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The goal of every stock trader is to easily explore the market and generate passive income through capital gains or dividends. However, every investment comes with a risk. To maximize their earning potential and reduce losses, investors may leverage the best stock trading signals.

But which of the best stock trading signals has the best winning rates compared to the global market benchmark, and how can it impact an investor’s earning potential?

We will consider these and more in this comprehensive guide.

In This Guide

The Top Stock Trading Signals Providers Ranked

Our expert team has handpicked the best stock trading signal providers in 2023. You can explore the top 8 stock signal providers in 2023 below.

  1. Altindex: This is one of the best alternative data services for stock market investors. The platform employs machine learning, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to track the performance of stocks and other securities. The company boasts a 75% win rate on AI stock picks.
  2. Seeking Alpha: An all-around stock analytics platform that provides investors with all the data they need to make valuable and possible predictions. Seeking Alpha helps investors understand stock market trading signals and price movements.
  3. Trade Dots: This easy-to-use stock trading signal is compatible with TradingView. The signal employs a range of indicators, like moving averages, alongside quantitative investment strategies to give investors insight into price movements and market reversals.
  4. Stock Region: The company is a US-based platform that publishes quality research on high-performing stocks and options. Stock Region has a reliable marketplace to offer copy-trading services to businesses and regular customers.
  5. ShareMarketCap: A platform that provides investors with stock and ETF data, tracking global financial markets in real time. The platform offers ShareMarketCap (SMC) scores of between 0 and 100, with higher scores showing that the stock is likely to outperform in the global market.
  6. Danelfin: One of the best stock trading signals providers powered by artificial intelligence. The platform’s methods entail analyzing sentiment and data points to generate scores between 1 and 10.
  7. Alpha Picks: This is a popular stock trading signal platform that employs quantitative data analytics to forecast stock prices. The platform charges investors $199 per year for all of its services.
  8. Kavout: As a capital management firm, Kavout targets investors with large portfolios. The platform generates stock and market data insights using machine learning.

Reviewing the Best Stock Tips Services

Stock tips give investors valuable insights into navigating stocks and forecasting price movements to maximize profit. In this section, we review the best stock tips services out there—their features, pricing, pros, and cons.

1. AltIndex – Overall Best Stock Trading Signal Based on Alternative Data


AltIndex is a high-ranking stock tips service that provides investors with timely insights on stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

Proven to be one of the best alternative data services, it gathers data from job postings, social media following, market insights, and competition ranking of a target company and links it to its stock performance. This service also maximizes alternative data to broaden its focus on forecasting and prediction of stock price movements.

By leveraging AI, AltIndex can combine analysts’ opinions, chart patterns, conversations on social media such as Twitter and Reddit, recruitment, expansions, layoffs, and downsizes to score the investment potential of a particular company and its shares. Altindex uses a 1-100 score point system to rate a company’s stocks. Depending on the scores, it can inspire investors to either remain or exit their positions.

For instance, if the conversation about a stock on social media is positive, AltIndex is likely to rate that asset highly. But if a stock brokerage or a company with a publicly listed asset lays off several employees, Altindex is likely to rate the stock low.

Once AltIndex generates significant ratings on the investment potential of stocks, it sends out recommendations and stock alerts to users who have signed up and paid for its services. While investors may consider some of the best stock portfolio trackers, recommendations from AltIndex often go a long way.

Features of AltIndex

Below are some features of AltIndex that make it one of the best stock tips services.

  • Alternative data insight: AltIndex uses alternative data obtained from unconventional sources. The platform offers investment-related information that isn’t available for everyone to use. It prioritizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to track conversations on social media, company news, recruitment, expansion, and layoffs to get valuable insights into the performance of a stock.
  • AI Ranking Score: After tracking and analyzing alternative data, AltIndex has an AI ranking score that compares each of these data and scores them on a scale of 1 to 100. High numbers show the stock is likely to outperform.
  • Stock Alerts: The stock trading signal frequently sends out stock alerts to its users, helping them to keep tabs on stock market signals as well as their investment portfolio. The alerts notify investors about movements in the stock market.
  • Trending stocks: AltIndex has a feature that tracks trending stocks in the market. The platform uses overall sentiments and the number of mentions on WallStreetBets to compile its trending stock list.
  • AI Stock Picks: AltIndex’s AI stock picks are an automated feature that provides investors with real-time stock buy and sell signals. Investors can choose from the best AI stock trading apps available in the industry.

Pricing of AltIndex

AltIndex has four different packages with variable costs. It has a free package, which is characterized by limited features. The table below highlights the packages and pricing of Altindex and the features available to each.

Package Price Dashboard Visit Stocks in Portfolio AI stock Picks Stock Alerts Stock Screeners
Free Free 20 2 1 2 Limited Acess
Starter $29/Month Unlimited 10 10 10 Full Access
Pro $99/Month Unlimited 50 25 50 Full Access
Enterprise Not Published Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Full Access

Below are the pros and cons associated with using Altindex.


  • Best stock tips service that uses alternative data in 2023.
  • AltIndex tracks thousands of publicly listed stocks and securities.
  • Investors can get first-mover insights based on sentiments and mentions on WallStreetBets.
  • Unrestricted access to an AI stock picks service that gives investors impressive results.
  • Investors get daily stock alerts sent to their emails.


  • Investors need to pay a monthly fee, starting at $29 per month, to get unrestricted access to Altindex’s services.
  • The monthly pricing plan is expensive and may not be sustainable for small retail investors.
  • The AI stock-picking service doesn’t have a long track record.

2. Seeking Alpha – Vast Availability of Financial and Investment Resources


Founded in 2004, Seeking Alpha is a reputable financial and investment information source that is frequently quoted in the industry. The platform offers free access to its website, which contains vast financial articles that track the performance of stocks and other securities.

With contributors curating thousands of financial-related content, Seeking Alpha provides investors with vast materials that they can leverage to track the performance of stocks and their portfolio at large.

Investors who desire a vast wealth of knowledge on Seeking Alpha just need to sign up on the website. Let’s explore the features, pricing, pros, and cons of Seeking Alpha.


Features of Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha has vast features, and below are some of them:

  • A short ideas section for short-selling insights.
  • An author and performance rating section to score contributors based on their opinions and relevance to investors.
  • The dividend grade rates companies based on the safety, growth, yield, and consistency of the dividends.
  • The stock quant rating ranks stocks quantitatively using more than 100 metrics.
  • The rating screener rates stocks based on their level of strength.
  • Idea screeners are available to investors who need to filter stocks based on the opportunities they present for the long and short term.

Pricing of Seeking Alpha

The price options for Seeking Alpha vary depending on the package an investor desires. The table below highlights the pricing of Seeking Alpha based on the package and accessible features.

Package Price Accessible Features
Basic Free Investors are mandated to sign up on the platform but will have limited access to the features
Premium $29.99 per month

$239 per year

Sign-up is mandatory, plus you have unlimited access to all available features
PRO $69.99 per month

$499.99 per year

Sign-up is mandatory, and investors get access to all features available in the basic and premium plans, plus more.

It’s worth mentioning that Seeking Alpha has a 14-day free trial that comes with each subscription. Investors who sign up on the platform and choose either the premium or pro packages can access all features and cancel once the free trial is over.


  • Seeking Alpha has a reputation for providing investment and financial information in the industry.
  • The service tracks several stocks using multiple ratings and explanations for easier understanding.
  • The service has different plans which investors can choose from based on their budget.
  • The platform provides a wealth of knowledge that new and experienced investors can leverage based on their trading strategies.
  • All packages on Seeking Alpha come with a 14-day free trial period.


  • The service doesn’t provide investors with specific stock recommendations. Rather, investors have to make choices based on the ratings and information the platform provides.
  • Options for refund aren’t available.
  • The wealth of information on the platform can be overwhelming for new investors.
  • Compared to Altindex, Seeking Alpha does not provide investors with AI stock picks for higher returns.

3. Trade Dots – Best for Reversal Signals 

Trade Dots is a stock trading tips service that provides valuable suggestions to investors in the area of stocks, cryptocurrency, and other securities. The service’s software is compatible with TradingView, and investors can leverage it to track market reversals.

Trade Dots is a reliable service that helps short and long-term investors keep tabs on potential price actions in the market. The service works such that when a market is in a bearish or bullish state and a reversal is occurring, Trade Dots will signal investors to go long or short. 

With the concept of candlesticks explained, understanding the methodology of TradeDots is pretty easy. A green flash indicates investors should go short, and red signals long. The Trade Dots TradingView signal has now been integrated into a Telegram bot. The bot automatically sends investors notifications when it is time to sell or buy stocks. 


Trade Dots boasts an overall 94% success rate. Let’s explore the features, pricing, pros, and cons of Trade Dots.

Features of Trade Dots

  • Trade Dots have pivot signals labeled red and green that signal reversal from a bearish and bullish state, respectively.
  • It has breakout signals that indicate strong trends in price action, breaking the reversal.
  • Telegram bot feature to receive notifications.

Pricing of Trade Dots

Trade Dots does not have a free or basic plan. Its subscription is not package-based but depends on the duration. Investors can always choose either the monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan to unlock access to all the platform’s services.

Here is a summary of the pricing:

  • Monthly plan: $74.99
  • Quarterly plan: $179.99
  • Yearly plan: $629.916


  • The service has unique tools that signal market reversals.
  • Access to automated notifications through a Telegram bot.
  • It has a 94% success rate.
  • Supports vast classes of assets—stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other securities.
  • Customer support is available all day.
  • The indicator can be integrated with TradingView.
  • A free trial period is available without the need to enter credit or debit card details.


  • Sufficient data is not available to support performance claims.
  • Investors need to be familiar with margin trading to maximize the potential of Trade Dots.
  • A free or basic plan isn’t available.

4. Stock Region – Best Copy-Trading for U.S. Investors

Stock region

Stock Region is a regional stock trading tips service that allows investors to use copy trading strategies to navigate the market. Backed by AI, Stock Region also offers regional events and market research. The platform offers investors over 30 AI-backed stock and options signals per day and a webinar crash course for new investors.

The services of the Stock Region are available to only investors based in the U.S. Luckily, investors can integrate this signal with any of the best copy trading apps in the market.

Stock region

Features of Stock Region

  • Has a public server that offers a daily watchlist, online community access, and delayed stock and option signals at no cost.
  • Accurate signals powered by AI, quantitative short and long-term strategies, and developments in the market.
  • All-day data collection using AI scanners to help investors and businesses identify long and short term trends and patterns.

Pricing of Stock Region

Stock Region has variable prices based on packages. The table below highlights the pricing of each package and available features and services.

Package Pricing  Services
Public server $0 Delayed stock signals, online community access, news, and daily watchlist.
Basic server $10.99 per week Everything in the public server plus 20 stock signals per day, momentum signals,10% daily total returns, and more.
Advanced server $499.99 per year Everything in the basic server plus 30 daily stock signals, a beginner webinar course, 15% annual total returns, and more.


  • Daily stock alerts, news, and watchlist.
  • Beginner webinar crash course.
  • Mobile app reservation and access.
  • An AI-backed stock scanner is available.
  • It has a free public server.


  • Stock Region is only available to investors in the U.S.

5. ShareMarketCap – Free SMC Scores and Technical Ratings


ShareMarketCap is a service that provides tips on navigating the stock market, covering over 11 global exchanges and 5,800 company stocks. The platform is one of the best stock portfolio trackers in the financial industry.

ShareMarketCap is powered by AI and it provides investors with real-time stock alerts. It also uses a range of metrics to score the performance of a stock on a scale of 1 to 100. The platform also provides an AI-powered price prediction which is updated daily to predict the monthly and weekly price of a stock seamlessly 

Even though the platform supports investors with daily newsletters on visualizing stocks before buying them, it doesn’t exactly signal investors which stock to buy. This only means investors must be smart to make valuable decisions.

Pricing of ShareMarketCap

Surprisingly, ShareMarketCap is one of the best stock tips services that can be accessed for free. All services on the platform come at no cost.


  • Free analysis of stocks and ETFs across 11 global exchanges.
  • Uses AI to score stocks based on predetermined metrics and facilitate price prediction.
  • Provides investors with customized notifications to manage their portfolio effectively.
  • All services on ShareMarketCap can be easily accessed at no cost.


  • The platform does not give investors stock-buy signals.
  • The data generated by the platform is useful for short-term investors.

6. Danelfin – Recommendations Based on Explainable AI


As one of the best stock tips services in the market, Danelfin analyses data from several stocks and ETFs in the U.S. and Europe using explainable data. By leveraging hundreds of technical indicators, such as the MACD and Fibonacci retracement, the service gives investors a good time managing their portfolios.

After comparing several indicators, Danelfin can generate data based on an AI ranking score, giving investors a clue as to which stocks are likely to outperform. While Danelfin has a free package and a 14-day free trial period, investors who require unlimited reports and hints on stocks and ETFs like, “how to buy bitcoin ETF token“, can use the platform’s paid services. Since January 2017, Danelfin has grown by over 191%.

Danelfin homepage

Danelfin has several features. Let’s go on to explore the pricing, pros, and cons.

Features of Danelfin

  • The service analyzes hundreds of stocks and ETFs using explainable AI.
  • It uses a stock rating score of 1 to 10, and those with scores of 10/10 have historically outperformed, with a possibility of 20% returns in the next quarter.
  • Gives investors valuable insights by offering stock buy signals.

Pricing of Danelfin

Danelfin has a free basic plan. It also has plus and pro packages with variable costs. The table below simplifies the pricing and packaging of the Danelfin service and some features associated with each of them.

Package Pricing Accessible features
Free $0 10 stocks to buy newsletter, top 20 stock ranking, top 2 trade ideas, and one portfolio
Plus $17/month Everything in the basic plan plus unlimited stock reports, unlimited stock rankings, top 25 trade ideas, alpha signals, and more
Pro $49/month Everything in the plus plan plus unlimited access to all available services, the ability to export stock CSV (scores and indicators), and overall, technical, fundamental, and sentiment signals.


  • Daily updates on what stocks or ETFs to buy or sell.
  • The service and its score rating are backed by explainable AI.
  • Danelfin boasts a 191% return on investment since January 2017.
  • Covers investors in both the United States and Europe.
  • A free trial period.


  • Available to only investors in Europe and the U.S.
  • The service fails to cover emerging markets.

7. Alpha Picks – Quantitative Stock Picks for Investors

Alpha Picks is a unique stock tipping service commonly used by long-term investors using the buy-and-hold strategy. Seeking Alpha empowers this platform, and Steven Cress leads it.

The platform uses quantitative analysis and a range of metrics to identify the best stocks investors can buy and hold for a specific period.

Given that Alpha Picks carefully analyses metrics such as market capitalization and financial ratios, investors would get timely signals on which stocks to buy. The monthly stock tips and the ability to mirror the platform help investors navigate the market based on their long-term strategy.

Since its inception in 2010, Alpha Picks has showcased some impressive results, including outperforming the market benchmark by at least 20%.


Features of Alpha Picks

  • It has effective signals that are helpful to buy and hold investors.
  • A technology that tracks several metrics and indicators to generate valuable insights.
  • Automated notifications: long-term investors receive two newsletters monthly.

Pricing of Alpha Picks

The pricing schedule of Alpha Picks is quite different from other services we’ve explored above. The service charges $99 for the first year and $199 from the second year onward.


  • Annual investment returns of 20% since 2019.
  • Charges a $99 yearly subscription fee, that is, around $8.25 per month.
  • Ideal for long-term investors who buy and hold stocks to earn passively.
  • Being backed by Seeking Alpha, Alpha Picks will benefit from the reputation of the former.


  • Monthly plans are not available on Alpha Picks.
  • The average annual investment returns have not started.

8. Kavout – Systematic and Quantitative Equity Strategies Via AI

Kavout pioneers a cutting-edge artificial intelligence-driven investment tool and analysis platform, revolutionizing how investors, from novices to seasoned professionals, manage portfolios. Unlike traditional platforms, Kavout integrates AI, big data, and machine learning, providing unparalleled insights and informed decision-making capabilities.

Kavout’s research-backed equity signals, delivered as an automated data feed, cater to quantitative and systematic investment professionals, offering timely, cost-efficient, and validated investment strategies.

Kavout stands as a pioneering force, providing institutional clients and high-net-worth individuals, for $49 monthly, with powerful, AI-driven investment solutions for optimal portfolio management.


Features of Kavout

  • It can create and track personalized stock watchlists with performance graphs and key metrics.
  • Adopt renowned investment philosophies or customize your own screening rules for intelligent stock selection.
  • An overview of top stock performers by industry or sector for strategic decision-making.
  • Numerical ranking based on stock attributes and future performance for effective stock comparison.
  • Monitor individual stock performance throughout the week with customizable sector and market cap selection

Pricing of Kavout

Kavout’s pricing model may pose challenges for smaller investors seeking clarity upfront. The platform appears tailored primarily for larger institutional clients and money managers, with just a $49 monthly subscription.

Although Kavout advertises services for retail investors, accessing transparent pricing details is a process that requires potential customers to select a specific service before obtaining any cost estimates.


  • Advanced AI analysis, which provides a comprehensive view of market sentiment.
  • A user-friendly layout that helps users navigate and explore its functionalities seamlessly.
  • Accessible information that empowers users with timely insights for informed decision-making.
  • Stress-free learning.


  • Overwhelming chart data
  • Pricing transparency

What are Stock Tips Services?

Stock tips refer to the systemic analysis of stocks and other securities using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate useful data for investment purposes. Analysts or companies that conduct this research and make data available to investors are known as stock tips service providers.

While investors may research the market using any of the best stock analysis apps, they may not exactly know what to do with the data. But with stock trading signals and tip services, investors can understand the data and make the best of it. 

The data generated is usually compiled into a report to help investors keep tabs on the market. The report is prepared by financial experts using several metrics, chart patterns, and software. Stock tip services come in handy for investors with little to no knowledge about trading, helping them maximize returns and minimize losses.

Several factors must be considered when choosing stock tip services, and these include the availability of free trials to see if they align with your goals. The success rate, track record of the service, and alignment with long or short term goals are additional factors to consider.

Stock tips analysts often use novel tools and methods to forecast market trends and the prices of underlying stocks. Most of these services have experienced teams of researchers who dedicate their time to generating data to help investors with decision-making.

How do Stock Tips Services Work?

Essentially, stock tips services work to provide data that guides investors in making decisions. But before venturing into this, it is wise to understand how stocks work.

With stock tips services, a bunch of market data is analyzed using indicators like Fibonacci retracement, chart patterns, trends, AI, and machine learning. The data generated is then compiled into reports and sent to subscribers in the form of alerts or newsletters.

best stock trading signals

Stock tips services often hint to investors about the stocks to buy or sell for a particular duration. Most traditional services use fundamental and technical analysis to generate this data. However, with the increased use of novel methods such as AI, investors are becoming more comfortable with the recommendations made by stock tips services.

Besides being powered by AI, some platforms make use of alternative data. This process involves tracking metrics and indices that do not involve traditional financial and technical analysis. For example, services such as Altindex use alternative data to track information such as the social media presence of a company, recruitment, expansion, layoffs, and several others to forecast the price of stocks. 

Based on the generated data, stocks are scored between 1 and 100. Higher figures indicate a stock is likely to outperform at a given time.

Accessing stock tips services could be free or paid. Service restrictions are common with free bundles. Investors who require recommendations on which stocks to buy and sell or buy and hold go the extra mile by paying subscription fees. The fees are tied to the packages chosen and could be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

How to Choose the Best Stock Tips Service

As an investor, choosing a stock tips service isn’t something you should do randomly. Certain factors, such as the success rate, methodology of the service, and pricing, must be considered. Let’s explore each of these factors individually.

  • Performance/Success Rate

The winning rate is an important factor to consider when choosing a stock tips service. It’s essential to research the service using the best stock market research and analysis software. Additionally, the performance rate in comparison to the benchmark score should be written on their websites and expressed in percentages.

Altindex claims to have a success rate of 75%. Additionally, it also offers investors an annualized 10% return on investment. 

If the performance rate and annualized gains of a stock tips service are known, investors can compare them to the wider market and the benchmark indices.

  • Methods for Analyzing Data

A stock tips service is unique based on the methods used in generating data and recommendations. This is essentially to avoid investing based on mere guesswork. This will give you confidence when buying stocks based on recommended tips.

For instance, AltIndex uses a combination of alternative data and AI to generate investment data for job postings, social media interactions, layoffs, technological improvements, and overall company performance.

  • Duration and Frequency of the Tips

It is important to understand that not every tip suits any market phase. A tip that may work during a market reversal from a bullish to a bearish state may not work when the market is moving from a bearish to a bullish phase. It is essential to know the time frame a recommended tip covers.

Additionally, investors should consider how frequently a service will provide them with stock alerts. For instance, a service may provide two stock alerts per month while others will send one daily.

Depending on your trading strategy, prioritize a service that will offer you support in the long run, especially through stock alerts.

  • Pricing and Value for Money

Pricing and value for money are crucial factors investors must consider when choosing stock tips services. While most services offer free packages, the best ones offer monthly or yearly fees with free trials.

As an investor, you must research the features and services that come with each package and determine if they are worth your money.

Additionally, long-term investors stay in the market for years and may require stock tips for this duration. This means you will be spending a lot on platform fees. To get the most out of tipping services, choose a provider whose plans and services align with your budget and needs, respectively. 

Can You Really Make Money with Stock Tips?

Generally, stock investors are likely to earn returns in the form of dividends or capital gains. Provided you research and use scalable strategies, stock trading will turn out to be profitable. However, this isn’t always the case, as stocks could be volatile, resulting in price drops.

But to what extent do stock tips services help investors make money?

Stock tips services give investors insight to make the right investment decisions – how long to hold an asset, which stocks to buy, or sell? If an investor uses the recommendation of a stock tips service and makes a profit, it means the tip augmented the profitability of the asset and minimized potential losses.

Let’s explore how stock tips services help investors make money.

✅ Stock tips boost the earning speed and frequency of investors and minimize the potential for losses at the same time.

✅ Investors can make even more profits by following the best tips provided by experts. For instance, short-term traders can leverage the Trade Dots service to short stocks as soon as the indicator changes to green, a sign of a reversal from a bullish to a bearish state.

✅ Stock tips can recommend that investors buy particular shares at a lower price and prepare to sell them when the prices are much higher. Long-term investors often practice this strategy, but they get better directions with recommended stock tips.

How to Sign Up on AltIndex

Getting started with a stock alert service is pretty easy. One service that investors must leverage to make smarter decisions and maximize profit is AltIndex. But how can you sign up on AltIndex?

The steps below outline how users can get started with receiving stock alerts on AltIndex.

Step 1

Visit the AltIndex website and click sign up on the top-right section of the page if you are using a desktop device. If you are using a mobile device, navigate to the middle of your screen, where you will find the signup link, and then click it.

Step 2

To sign up, you can choose either to sign up using your Google account or, alternatively, enter your name, email address, and desired password. Ensure to set a strong password, which should be kept secure at all times. Ensure that you use your real name and email address for security and compliance purposes.

By signing up, you will agree to the terms and conditions of using AltIndex. Additionally, once on the platform, you can start building your portfolio and, consequently, selecting key indicators you want to receive alerts for, observing how they influence the stocks in your portfolio.

Step 3

AltIndex comes with several subscription packages according to investors’ needs and desired features. The basic plan comes with limited features, which may be a turn-off for large-scale investors or those with diversified portfolios. The starter and pro plans come with 25 and 50 monthly stock alerts, respectively.

Best Stock Trading Signals – Conclusion

Stock trading creates an avenue for investors to earn passively. Stock trading, just like every investment, is characterized by certain risks that can cause an investor to lose funds. Several stock trading signals exist, and they empower investors to make worthwhile decisions and minimize losses.

AltIndex, based on our investigation and recommendation, ranks as the overall best stock trading signal with one of the best stock tips services in the industry. Its uniqueness comes from the use of alternative data and artificial intelligence in the generation of insightful stock data.



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