a week before you allow it to start trading with real capital.


When you invest in the stock trading scene – you might find that the value of your investments moves steadily. This is especially the case when you hold equities in large-cap, solid stocks with a blue-chip status.

  • However, when you invest in cryptocurrencies – whether that’s directly or indirectly through a provider like Bitcoin Motion, you will be entering a marketplace that still suffers from extreme volatility.
  • This means that one day the value of your portfolio could increase by 12%, while by the next, it’s dropped by the same figure.

The only way to counter the enhanced volatility levels found in the Bitcoin trading space is to keep your stakes modest. Therefore, if you do decide to proceed with Bitcoin Motion, perhaps it is wise to stick with the minimum deposit requirement until you can be sure that the robot has what it takes to continuously generate gains.

Bitcoin Motion Win Rate

Our Bitcoin Motion review found that the platform claims to have a win rate of 99.4%. This figure is, of course, significant – as it means that out of 10,000 trades, only 60 will return a loss.

We do, once again, suggest that for at least one week – you operate in the robot in demo mode. In doing so, you can assess the specific win rate yourself without risking any capital.

Which Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin Motion

One of the key issues facing cryptocurrency robot platforms like Bitcoin Motion is that there is a lot of so-called fake news circulating the internet. At the forefront of this is the claim that certain celebrities have endorsed Bitcoin Motion.

Some of the most common claims that we have come across via third-party websites that are not connected to Bitcoin Motion are as follows:

  • We found a lot of search activity surrounding the terms ‘Bitcoin Motion This Morning’ and ‘Bitcoin Motion Holly Willoughby’. Bitcoin Motion confirms that it has partnered with either the British TV show or the celebrity herself – so this is most definitely not an official endorsement.
  • Another search term that we came across was an association between the UK TV show Dragons Den and Bitcoin Motion. The specifics of this term focus on ‘Bitcoin Motion Dragons Den’ and ‘Bitcoin Motion Deborah Meaden’ – both of which have no official affiliation with the Bitcoin Motion robot.
  • And finally, ‘Bitcoin Motion Martin Lewis’ was another common search term that appears to be increasing in volume. Once again, Bitcoin Motion has no affiliation with the Money Saving Expert – so treat rumors of this nature with a pinch of salt.

Crucially, and as noted above, rumors of celebrities endorsing a cryptocurrency robot website are almost always sure to be fake. The most important thing is that these claims are not made by the robot provider itself. Which, in the case of Bitcoin Motion, doesn’t appear to be the case.

Bitcoin Motion Fees 2022

As of writing this Bitcoin Motion review, we can confirm that the platform does not charge any sign-up, deposit, or maintenance fees. This means that after meeting the minimum deposit requirement, you can start trading cryptocurrencies autonomously without being charged.

Is Bitcoin Motion legit?

We did, however, notice that a commission is collected by Bitcoin Motion on take-home profits. This means that you will only pay a fee if the robot makes you money.

Is There a Bitcoin Motion App?

Many cryptocurrency robot websites also offer a native mobile app that is optimized for both iOS and Android devices. However, our Bitcoin Motion review found that the provider does not offer an app of any sort.

We did, however, find that you can still access your Bitcoin Motion account on your smartphone by simply visiting the website via your standard mobile web browser. The user experience is still acceptable – as the mobile version of the website has been optimized.

Bitcoin Motion Scam

One of the main concerns from those yet to use Bitcoin Motion is whether the platform is a scam. After all, this industry is dominated by providers that make super-bold claims of ‘guaranteed’ returns.

  • During our Bitcoin Motion review process, we found that the provider does not make any guarantees about profits.
  • Instead, Bitcoin Motion makes it clear that your capital is at risk.

Therefore, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose when using Bitcoin Motion. Furthermore, you should proceed at your own risk.

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Bitcoin Motion Review 2022:- Summary

In summary, our Bitcoin Motion review found that the platform allows you to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency arena without needing to have any knowledge of how things work. Instead, once you invest in this robot provider, the underlying software will begin to trade on your behalf – 24 hours per day.

If you have considered the risks and wish to get started with Bitcoin Motion today, the sign-up and deposit process takes less than five minutes from start to finish. As always, just make sure that you fully understand the risks before you proceed.

Bitcoin Motion review 2022


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