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Solana has hosted several disruptive and trending crypto projects, including Dogwifhat, MYRO, BONK, and Popcat. Today, the Smog coin has rolled into the scene, presenting an early investing opportunity for investors. The time to buy Smog coin in 2024 might be now, as it gathers momentum to ride the bullish trend.

Smog is a shitcoin and has no inherent utility value. However, buying and holding it qualifies you for an upcoming massive airdrop never seen in the crypto community. Like other meme coins, it has the potential to become famous as it moves through its roadmap from its fair launch.

We’ll run through the Smog coin airdrop and where to buy it. Most importantly, you’ll learn the potential returns that might follow the airdrop and how to invest in Smog coin. Cryptocurrencies are sometimes speculative, but we will explain the risk of investing in this Solana project.

How To Buy Smog Coin – Simple Steps

The steps below are a preview of how to buy Smog Coin. After reviewing the meme coin and its investment potential, we’ll provide more details. In the meantime, here are some quick steps to buy Smog coin to qualify for the airdrop:

Step 1: Create a Phantom Wallet

The Phantom wallet is our preferred choice. However, you can use other compatible crypto wallets with Solana. Create a Phantom wallet account to buy and store Smog coins.

Step 2: Deposit SOL into your wallet

Fund your wallet with enough SOL to purchase the quantity of Smog coin you want. Ensure you account for transaction fees.

Step 3: Connect your wallet to Jupiter

Link your Phantom or compatible wallet to Jupiter, the decentralized exchange aggregator on Solana. That will allow you to perform crypto swaps.

Step 4: Search for SMOG

You can search for SMOG by pasting the Smog coin address or using the ticker symbol.

Step 5: Swap SOL for SMOG

Look for SMOG/SOL swaps and perform the transaction. You should receive SMOG in your wallet within a few minutes.

Step 6: Sign up for the airdrop

Open the official Smog website and sign up for the airdrop. Then, wait for the ultimate airdrop showdown.

The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk.

What Is Smog Coin?

Smog Coin

Meme coins are not new to the crypto community. Smog coin joins the array as a meme coin project on the Solana blockchain. Its existence is not linked to any real-world utility.

The Smog coin project aims to launch the greatest Solana airdrop since the blockchain’s inception. It has a cartoon dragon as its central figure, inviting investors to a fantasy but rewarding experience. Community members earn airdrop points by engaging in various activities.

Buying, holding, and staking are the primary ways to earn airdrop points with the Smog coin. Other ways include completing quests and engaging on social media channels. The quests are simple actions like joining the Telegram and Discord channels, liking and reposting Smog’s replies to other meme coins, commenting, etc.

You can buy and hold or buy and stake on Ethereum. The latter allows you to earn extra annual percentage yields while earning points for the airdrop.

The fantasy and competitive aspects put Smog among the best memecoins to buy in early 2024. Nonetheless, we will still compare its potential against other meme coins.

This crypto project did not host a presale like many others. Instead, the Smog coin launched directly on the Jupiter DEX. It is currently available for purchase to participate in the airdrop.

The non-utility nature of this coin has its appeal. However, it presents risks to those who prefer stable coins with inherent values.

Zealy.io is a major facilitator of the airdrop. The latter is the project’s third phase, with other milestones, including social mastery. Other phases include the website build, fair launch, social dominance, ETH LP and staking, etc.

SMOG Tokenomics

This crypto project boasts a total token supply of 1.4 billion. It already has a fair launch, eliminating early access and ensuring all community members participate.

The fair launch influences the crypto tokenomics, with the coin offering a unique approach to its distribution. A higher percentage goes to marketing, while the rest goes to the airdrop, CEX (centralized exchanges) launches, and liquidity for DEX (decentralized exchanges) launches. The distribution is as follows:

Purpose Percentage Allocation
Marketing 50%
Airdrop 35%
CEX launches 10%
Liquidity for DEX launches/td] [td]5%

The project allocates more tokens to marketing to recreate and surpass BONK’s success after the presale and Binance launch. It hopes to create enough awareness to spur investments and achieve its goal of being the Solana blockchain’s largest airdrop.

The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk

Key Features of Smog Coin

The airdrop is the prominent purpose of the Smog Coin project. It is the primary reason to buy Smog coin and hold or stake it in Ethereum. Even so, Smog Coin has other features that raise its value beyond the airdrop.

Here are the key features of the Smog Coin:

SMOG Airdrop

The traditional approach to profiting from crypto is to buy and sell coins when their values increase. Airdrops maximize your profits by providing free tokens you can sell later. The Smog airdrop aims to do that, ensuring investors maximize their profits.

You might wonder how Smog’s value will increase since it has no utility. The project hopes to use the airdrop to rally its value and encourage investors to hold their tokens. Those with the highest airdrop points will receive the highest allocation of free crypto.

Here’s how you can maximize and earn more airdrop points:

  • Buy and hold as many Smog tokens as possible.
  • Participate in the community, complete quests, and help the marketing efforts earn more airdrop points.
  • Stake in Ethereum to earn airdrop points and annual percentage yields.

The community quests are categorized into general and sprint quests. You can view the leaderboard to see how you rank against other community members with your points.

Meme coins often have wild rides, and Smog is no different. Hence, prepare for a wild ride when you buy Smog coin and await its airdrop.

Fair Token Launch

Most tokens, especially meme coins, opt for presales instead of a fair launch. That helps them gather liquidity before launching on prominent crypto exchanges.

BONK and MYRO are among the best cryptocurrency presales, each hitting values beyond expectations. The former has climbed to rank just below Shiba Inu after hitting a 2,000% spike within the first week of its launch. We put that up to provide perspective.

Smog Coin opted for a fair launch, achieving an impressive $2 million cap on Jupiter. All investors had an equal opportunity to join the community. None was privy to a private or early sale.

Jupiter hosted SMOG’s fair launch. Notwithstanding, accumulation towards the mega airdrop is still ongoing.

Smog Coin Community

The Smog Coin project is open to all investors. It is community-driven, with equal opportunities for participation. Hence, you can partake in the on-chain activities and marketing efforts.

Selected community members will receive unique rewards as the project progresses. 10,000 members will be chosen in the second phase, while 100,000 members will be picked in the third phase. The rewards can include more airdrops or special benefits.

Is Smog Coin a Good Investment in 2024?

Like most investors, the biggest doubt comes from the possibility of the Smog coin achieving the biggest airdrop as promised. Market sentiment and investor enthusiasm are the primary drivers of its value. That makes it heavily speculative and potentially volatile.

Invest or not

We can’t offer a 100% guarantee on any crypto investment because of its volatility. However, we can refer to previous similar meme coin successes. The Smog Coin shows the hallmarks of coming from Web3 experts who have created other successful meme coins.

Here are a few reasons why SMOG might be a good investment:

$2 Million Market Cap During Launch

The $2 million market cap is an impressive feat for the coin. BONK, a similar meme coin, didn’t achieve that but went on to hit a 2,000% increase from its initial price. If anything, the impressive market cap shows investors’ willingness to purchase the coin and participate in the project.

Besides the market cap, the coin still experienced over a 4,000% surge in price. Its market cap has since risen to $50 million, paving the way for a more impressive feat than previous meme coins.

SMOG has not settled for Solana alone, although that was its primary pitch. The project is looking to expand to Ethereum. This approach shows its efforts to become mainstream in the crypto community.

Smog price movement

SPONGE is another straight-to-DEX meme coin that achieved impressive market cap climbs. It went from a $2 million market cap to a $100 million market cap, achieving 50x gains. SMOG has a similar structure and has already reached $50 million in market cap.

Market Appeal for Meme Coins

BONK, MYRO, and Dogwifhat have proven the recent market appeal for meme coins. These projects have shown immense success and show no signs of slowing down. Hence, it is not unusual for SMOG to generate buzz and interest with its massive marketing campaigns.

If you are in for the next meme coin with potential, SMOG fits the bill. However, we cannot guarantee its success based on previous meme coin performances. You must always understand the risk of investing in coins with speculative value.

The Upcoming Airdrop

Most investors are in for the airdrop, holding on to their tokens and purchasing more when available. You can buy Smog coins to join the community and contend for the airdrop. The more tokens you buy, the more airdrop points you have.

35% of 1.4 billion tokens is a lot. That is the value allocated for the airdrop, distributed across deserving community members. The number presents a lucrative investment opportunity to earn tokens for free and maximize your profits during sales.

Airdrops present an opportunity to earn tokens without risking your capital. Hence, the market remains bullish about the SMOG token.

The Massive Marketing Campaign

Meme coin projects rely heavily on marketing to create buzz and drive prices up. That includes social media hype and even influencer tactics to rally attention. We’ve seen this approach in recent meme coins.

SMOG has 50% of its tokens allocated to marketing. That’s a massive allocation, considering the total supply of 1.4 billion tokens. The Smog coin team hopes to use these tokens to create hype for the project.

We can get some confidence from the project’s marketing and the team’s commitment to generating buzz. Besides, you got to this page because of the buzz about the coin.

The marketing strategy is also impressive. Instead of leaving everything to the project team, the whole community has actively participated. You can get rewards for commenting on social media posts related to the coin or liking the post.

This strategy makes every investor actively involved in the coin’s development and popularity. Investors are more likely to hold on to their coins to crown their efforts with profits. That assures you that investors will likely continue with the project.

The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk

What Are the Risks of Buying Smog Coin in 2024?

We’ve explored the prominent reasons to buy Smog coin in 2024. However, being a meme coin leaves a few drawbacks we must consider for a proper risk assessment.

investment risk

Invest only after assessing the risks with the finances to weather them. With that in mind, here are the top reasons why buying Smog coin in 2024 might be risky:

Zero Utility

SMOG, like most meme coins, gains value from the buzz, FOMO (the fear of missing out), and social media hype. It must continually maintain this hype to gain more value or sustain its current value. Conversely, the utility gives a token real-world usage, integrating it into our everyday lives.

The absence of utility places SMOG in quicksand. It lacks a concrete foundation to rest on and grow. That also affects the token’s long-term viability.

SMOG’s project team has hinted at future airdrops after the upcoming one. That and other events might keep investors interested in the token for continued investment. Nonetheless, we recommend exercising caution when digging in for the long term.

High Volatility

SMOG has experienced significant 24-hour fluctuations. These fluctuations are typical of meme coins. Hence, you’ll deal with volatility when investing in SMOG.

The volatility demands robust risk management techniques, including constant market monitoring. That may be intense for new investors. Even seasoned investors may have trouble keeping up with the price swings.

Holding tokens until the airdrop might tame the volatility. However, we expect an even more volatile market after the airdrop as investors scurry for profits.

We recommend using stop-loss or take-profit strategies when investing in SMOG or meme coins.

New and Unproven Coin

This crypto project was launched in February 2024. It is still relatively new and unproven. We’ve not seen it perform under economic downturns that cripple the entire crypto market.

The liquidity and early stable price pointed to interest. However, that does not guarantee long-term success. The market can be easily swayed to focus on the next big thing, leaving the project in the dust.

Consider the risk of unproven projects. Ensure you have enough safeguards to prevent losses that can cripple your financial flow.

The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk

How To Buy Smog Coin in 2024 – Complete Guide

This guide will show you where to buy Smog coins to participate in its upcoming airdrop. The process is relatively easy for those with Solana wallets. Even so, new investors can create a Solana wallet quickly to buy the coin.

With that in mind, here are the steps to buy Smog coin in 2024:

Step 1: Navigate to the official Smog Coin website

There is no presale for the Smog coin. Fortunately, the official website provides details on the appropriate exchange to purchase or swap the token. Open the official website and look for the “buy now” button.

Smog coin buying guide

The official website accepts Ethereum, USDT, and card payments. Click your preferred method to proceed with the purchase. However, you need a wallet to store the token.

Step 2: Create a Solana wallet

You can use Phantom Wallet or other Solana-compatible crypto wallets. The wallet is necessary to store your purchased or swapped SMOG tokens. Also, you’ll need it if you want to swap USDT or SOL for SMOG.

The Phantom Wallet is available as a Google extension for desktop browsers or as a mobile app. Open the extension or wallet and create a new account. Save your secret recovery phrase and create a password.

Step 3: Fund your wallet with SOL or USDT

The next step is to fund your wallet with the preferred coin, in this case, SOL or USDT. Head over to a platform that supports USDT withdrawals through the SOL network. Purchase the cryptocurrency or coin.

Ensure your purchase will cover transaction fees when swapping for SMOG. You can see the amount of SMOG you’ll get for the swaps. Use that to determine how much SOL or USDT you need.

Step 4: Connect your wallet to the Jupiter Exchange

Open the official Jupiter Exchange website. Click “Connect wallet” on the top right corner. Select “Phantom Wallet” from the pop-up window.

Confirm the connection with your wallet provider. Once connected, proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Swap SOL for SMOG

Find token pairs to swap. You can input SMOG and SOL or SMOG and USDT in your order. Include the amount of SMOG you want to swap with your token.

Step 6: Sign up for the airdrop

The airdrop registration occurs after purchasing SMOG tokens. Click “Airdrop” on the official Smog website. You will be redirected to the Zealy.io community platform to join the Smog airdrop community. That allows you to participate in on-chain activities.

Smog Coin Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

This token might see an explosion in price. However, we expect stability and steady growth after the airdrop.

Smog might end the year at $0.15. Its current run is likely due to the general crypto market recovery as investors rally with new interests. Nonetheless, we expect it to maintain a steady pace throughout the year.

The crypto industry might experience a bull run in 2025 that rubs off on Smog. Its price might increase to $0.3. Although not stated in the tokenomics, we expect token burns to manage supply and increase value.

Smog aims to be the top meme coin in the Solana ecosystem. It might reach $0.7 by 2030. However, the lack of utility places its long-term sustainability in question.

How To Buy Smog Coin in 2024 – Conclusion

As the crypto market rallies to a recovery, SMOG comes in with hype and buzz that saw it climb over 4,000% from its launch price. It is the next big thing in the Solana meme coin ecosystem. Fortunately, the fair launch allows you an equal opportunity to buy Smog coin in 2024.

The airdrop is the main attraction for the token. Investors are encouraged to hold their tokens, driving the value up. You can increase your airdrop points by purchasing more SMOG tokens.

Invest cautiously and use risk management techniques like stop-loss limits. The 24-hour price fluctuations may be too wild to keep up with.

The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk



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