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For the last quarter of the year, you should be clear about your portfolio goals, and diversification is essential for navigating the bearish market. It is not necessary to invest everything in Bitcoin (BTC). To diversify, there are different altcoins, including Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), a direct competitor to the reigning cryptocurrency.

How To Buy Bitcoin Minetrix – Simple Steps

The following is a quick guide to explaining how to buy Bitcoin Minetrix within minutes before diving into its features:

  • Step 1. Enter only the official Bitcoin Minetrix website.
  • Step 2. The pre-sale panel provides you with the option to connect your crypto wallet.
  • Step 3. Make the exchange by purchasing Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) in one of the best crypto apps eToro.
  • Step 4. The ICO’s tenth stage is the time to claim your BTCBMX.

Your Money is at Risk.

What Is Bitcoin Minetrix?

According to their website, Bitcoin Minetrix is a cloud mining app designed to allow retail investors to mine bitcoins in a decentralized manner. Tokenizing cloud mining is their way of ensuring a safe, transparent experience, even for newbies in the digital asset market.

The BTCMTX token holders have gained control over the mining process by eliminating the risk of scams during third-party iCloud mining. BTCMTX tokens can be staked in exchange for cloud mining credits you can use to mine bitcoins, as stated by the project’s developers.

The proposal is described as a ‘reliable solution’ for those who believe in the cryptocurrency market and is the next step in Bitcoin mining. As a result of this initiative, certain issues are being addressed, such as the high cost of large mining equipment, the significant consumption of energy, and the prevalence of scams.

The solution only requires investors to stake and buy BTCMTX to generate credits for cloud mining. Promoters of Bitcoin Minetrix argue that this decentralized method ensures the security and transparency of users’ actions on the app.

$BTCMTX Tokenomics

This project has a total supply of 4,000,000,000 BTCBMX, and its creators have set a goal of raising at least 15 million dollars through their presale. They have allocated 70% of this number for the 10 stages of their ICO.

In the presale, 12.5% of the rewards generated by stakers will be reserved for rewards. By doing this, the community can stake their BTCMTX tokens immediately. As described in the whitepaper, funds raised will be used to launch the Bitcoin Minetrix app and market the token, leading to the eventual purchase or rental of a cloud mining operation.

According to the company’s website, 42.5% of tokens will be utilized for mining operations. A further 35% is allocated to marketing and proposal growth.

Also, 15% of the BTCMTX rewards will be dedicated to community incentives for active participation, with the remaining 7.5% dedicated to BTCMTX staking rewards until a cloud mining app is developed for Bitcoin Minetrix.

Learn more about the What is tokenomics? Guide to understand more about this important feature on crypto projects.

Stake to Mine (S2M)

Stake to Mine, a concept based on Play to Earn (P2E), aims to open up Bitcoin mining to retail investors due to the dominance of large corporations in the crypto mining industry.

Therefore, investors in Bitcoin Minetrix must only use a crypto wallet compatible with ETH, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Once they have staked their BTCMTX tokens, they can follow the instructions.

As the process is conducted through the magic of the internet, cloud mining eliminates the need for massive and expensive equipment. As a result, several benefits are evident:

  • Ease of Entry: Using cloud mining, you do not need to possess technical expertise, configure hardware, and maintain it. Beginners will find it easy to use.
  • Cost Efficiency: Individuals can avoid high electricity costs and hardware investments using advanced cloud mining companies’ equipment.
  • Space and Noise: Bulky, noisy, and heat-generating mining rigs are common. Cloud mining eliminates these inconveniences for users.
  • Resale Worries: It can be challenging to resell obsolete mining hardware due to the rapid aging of the equipment. Mining companies are responsible for upgrades in cloud mining.

This staking feature makes $BTCMTX token of of the best altcoins you can buy this year.

What is the Point of Bitcoin Minetrix?

You should know that Bitcoin Minetrix aims to evolve the traditional cloud mining services before purchasing it. To begin with, its creators claim that they ensure that no money will be exchanged to certify actions on the app by using ERC-20 tokens.

A second strategy involves investors deciding how much hash power they need based on the number of mining credits they acquire through staking. Lastly, staking allows end-users to manage their allocations in a more secure and decentralized way, thanks to the capabilities of Ethereum’s smart contracts.

The BTCMTX Token

Bitcoin Minetrix is a cloud Bitcoin mining service based on a staking strategy embedded within a smart contract powered by Ethereum. These credits can be obtained by simply purchasing and staking tokens.

Hash power can be obtained by exchanging these credits. Decentralized mining provides a transparent, secure mining experience by safeguarding users’ actions. This is an excellent feature that makes $BTCMXTX token one of the best crypto to buy this year. We’ll discuss more advantages you can get by buying the token.

Mining Credits

As part of this project, mining credits have been conceptualized, which are non-transferable access tokens obtained through staking the desired BTCMTX tokens. As part of the exchange process, these ‘secondary tokens’ are burned in exchange for cloud mining time or a percentage of the earnings. It ensures that mining credits remain uncompromised by not making them tradable.

Pros and Cons of Buying Bitcoin Minetrix in 2024

Consider these reasons for getting involved or abstaining if you still have doubts.


  • Tokens should be staked immediately until the presale ends.
  • Bitcoin mining is easy to access.
  • Technical knowledge is not required.
  • Bitcoin can be mined without any operation workload.
  • There are no large set-up costs associated with mining farms.

  • There will be a delay in developing the Bitcoin Minetrix facility.
  • Bitcoin halving will increase mining difficulty.
  • The amount of hash power needed for a return on investment is unknown.

Your Money is at Risk.

Bitcoin Minetrix Roadmap

As soon as the dedicated supply for the ICO is exhausted, the presale for BTC Minetrix will end.

As soon as BTCMTX becomes available on its first cryptocurrency exchange, buyers can claim their tokens from the website simultaneously after the presale concludes. Project promoters say that all claim and launch dates will be announced via social media (Twitter, Telegram, and Discord). Certainly, the $BTCMTX token could be one of the best crypto presales this year.

The following are the phases, costs, and deflationary strategy of BTCMTX:

 Phase 1: Research, Presale, and Token Distribution

  • Consultation and research with the industry
  • Development of tokens, presales, and staking contracts
  • Pre-sale launch, claim, and CEX/DEX exchanges for BTCMTX
  • Launch of a comprehensive multimedia marketing campaign

Phase 2: App Development and Facility Setup

  • App & Desktop software development
  • Expansion of the team
  • Mining conglomerate negotiations
  • Development of stake-to-mine contracts
  • Listings on CEX
  • Tokens that can be staked to earn BTCMTX

Phase 3: Public Launch of Stake-to-Mine App

  • Launch of the Stake-to-Mine mobile and desktop dashboards
  • Live burn of mining credits for hash power
  • Withdrawals of the first BTC mined to the wallet
  • Growth of the company
  • Continued negotiations with external cloud mining companies
  • Marketing campaign involving affiliates and influencers

Phase 4: Mass Adoption of BTCMTX Token

  • Disrupt the Bitcoin mining industry and reshape it
  • Expansion of mining rental facilities
  • Market cap growth will be driven by continued marketing

How To Buy Bitcoin Minetrix in 2024 – Complete Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) during the presale, one of the most enticing alternatives to Bitcoin:

Step 1: Buy ETH from eToro

etoro-logoBuying Ethereum or BNB on eToro is very easy if you are wondering where to do so. In addition to offering seamless trading, the crypto trading app has low fees and offers low commissions.  By visiting eToro’s website or downloading its mobile app, you can register for an account. eToro’s registration process is remarkably simple.

You can check our what is a crypto exchange? Guide to learn more about exchanges and take advantage of them.

The eToro app or an eToro account can be used to purchase ETH. To find Ethereum, use the search box on the website.

Select a payment method and enter an amount to purchase ETH. You can also use debit and credit cards, as well as altcoins.

eToro will credit your account with ETH within minutes.

Step 2: Move ETH to MetaMask or Trustwallet

MetaMask is a non-custodial Ethereum wallet that can be used for the Bitcoin Minetrix presale. Create a MetaMask wallet, record your private seed phrase, and set a password if you already have one.

You can find all the information about the MetaMask wallet by checking our how-to set up a crypto wallet education guide.

Ethereum can be transferred to MetaMask by moving your tokens from the eToro trading app to the eToro Money wallet. You can withdraw your ETH to your MetaMask once it appears in your eToro Money wallet. You can withdraw ETH from the eToro Money wallet by copying and pasting the MetaMask wallet address. After you confirm the transaction, a fee of 0.33 LTC will be charged as a gas fee.

You can find more information on how to buy cryptos in 2024 in our helpful guide.

Step 3: Connect your wallet to the Ethereum network

Your ETH will appear in your crypto wallet after processing the transaction. Connect your MetaMask wallet to Bitcoin Minetrix by going to the website.

A prompt window will appear when connecting to the presale, asking you to select a wallet. As soon as you begin to use MetaMask, you will see a pop-up asking you to confirm the connection. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase, $BTCMTX, in the presale. In the case of Ethereum, select ETH and enter the amount to be swapped. Your MetaMask wallet must contain some Ethereum to cover the gas fee.

Step 4: Swap ETH for BTCMTX

To initiate the transaction, click on swap after entering the desired amount. For the purchase to be completed, a transaction verification window will appear in the MetaMask wallet.

A pop-up window will display details regarding the gas rate and ETH required to complete the transaction. Those who wish to stake immediately may use the ‘buy and stake’ function, which will stake their $BTCMTX immediately to begin earning credits for cloud mining.

Step 5: Claim Bitcoin Minetrix after Presale

Your $BTCMTX tokens will be available once the presale ends. Tokens can be claimed from the Bitcoin Minetrix website by all participants. You should use the same wallet used during the presale to claim tokens. Because smart contracts are secure, they can only issue tokens to wallets that have been verified as presale buyers.

Bitcoin Minetrix Price Prediction

Since Bitcoin Minetrix is a revolutionary crypto project with a stake to mine, it is difficult to determine its exact price potential. That, however, is one of its greatest strengths, as pioneering protocols often set the pace and lead to tremendous growth.

Allowing retail investors and those on a smaller budget to participate in Bitcoin mining seems to be a masterstroke, as Bitcoin mining is already a multi-billion-dollar business. Despite its early stages of development, the project will also make investment management extremely easy through a mobile app.

Early investors were able to take advantage of one of the year’s best ICOs for only $0.011 in the first stage of the presale.

How To Buy Bitcoin Minetrix in 2024 – Conclusion

As a new, deflationary project, Bitcoin Minetrix offers early investors the chance to make quick returns during its presale.

Additionally, it allows you to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio. In other words, BTCMTX provides exposure to the price of Bitcoin since it is a Bitcoin mining project.

It is important to remember that investing in cryptocurrencies carries some risks, so investing all your money or even your savings is not advisable.

Your Money is at Risk.


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