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In recent years, online casinos have grown so much in popularity. Telegram casinos have become an innovative solution for mobile gambling, an alternative to the standard platforms for gambling. This innovation uses a bot and is available through Telegram, the popular mobile application. Telegram casinos allow players to bet on their favorite casino games utilizing a bot on the messaging app. Many crypto investors are interested in how to buy  TG.Casino token and its price prediction.

TG.Casino is a fully licensed casino on Telegram: a guaranteed 100% safe platform, the TG.Casino has been tested and tried, giving it a license. A significant break for it is that it is one of the very first casinos to be singly accessible via Telegram. The messaging app Telegram, a hub to over 700 million users, has proved to be the perfect place for the casino to attract a new demographic.

TG.Casino is not just another regular casino on Telegram; it is a cryptocurrency—the TG.Casino, a new cryptocurrency, is projected to be at the core of the ecosystem. With one of the best crypto presale, the cryptocurrency offers access to various casino games and NFT rewards.

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How To Buy TG.Casino Token – Step by Step

The TG.Casino token, $TGC, just went live on presale. The tokens can now be purchased and used to earn staking rewards.

The presale is over 20% sold out despite just launching a few days ago. In case you wish to invest in the $TGC presale, following our guide in the steps below will get you started on your journey:

Step 1- Open a Crypto Wallet

To buy TG.Casino tokens on presale, investors must have a compatible cryptocurrency wallet. TG.Casino already has a reputation for being compatible with some of the best wallets. You can simply add the extension to your desktop device or download the mobile application on your smartphone or tablet device and create an account.

Step 2- Buy BNB/USDT or ETH Tokens

The TG.Casino tokens can easily be exchanged with other Cryptocurrencies like the BNB(BNB), Tether(USDT), or Ethereum(ETH). You can purchase any of these tokens from a suitable crypto exchange if you do not hold any in your wallet. You can then transfer the holdings into your new crypto wallet.

Step 3- Link with the Presale Website

Once you have funded your wallet, the next thing is to visit the TG.Casino presale website. At the start of the page, you should notice an order box. Click on “Connect Wallet,” then select one of the wallet options. You must follow the onscreen instructions to link the wallet with the presale.

Step 4- Buy $TGC Tokens

You have now connected your wallet. You can then swap the ETH, BNB, or USDT tokens you hold for $TGC. Choose your preferred currency, and type in the amount of tokens you want to receive in the order box. All you then have to do is click “Buy Now” to complete the transaction.

Step 5- Access Your Tokens

Once you have completed these steps, you can access your tokens as soon as the presale ends. You can then visit the TG.Casino website to claim your tokens.

Those interested in TG.Casino and all it has to offer can join the TG.Casino community on Telegram or follow the project on Twitter for the latest updates.

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TG.Casino Token Price Prediction Overview

TG.Casino($TGC) is an incognito crypto casino coin currently on presale. Its presale, so far, has raised over $200k. Being a Telegram-based application, it has aided convenience, and this is a significant factor, out of many others, that has propelled its success on the presale. The $TGC Token offers buyers lots of staking rewards and benefits. And thanks to its meager presale price, this could be the best time to purchase.

Purchasing the presale allows buyers to enjoy a substantial upside potential and a profitable annual percentage yield (APY). Its unprecedented casino games have made it fare considerably in demand, all pointing to its long-term potential. Considering its generous tokenomics, community incentives, and accessible KYC-free platform, TG.Casino is taking all of the medals of crypto casinos. These benefits could cause an explosion for the token.

Take a look at this summary of the TG.Casino price prediction, even as we go into the details later:

End of 2023:

Judging from the Telegram crypto casino-making trends and the limited presale supply, the project seems to be selling out fast. One can conclude that many investors will miss out, and the lucrative staking APY and its exclusive reward could make them purchase $TGC on exchanges. Therefore, by our TG.Casino price prediction: we estimate a price of $0.55 by the end of 2023.

End of 2025:

According to the TG.Casino whitepaper, a portion of the profits accrued by TG.Casino will be used to buy back $TGC, out of which 40% will be burned. This could substantially elevate the token’s demand and supply dynamics, making our TG.Casino price prediction forecast a high of $0.9 in 2025.

End of 2030:

With innumerable benefits over traditional casinos, crypto Telegram casinos are poised to capture a large share of the $95 billion market. TG.Casino has long-term potential due to its presence on Telegram as one of the best and earliest casinos, leading us to estimate a price of $1.4 by the end of 2030.

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TG.Casino Token Price Prediction 2024

Looking at its promising tokenomics, as well as its clear value suggestion, the just-launched TG.Casino presale has sold out almost 20% of its tokens already. With a hard cap of just $1 million, this token’s presale will soon be off the market.

However, with the many different incentives that the holders of this token can enjoy, TG.Casino quickly passes as one of the cryptos with the best potential. This is to say that long after the presale has sold out, investors will likely be much more interested in getting their hands on $TGC to take advantage of its rewards.

This, however, limits the project’s supply as a result of its staking mechanism, which is very lucrative. This staking mechanism currently provides a 2,286.5% APY. All this makes our TG.Casino forecast a price of $0.55 by 2923’s end.

TG.Casino Price Prediction 2025

Taking a look ahead to 2025, the buyback mechanism that TG.Casino offers could have a tremendous impact on its price. Getting 40% of its buyback tokens burned will make its declining supply apparent by 2025, ultimately inflating the price of the remaining tokens.

More often than not, crypto casinos are lucrative ventures, with owners having multiple assets worth tens of millions of dollars. This further proves the vast resources these casinos control, which could aid TG.Casino in supporting its $TGC price.

Also, users will naturally want to purchase the token to get rewards if the TG.Casino does well in public demand. Another side factor of demand that could boost the price is the 2025 crypto bull market. Investors will search for new, coming-up cryptos with high potential, of which TG.Casino perfectly fits the bill.

This makes us conclude a price of $0.9 in our TG.Casino prediction price of 2025.

TG.Casino Price Prediction 2030

Going to 2030, the gaze of our TG.Casino forecast moves to the use case of TG.Casino, and how that could affect its long-term potential.

According to statistics curated by analysts, the online gambling company is worth a whopping $95 billion, projected to reach $131 billion by 2027. The more exciting thing, however, is that the industry of crypto casinos is scaling and growing in market share. This owes to the crypto casinos’ ease and anonymity as opposed to legacy online casinos. This is also possible because TG.Casino is one of the top crypto casinos, and we can see its token blow up as the market grows.

Therefore, our 2030 estimate of the TG.Casino token price prediction is $1.4.

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TG.Casino Token Price Prediction Summary

With its high potential use case and presale hard cap that is pretty low, TG.Casino is one of the best cryptocurrencies to watch in 2024. We have given our estimated price predictions earlier in this article; now, have a look at this concise version of our anticipated lows and highs:

1. TG.Casino Token Price Prediction 2024

  • Potential low: $0.3
  • Average price: $0.4125
  • Potential high: $0.55

2. TG.Casino Token Price Prediction 2025

  • Potential low: $0.5
  • Average price: $0.7
  • Potential high: $0.9

3. TG.Casino Token Price Prediction 2030

  • Potential low: $1
  • Average price: $1.2
  • Potential high: $1.4

Beyond the tokenomics of TG.Casino, which provides it with substantial upside potential, and several other factors also contribute to boosting its price. Some of the most prominent factors that could cause the price of the TG.Casino tokens to explode include:

Supply and Demand

As is familiar to all cryptos and any commodity, demand, and supply are crucial to determining the TG.Casino token’s potential. With a $1 million cap, only 40% of tokens will be available during the TG.Casino token presale. This makes the diluted market at launch cap at $2.5 million.

This market cap is relatively low, considering its potential to solve problems in the online gambling industry. This could make it one of the best low-cap cryptos to invest in. This, coupled with the buyback mechanism of TG.Casino makes the demand skyrocket, pushing its price up.

But then, its staking mechanism that provides 2286.5% APY will limit the supply. And with 40% of the buyback tokens burned, demand could outrightly displace supply over time.

Leverage on a budding industry

Investors are expected to purchase the TG.Casino tokens for a price exposure to an industry that is trending, especially with the advent of the popularity of crypto and Telegram casinos. This occurring would bolster the token’s demand and push its price up.

Although they are a relatively new sensation, crypto casinos have exposed many possibilities in online gambling. This nominates an astronomical growth potential for projects employing this utility.

Additionally, the use case of this project means it is likely to accrue a broad user base. This will increase the token’s demand since many benefits and rewards await $TGC holders.


The allure of earning passive rewards, the $TGC staking rewards, and many other bonuses is another factor driving demand. According to the TG.Casino whitepaper: 10% of the token supply has been meted towards greater rewards and bonuses incentivizing engagement.

The NFT whitepaper also says investing $5K or more in the presale will give users access to NFT and post-launch incentives.

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What Is TG.Casino Token?

The TG.Casino native token, $TGC, is the token of the novel cryptocurrency casino that is exclusively available via Telegram. TG.Casino is the exclusive place for incognito online crypto gambling. The TG.Casino whitepaper says that this native token is more than just a currency; it’s a commitment that promises rewards, benefits, and a reasonable share in the casino’s success.

The architectural design of TG.Casino is to harness blockchain technology’s transparency and robustness with the Telegram platform’s strength. At the core of TG.Casino is a sophisticated bot that was built using Telegram’s bot API. Cloud infrastructure hosts the backend services supporting the bot to ensure scalability and high availability.

$TGC Tokenomics

The native token of TG.Casino, $TGC is now on presale for $0.125. ETH, USDT, and BNB– the ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions are currencies for buying these tokens.

Being the native token behind the TG.Casino platform, users can place bets with it alongside other major cryptocurrencies. Those who play with the $TGC Tokens will have extra rewards, bonuses, and prizes.

Within 24 hours, this Coin raised over $150K. As of today, it has raised over $220K. With its soft cap of $1 million and a hard cap of $5 million, $0.125 is the current price cap of the presale token.

The project is set to run on the Ethereum blockchain with a total token supply of 100 million $TGC. 40% of this total supply is being sold in the presale, which is currently ongoing, to raise $5 million.

A further 20% is reserved to provide liquidity to the decentralized exchanges, leaving 20% for staking rewards and 10% for player rewards. The remaining 10% is allocated equal shares for affiliate payouts and marketing.

TG.Casino Token vs Pepe Coin

While the Pepe Coin is a Crypto meme coin, the TG.Casino token is an online Telegram casino coin. Though Pepe is a popular coin, it lacks substantial utility. Unlike that of $TGC, its roadmap excludes significant events except its CEX listings. Also, as opposed to what is predicted for TG.Casino Token, in its growth in years to come, Pepe might have reached its peak, as it has been unable to maintain a reasonable price range for investors.

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Why is TG.Casino Token a Good Investment Right Now?

The TG.Casino token has many attractive benefits for those seeking to invest. Its key features may position it to be a very significant investment. Some of the reasons why you should consider investing in the TG.Casino tokens now include:

  • Reward Staking: When writing this article, presale investors can buy and instantly stake tokens and earn an APY of over 3000%. Staking rewards holding gives users the chance to generate more tokens daily.
  • Burning of Tokens: A burning wallet houses the tokens that presale investors buy back. Burning of tokens can immensely impact price action as the supply diminishes, increasing the individual value of each token. This makes the project deflationary.
  • Attraction of Whales: TG.Casino has already captured big crypto whales’ attention, indicating that many more will come.
  • Sharing of Profit: As part of the system of sharing rewards, people who stake TG.Casino tokens can also earn a part of daily casino profits. This oversees the distribution of the casino buyback tokens and rewards holding, reducing the pressure of selling.

Pros and Cons of Investing in TG.Casino Token

Still trying to decide whether to invest? Still want to know more? Here, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of investing in the TG.Casino token.

✅ Pros

  • It is a deflationary token with a supply limit of 100 million $TGC
  • It is a native token of a promising crypto casino
  • A sustainable tokenomics
  • Over $100k generation within a few minutes of the presale launch.
  • Low price with a chance to see returns at the upcoming IDO.

❌ Cons

  • Lots of investors are skeptical about crypto casino tokens

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TG.Casino Token Roadmap

As TG.Casino just launched its token presale; find out how it will take its journey from the presale beyond.

TG.Casino Token Presale

As aforementioned, $TGC has a total supply of 100 million tokens. The presale event allows the reservation of 40% (40 million tokens) of this total supply. A nominal price of $0.125 is the cost of one token at this time.

Being one of the best crypto presales, $TGC raised over $155,000 in just one day. TG.Casino wants to raise a hard cap of $10 million by the end of the presale, even though its presale minimum goal is $1 million. Investors can enjoy exclusive NFT  from the best NFT apps and post-launch rewards when they invest at least $5K in this presale.

The presale started on 21 September 2023 and has no minimum or maximum investments.

TG.Casino Token DEX listings

As the TG.Casino Token launched in presale; little is known about its DEX listings. Nothing was mentioned about its DEX listings on its website and in its whitepaper. However, given the positive momentum of the presale, analysts anticipate that the token will likely be listed on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and potentially traded on centralized exchanges (CEX) in the coming months.

TG.Casino Token Price Prediction 2024 – Conclusion

Off to an explosive start, TG.Casino is showing itself to be one formidable presale crypto. Our TG.Casino price forecast has predicted a possible high of $1.4 by the end of 2030, a whopping 1020% increase from its current price of $0.125. This price could go up higher than this, but we cap it at a $1.4 upper boundary to fit its sustainable range.

This is the best time to take advantage of this presale because, with all this potential, the presale will most likely sell out in no time.

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