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Fuel cell companies market cap

The increasing demand for clean energy sources and the development of environmental-friendly urban transport systems in developed countries had been driving the impressive growth of the fuel cell industry. In the next seven years, the entire market is expected to rise by CARG of 56% and hit a $24.8bn value. The increasing awareness about carbon …

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Pfizer revenue and market cap-

The coronavirus pandemic put enormous pressure on the pharmaceutical industry, forcing pharma companies to roll out clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine at breakneck speed. Since the United Kingdom authorized the use of Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine, the US pharmaceutical giant has taken center stage in the COVID-19 fight. According to data presented by …

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Uber market cap and revenue in 2020

The year 2020 has been rough for the ride-hailing giant Uber, as its bookings and consumer activity nosedived amid the coronavirus lockdown. Although the company’s shares started recovering after a stock market crash in March, the record-low customer activity caused a sharp fall in revenues. According to data presented by StockApps, Uber market capitalization increased …

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US oil and gas companies market

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the oil and gas industry was faced with slumping prices. However, with a record collapse in oil demand amid the coronavirus lockdown, the COVID-19 crisis has further shaken the market, causing massive revenue and market cap drops for even the largest oil and gas companies. According to data presented by …

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Hotel chains market

The coronavirus outbreak has affected every sector across the globe, but the hotel industry is among the hardest hit. Although hotels implemented increased safety and sanitation measures and cautiously reopened for the summer travel season, recovery to pre-COVID-19 levels could take years. According to data presented by StockApps, the combined market capitalization of Wyndham Hotels …

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Market cap of the three most profitable

The coronavirus crisis produced a costly financial hit to businesses worldwide, causing heavy cuts in revenue and profits and considerable drops in their market capitalization. However, some of the world’s most profitable companies managed to substantially increase their market cap amid the COVID-19 crisis. According to data presented by StockApps, the combined market cap of …

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European stock exchanges market

Economic turmoil caused by the coronavirus outbreak has delivered a severe impact on stock exchanges worldwide. Although stock markets started recovering after the Black Monday crash in March, sharp price falls resulted in a significant decrease in their market capitalization. According to data gathered by StockAps, the combined market cap of Europe’s five largest stock …

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Tesla market

The coronavirus outbreak has affected many industries, but the automotive industry is among the hardest hit. After carmakers stopped production and dealerships closed showrooms amid COVID-19 lockdown, global car sales slumped worse than ever before. However, the luxury car market was generally less affected by the financial downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. According to …

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