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Top five media companies market

The year 2020 was quite a year for the world’s largest media companies, with millions of people choosing their services amid the lockdown. This COVID-19 fuelled surge in the number of users led to the impressive growth of their revenues and market capitalization. According to data presented by Stock Apps, the combined market cap of …

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iPad lifetime sales-

Apple’s iPad sales spiked in 2020, as lockdown measures forced people worldwide to switch to working and educating at home. The surge in demand for iPad tablets, especially in the last quarter of the year, pushed its lifetime sales above the half-a-billion benchmark. According to data presented by Stock Apps, Apple shipped more than 53 …

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WeChat brnad value in

As the leading social networking app in China and the fifth most widely used globally, WeChat saw impressive growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic, both in revenue and the number of users. The brand value of Tencent Holding’s mobile messaging app also surged in the last year, launching WeChat among the strongest brands globally. According to …

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