Best Robot Trading Apps Review 2023 – Are They Legit?
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Nowadays, where software is king, you do not need to use your brain on investing; you only need your mind to choose the best trading robots – or bots – for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Our list of the best robot trading apps 2023 will help you determine which suits your trading style best.

What are Auto Trading Robots?

What is an auto-trading robot? When it comes to investing, they are more efficient and unemotional. In particular, it’s software. They are automated programs that monitor the market and take action according to specified rules, trading cryptocurrencies and other assets when the market is most profitable.

The human asks how effective these bots are compared with manual operations. No matter what time of the day or night, this bot is punctual and precise. It does not hesitate, does not fear, eat, sleep, or use the bathroom. It’s like having an automaton do the unpleasant work for you.

Cryptocurrency trading robots can be used for two main purposes. First, simplifying and automating the investment process. Your investment portfolio can be diversified, indexes built, and rebalanced by the robot. Additionally, the bot can strive to maximize profits by competing in the market.

Which Robot is Best for Trading in 2023?

Here is our list of the best trading robots for 2023:

1. Bitcoin 360 AI

Most human traders lose money in the crypto market – crypto exchanges frequently state that the estimated percentage in their risk disclaimer is between 68% – 72% – and even retail investors who buy often lose money. According to Bitcoin 360 AI, the app invests in cryptocurrencies for the user, trades swings automatically, takes profit, and stops loss based on real-time market conditions. The Bitcoin 360 AI app can trade and access various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Luna, and Ethereum. Studying cryptocurrency markets and extracting real-time information using artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms can help traders make informed decisions.

The Bitcoin 360 AI App also offers autonomy and support features that allow users to customize the program based on their trading abilities and risk tolerance. A successful trading or earning outcome is not guaranteed with Bitcoin 360 AI Application. Traders can, however, invest in cryptocurrency securely and safely thanks to this system. No matter what level of expertise a trader has, crypto markets provide real-time information to aid in informed decision-making.

If you want to trade digital currencies, you should use Bitcoin 360 AI. With this app, you can invest with as little as $250 and customize your crypto trading strategy to your liking. With this website, you can build your portfolio from scratch, whether you are new to investing or a seasoned trader.

Cryptocurrencies available Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, etc.
App type Trading robot
Minimum deposit $250
Withdrawal time 24 hours

Your Money is at risk.


2. Immediate Connect

Immediate Connect is a trading robot developed by experienced traders. The service claims to analyze market trends and make winning trades using artificial intelligence, sophisticated trading tools, and analytical charts. With its app, you can trade a range of promising cryptocurrencies.

Immediate Connect is multifunctional, according to its developers. Cryptocurrency trading is not the only option available on the app. Stocks, currency pairs, and CFDs can also be traded.

The robot also maintains close relationships with legitimate brokers, demonstrating its high level of security. To use this trading app, you must register for free and place a minimum $250 deposit.

Cryptocurrencies available BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, etc.
App type Trading robot
Minimum deposit $250
Withdrawal time 24 hours

Your Money is at risk.

3. Quantum Prime Profit

With Quantum Prime Profit, you can navigate the ephemeral cryptocurrency market. With the help of its trading tools and charts, this trading robot claims to help traders comprehend cryptocurrency dynamics and complexity.

The ability to track the ups and downs of cryptocurrencies using historical data and trends is only one of the ways traders can diversify their portfolios with digital assets. With its diverse asset selection, Quantum Prime Profit claims to streamline the diversification process. According to their website, they cater to both expert and novice investors.

With this app, Quantum Prime Profit can handle your trades. This means your broker does not act without your permission but allows you to automate trades. Trading can be undertaken during the day or at night based on the risk level you are comfortable with.

As a result, the robot provides a competitive advantage by analyzing hundreds of real-time indicators and reacting more rapidly than a human counterpart. With this capability, taking immediate, short, or long positions on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is possible.

Cryptocurrencies available BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.
App type Trading robot
Minimum deposit $250
Withdrawal time 24 hours

Your Money is at risk.

4. Quantum Flash

Using Big Data and artificial intelligence, Quantum Flash provides fully automated trading. You can make money with it without any intervention from its creator, Harry Fisher. It takes you less than 15 minutes daily to perform a quick setup. Several categories of individuals can benefit from this automated trading robot, not just traders. Quantum Flash’s software is user-friendly, making it accessible to newcomers. An account manager will also assist you during the software setup process. Inputting the various parameters will be easy with their help.

It is also the perfect match for professional traders who like to maintain control over their portfolios. Switching from automatic to manual trading mode in Quantum Flash is possible. Activating this option prevents the robot from placing orders for you. However, it will still alert you to the best trading opportunities. It’s up to you whether to open and close positions or not. To understand how trading works, it can be helpful to use the manual mode. Therefore, it’s not just for professionals.

Cryptocurrencies available BTC, Fiat, Stocks, Commodities, etc.
App type Trading robot
Minimum deposit $250
Withdrawal time N/A

Your Money is at risk.


5. Immediate Granimator

The Immediate Granimator app is an educational resource for cryptocurrency traders and a tool that keeps track of changing market trends. It’s reported that Immediate Granimator offers semi-automatic trading on this app, which means you can invest manually or with its automatic system.

You can use advanced tools to chart and predict cryptocurrency prices with manual trading. Additionally, trading robots enable you to set parameters for initial trades using the automatic trading mode. It is important to note that you will not be able to access any of the features of this app unless you deposit $250. In light of this, budget-conscious investors may be discouraged from using the app.

Cryptocurrencies available Bitcoin, BCH, Dogecoin, Ethereum, ETC, Litecoin, ZCash, ZEC, NEO, EOS, ADA, MIOTA
App type Trading robot
Minimum deposit $250
Withdrawal time 24 hours depending on the method

Your Money is at risk.

6. BitQT

BitcoinQT scans the cryptocurrency market using cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), to identify profitable trading opportunities. Trading can be done manually or automatically, as it is a semi-automated app.

Due to its AI and machine learning capabilities, the robot can quickly analyze technical and fundamental aspects of digital assets, enhancing its ability to grasp market trends with no human bias. According to BitQT, its trading forecasts have a 90% success rate, which is unsubstantiated.

Providing cryptocurrency Contracts for Difference (CFDs) allows investors to speculate on the price of underlying assets without owning them.

An important feature of this app is the ability to trade manually or automatically, utilizing AI to perform quick analysis and execution of trades.

Cryptocurrencies available Bitcoin, BCH, Dogecoin, Ethereum, ETC, Litecoin, ZCash, ZEC, NEO, EOS, ADA, MIOTA
App type Trading robot
Minimum deposit $250
Withdrawal time 24 hours depending on the method

Your Money is at risk.

7. Bitcoin UP

The Bitcoin UP app is another of the most popular fully automated Bitcoin apps available. Taking advantage of price action in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, BTC/USD, the service trades on your behalf 24 hours a day.

Bitcoin UP has the advantage of being completely free of charge compared to other top trading apps. Profitable trades will even be free of commissions. All you need to do to start trading with Bitcoin UP is make a $250 deposit into your account.

Bitcoin UP can earn as much as 60% daily if the market is highly volatile, although results can vary daily. The company trades dozens of small price movements daily using a proprietary, award-winning algorithm.

Cryptocurrencies available BTC, USD
App type Trading robot
Minimum deposit $250
Withdrawal time 24 hours depending on the method

Your Money is at risk.

8. Tesla Coin

Similarly to other trading robots already on the market, TeslaCoin is an automated cryptocurrency investment app. It claims to be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for us so that we can generate profits. According to its website, Tesla Coin is compatible with various popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Cardano. To operate 24/7, the app uses an algorithm to control buy and sell orders.

The TeslaCoin cryptocurrency (TES) is automatically converted into your account when you deposit funds. Tesla Coin’s value can increase, allowing users to earn money. Despite this, this currency is extremely volatile. Traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are more stable alternatives.

According to TeslaCoin, their app is fee-free. However, there is a minimum deposit requirement of $250 to begin using the app.

Cryptocurrencies available BTC, ETH, ADA y XRP
App type Trading robot
Minimum deposit $250
Withdrawal time 24 hours depending on the method

Your Money is at risk.

9. Quantum AI

Crypto traders can use the Quantum AI robot to make the most of market opportunities with the assistance of an automated trading system. Trading robots help you maximize profits by automating trades and finding the best entry and exit positions.

The quantum AI reviews state that expert traders and mathematicians developed the software to help traders make money.

Some cryptocurrency services operate without publicly disclosing ownership and developer information, which is only a precautionary measure.

Quantum AI aims to help you earn more money through automated trading. The bot uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the market and identify trends. As a result, the system identifies the most advantageous entry and exit points for trading to maximize your profits.

According to the developers of Quantum AI, the robot can help traders achieve 90% success rates.

Cryptocurrencies available BTC, ETH, BCH
App type Trading robot
Minimum deposit $250
Withdrawal time 24 hours depending on the method

Your Money is at risk.


Robot Trading Apps: How do They Work?

Trading robots constantly monitor market data, such as price and volume, to determine when to buy and sell. Depending on the level of complexity, these rules may be based on technical indicators such as moving averages or relative strength indices, or they may be based on more complex mathematical models such as neural networks or genetic algorithms. Once a trading signal is generated, the robot automatically executes trades for the investor.

Due to their ability to provide faster and more accurate decision-making and execute trades 24/7, these trading bots have become increasingly popular in recent years. Additionally, they can help eliminate human emotional biases. Moreover, trading robots can scan multiple markets and identify opportunities that a human could overlook, potentially resulting in higher returns on investment.

However, it is important to note that despite their initial advantages, these investments are subject to risk, and past performance does not necessarily indicate future results. There is also the possibility that trading bots can malfunction or make errors, resulting in significant losses. In addition, their algorithms can be affected by market conditions that aren’t considered.

A bot can improve efficiency and automate investment strategies, making them a valuable tool for investors. Nevertheless, before using any trading bot in a real investment environment, it’s crucial to understand its risks and limitations and conduct thorough backtesting. Any trading robot should also be used with a solid investment strategy and risk management plan.

What Can You Trade On Automated Robot Trading Apps?

The financial markets are flooded with automated trading apps to trade various instruments. You can trade specific assets and markets depending on the app and its capabilities. Automated robot trading apps can be used to trade the following assets:

  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies are traded by automated trading robots. A robot analyzes the cryptocurrency market data and executes trades based on algorithms.
  • Forex (Foreign Exchange): In forex trading, currencies are exchanged for each other. Apps that automate forex trading can take advantage of exchange rate fluctuations by executing trades according to predefined strategies.
  • Stocks: Several robot trading apps are designed for traditional stock exchange trading. Traders assess information regarding companies, markets, and other relevant factors before making trading decisions.
  • Indices: An index is a collection of stocks from a particular market or sector. Automated trading apps, market trends, and indicators can be used to trade indices such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq.
  • Commodities: Many commodities, including gold, oil, agricultural products, etc. Based on supply and demand factors, automated trading apps can execute trades in commodity markets.
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs): CFDs allow traders to speculate on price movements without owning underlying assets. CFDs can be traded on various assets through automated trading apps.
  • Options: Traders can purchase or sell options based on a predetermined price over a specified period. Predefined strategies are available in some automated trading apps.

Depending on a particular app, there may be differences in how trading options are available. An automated trading app’s features supported assets, and strategies should be carefully reviewed before use.

 Your capital is at risk.

How to Choose the Best Robot Trading App?

Many trading bot options are available on the market, so choosing the right one can be a challenge. It is possible, however, to make a more informed decision by considering some key factors that align with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

  • Financial Instruments: Trading financial instruments requires careful consideration. In addition to stock trading robots, there are trading robots that cover options, futures, and currency trading.
  • Investor Type: Consider your investing style. What is your preferred approach to trading? Are you a day trader or a long-term investor? Which type of analysis do you prefer, technical or fundamental? Choosing a trading robot that fits your trading style and investor type is essential.
  • Features and Capabilities: Consider the trading bot’s features and capabilities. Some offer advanced functions, such as backtesting, while others may be more basic. The robot should also be reliable and user-friendly and provide educational resources and customer service.
  • Pricing: Fees associated with trading robots should be considered. Some are free, and others require a subscription fee. Check the features and capabilities of the robot against its price.
  • Testing and Backtesting: Before using any trading robot in a real environment, ensure it has been thoroughly tested. Furthermore, risk management and investment strategies are essential.

You should carefully consider your investment goals, risk tolerance, as well as the functionalities and features of the bot when choosing the right trading robot for you. A robot can help you achieve your investment goals if you do your research and choose one that suits your needs.

Are Robot Trading Apps Legit or a Scam?

The legitimacy and reliability of robot trading apps can vary widely. Trading apps that provide valuable tools and assistance to traders are legitimate and reputable, but scammers and fraudsters try to exploit unsuspecting users with fraudulent apps. Before using any robot trading app, exercise caution and conduct thorough research. The following factors should be taken into account:

  • Regulation and Licensing: Financial authorities in their jurisdictions often regulate legitimate trading apps. Ensure that the app provides trading services under a valid license and registration. Red flags can be raised when there is a lack of proper regulation.
  • Transparency: Apps with legitimate developers, team members, and technology provide clear information. Websites of scam apps may contain vague or misleading information.
  • Realistic Promises: Be sceptical whenever you see an app that promises high profits or unrealistic returns. The volatile financial markets make it impossible to guarantee constant success with a trading strategy.
  • User Reviews: Obtain feedback and reviews from reputable sources. Review user testimonials from people who have used the app.
  • Demo Mode: Users can test an app’s functionality and features without spending real money using its demo mode. The performance and user interface of the app can be evaluated by doing this.
  • Customer Support: The customer support department of a legit trading app will be responsive and helpful if users have any queries or issues.
  • Secure App: Protect your personal and financial information by ensuring that the app uses appropriate encryption and security measures.
  • Third-party Verification: Verify the information with third-party sources, such as industry experts, independent reviewers, or financial websites.
  • Online presence and social media: Ensure the app is active on social media and online forums. Active and engaged communities are likely to be found on reputable apps.

How To Sign Up for Robot Trading Apps

Each Robot Trading App requires you to sign up similarly. Here’s how to do it with our recommended Bitcoin 360 AI.

Step 1: Complete the registration form

To get started, you must create an account. In this case, you only need to provide the most basic information about yourself, such as your first name, last name, email address, and phone number.

Afterwards, the app will assign you a broker, with whom you must follow the steps indicated.

Step 2: Deposit funds

As soon as you’ve registered, you must deposit $250, the minimum Bitcoin360Ai requires. Payment can be made using the broker’s payment methods.

It should take only a few minutes for the deposited funds to appear in your wallet.

Step 3: Open a demo account

We recommend avoiding scams by following this advice. We strongly recommend trying the paper trading app once you have deposited the money into the assigned broker’s wallet. It shouldn’t take long if you just want to see how the bot works, its algorithm, and everything else that goes into it.

Step 4: Start live trading

The only thing left is to let the robot do its work once you have deposited the funds and tested the demo. In the beginning, the best thing you can do is to avoid interfering with the algorithm and let it make money for you. Make your first move after observing it for a few days.

Your Money is at risk.

Best Robot Trading App Review 2023 – Conclusion

Trading with robots can be a valuable tool for investors seeking to automate their strategies and potentially increase profits. In any case, reputable robots should be chosen from a reputable source after conducting thorough research. Choosing parameters for the robot based on your risk tolerance and understanding potential risks is crucial. In addition, you need to monitor your trades and market conditions to adjust your strategy accordingly.

 Your capital is at risk.


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