How to Buy Dash to Trade in December 2023
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New cryptocurrency projects seem to spring up every month. This can make it difficult to keep track of the cryptocurrency market and find projects that have the potential to do well. Dash 2 Trade seeks to solve the problem by offering a robust dashboard that automatically and manually assesses cryptocurrency projects and the market on social metrics, technical indicators, project viability, project team, and other important factors. There is a lot of excitement about the Dash 2 Trade platform, and many traders feel it may change the way people invest in the crypto market. Let’s explore how to buy Dash 2 Trade and its D2T native token.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

How to Buy Dash 2 Trade 2023: Quick Steps

Step 1: Open Dash 2 Trade Website

Visit the Dash 2 Trade website to access the presale page.

How to Buy Dash 2 Trade

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Open a MetaMask and eToro wallet. Purchase Ethereum from eToro and then transfer into your MetaMask wallet. Then, connect your MetaMask wallet to the Dash 2 Trade presale page.

Step 3: Swap Tokens for D2T

Swap your ETH tokens for D2T. You will also be charged ETH coins for gas fees.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

How to Buy D2T – Presale Event Explained

Step 1: Purchase Ethereum from eToro

eToro is one of the most prominent decentralized exchanges today. The platform offers users the ability to buy and trade major cryptocurrencies and tokens in minutes. Before you can purchase Ethereum or any coin from eToro, you need to register your account and verify your identity.

Sign up to eToro

etoro altcoin trading

Visit the eToro website or download the app and sign up. To sign up on the web, click on Sign Up and fill in your full name, email address, and password. Ensure that you name you to provide matches the names on your valid identity card. After signing up, you can go ahead and verify your identity. To verify, provide a government-issued identity card. When snapping your ID, ensure that the four borders show, and do not edit the image.

eToro may take a while to confirm your ID and may reject the document if you do not follow all requirements or if the ID card is expired or invalid.

Once eToro accepts your ID card, you can proceed to complete your profile and proof of address. eToro also requires a proof of address document to validate the country you are trading from. The proof of address can be a recent bank statement – no more than three months old. You can also submit a utility bill.

Deposit funds

Sign into your eToro account. On the top right of the window, click the Deposit Funds prompt. Fill in the currency and amount fields. Select your preferred payment option. eToro accepts PayPal, credit/debit cards, Skrill, bank transfer, Ideal, eToro money, rapid transfer, online banking, Payoneer, and POLi. You can also use the eToro debit card to make a deposit (available only to residents of the United Kingdom). Different payment methods may attract different fees. These fees are dependent on the payment method you use.

Search for ETH

It’s time to use the deposited funds to purchase some Ethereum. Visit the Ethereum page and make a purchase order for the coin. Confirm the amount or value of Ethereum you wish to purchase and submit your order.

Execute order

Once you have provided the details, that is, the coin – Ethereum, the value or number of Eth you wish to buy, and the corresponding amount, you can submit the order for execution. eToro has associated deep liquidity: whatever the volume of Ethereum or other cryptos you wish to buy, eToro can fulfill the order without causing unnecessary slippage.

Step 2: Move ETH from eToro to MetaMask Wallet

Follow these steps to move ETH from eToro to MetaMask:

  1. Open your MetaMask wallet and copy the address. Ensure that the right address for Ethereum is copied. If you input the wrong address when sending Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency from one wallet to another wallet, your funds will not deliver and will forever be lost.
  2. Log in to your eToro app on your mobile device. Sign in with your credentials.
  3. You will see the asset tab at the top right corner of the screen. Select crypto, and under it, choose Ethereum.
  4. Input the details: Put in the recipient address and amount of Ethereum you wish to send. You can also scan your MetaMask QR code, and the address will automatically fill.
  5. Double-check your MetaMask address. Click send.
  6. eToro will send you a verification code. Input the verification code in its field and click Verify.


A screen will appear, confirming that your funds have been sent. Visit your transaction tab to monitor the progress of your order.

Step 3: Open the Dash2Trade Website

Visit the Dash 2 Trade website and navigate to the presale page.

How to Check that a Website is Legit

With many presale projects going on in the crypto industry, it’s important to ensure that you are always on the right page. For example, hackers can create a fake Dash 2 Trade website, tweaking the URL so much so that unsuspecting investors might not quickly pick the fake website as fake. All presale websites require you to connect your MetaMask or Trust Wallet before you can purchase the token: this is usually because token swaps are usually for Ethereum or USDT.

To check if a website is legit and ensure that you are trading safely, follow these protocols:

Confirm website from social media channels: Before investing in a project presale, check if the project has a following on Twitter. Even if you do not know the Twitter handles, use hashtags to find conversations regarding the project. This should lead you to legitimate people talking about the presale.

Check the uniqueness of the website: It is easy to spot a shabby website. Most crypto presale project founders spend time and effort to create a simple yet professional website. If a website seems incomplete, has a lot of grammar errors, and does not contain the necessary elements a website should, you are probably dealing with a fake. Website elements for crypto presale projects include a home page, about page, whitepaper, roadmap, tokenomics, and accurate presale information. Be wary of websites that do not have these elements.

When buying tokens on presale websites, follow these security processes:

D2T Dashboard

Use a secure network: Public networks have one security loophole: hackers can trace your browsing path and mirror your activity. If you log into your MetaMask wallet or any wallet on a public network, bad players can gain access to your credentials and wipe out your wallet. If you have to purchase tokens or coins outside your home or office, ensure that you use only a private network.

Set secure 2FA on your accounts: Two-factor authentication may prove cumbersome when you try to log into your wallet – but that’s their job. 2FA protocols like IP whitelisting and seed phrases are crucial security protocols that will impede hackers from gaining access to your accounts and wallets.

Do not use the same passwords for different accounts: Using the same passwords or security credentials for all your crypto accounts is incredibly dangerous. If hackers gain access to one of your accounts, they may also access other accounts. Tweak your passwords or use secure password savers. Google Passwords is also a great option; however, if you let Google automatically fill in your password every time you are on a website, people will be able to access your crypto accounts or other financial accounts if they have access to your mobile phone or laptop.

Step 4: Connect MetaMask wallet to Dash 2 Trade presale event

Once you visit the Dash 2 Trade website, click on Connect Wallet button to enable Dash 2 Trade to connect with your MetaMask wallet. If you are buying D2T on the web, connect your MetaMask wallet. If you are buying on mobile, you can connect your Trust Wallet.

Dash 2 Trade

Step 5: Buy D2T with ETH

If you are on your desktop, you should already have MetaMask installed as a browser extension. Input the volume of D2T you would like to purchase, and MetaMask will do the conversion after you click Convert. Note: Make sure you also reserve enough Ethereum for the gas fee.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

Step 6: Wait for the presale to end to claim tokens

Once the Presale is over, you can claim your D2T tokens. The presale is selling quickly so invest now before it’s too late!

What Is Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade is an innovative social trading and analytics platform that promises to change how traders navigate tokens and coins. Investors familiar with the cryptocurrency market and general investments understand that the perceived value of a utility is different from the actual value. A utility may be perceived to be worth a lot of money when mass media or influencers tweet and publish posts about the utility; however, it takes in-depth research to know if an asset is really worth all the hype.

Dash 2 Trade has been created by traders for traders, and it focuses on using manual and automatic processes to critically assess the value of cryptocurrencies. With thousands of projects and tons of presale assets, it’s usually hard to keep track of what is hot and what is going out of trend. It’s even more difficult to ascertain an asset’s volatility. Many factors today can affect an asset’s volatility. For example, the crypto winter of 2021 can be linked to the general global economic downturn. Of course, assets have their intrinsic values, but external factors can also push prices up and down.

With Dash 2 Trade, investors can critically understand the intrinsic value of an asset and stay informed about presales. Some presale projects are bound to fail, and experts can spot these failures; however, other projects are tricky – they look like they may succeed and earn incredible returns, but a deep and closer look might reveal loopholes. Loopholes are not entirely bad – they may just be cautionary, letting you know when to get in and out.

Most people do not even know where to look when measuring the viability of a crypto project. Most follow the crowd, doing what other people do. Dash 2 Trade removes the entry barrier, letting people understand what coins are worth it and vice versa. Defi crypto tokens do not always amount to a great investment. That a token can be gotten for a ridiculously cheap price does not mean that its price will someday climb. It’s wishful thinking to assume that a penny cryptocurrency in 2022 will be worth a hundred dollars in 2023. What are your metrics? What information do you rely on to make such an assumption? Dash 2 Trade will become the ultimate metric of penny cryptocurrencies, revealing social engagement and other critical factors of a presale project and other cryptocurrencies.

And that’s not all. Dash 2 Trade will come for major cryptocurrencies, helping you mark trends before they happen and revealing crucial signals that will save you from disaster. The main question then is, Is Dash 2 Trade operational? Technically, the D2T token isn’t really a token yet, and the platform is still primarily in the prelaunch phase. And that’s why some investors are still wary. Of course, Twitter trends will reveal Dash 2 Trade as the future of trading (again, supporting the point that people can inflate the value of a cryptocurrency long-term and day trading projects). The Dash 2 Trade project team is bent on making the promises come to pass.

Altogether, the D2T token is doing amazingly well in its last presale phase, raising more than 62% of the target as of writing. But with every cryptocurrency investment, it’s important to do your own research and determine if D2T is worth the hype or if it might even surpass the hype in the long term.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

Dash2Trade platform features

Access Robust Trading Signals, Trading Strategies & More

Dash2Trade offers some of the most robust and advanced trading signals and strategies for clients, including on-chain metrics, social sentiment, and crypto signals. The D2T dashboard will offer incredible social signals that will deliver data on the organic search ranking of tokens, backlinks, and the volume of people searching for or actively following D2T keywords. Information like this will give you instant perception as to how much people are using a coin, help you quickly identify trends when you compare the search volume of a coin over a period to another period, and even track geo-location searches (searches from different parts of the world). D2T promises robust analytics – one that has never been seen before, so we expect these. Social sentiments will also include Facebook, IG, and Twitter likes, comments, shares, Discord community happenings, and other information.

Buy Dash 2 Trade

D2T also promises a robust on-chain metric, with an intention to build an algorithm that will track investor attitude, including user adoption, transaction volume, inflow and outflow of the coin, and other important metrics. These metrics are crucial when determining if investors are changing their minds about a token. For example, if investors are hodling a coin, it could mean that demand may rise and the price will rise, respectively. Catch a coin at an early stage of mass hodl, and you can buy before late adopters will realize that the coin might have some intricate value. Other metrics we expect to see include market capitalization (a feature offered by CoinMarketCap) and future prospect of a coin.

With D2T, traders can equip themselves with instant information about cryptocurrencies, identify trends, get notifications on important presales, and make objective trading and investment decisions.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

Exclusive Presale Ratings

D2T will offer a section with a D2T trade score rating. A trade score rating automatically scores each presale based on developed metrics. With this feature, you can quickly identify presales that are scams and only investigate and invest in noteworthy and high-value presales. Other features of the presale section include social analytics: get instant information on who is talking about a new coin and why. Understand the activity of developers, and track their growth with the corresponding roadmaps. Are developers keeping to their word? A coin that will succeed in the short term may thrive on hype, but in the long term, it needs developers to ensure it reaches its full potential. You will also get access to the developers, founders, and other important team members of presale coins. You can follow them on social media and get information on each’s successes in the crypto or tech sphere before the presale coin.

Trading Bot & Strategy Builder

Build your own trading bot and execute trading strategies. All of these can be done and executed on auto-pilot using D2T’s technical indicators. You can build DCA, grid, and other strategies and constantly execute and gain from profitable trades.

Earn & Learn

Join Dash 2 Trade’s academy, and earn D2T tokens as you advance your knowledge of how the platform works. Traders can win D2T tokens by taking part in exclusive Dash 2 Trade competitions.

Social Trading

Above all, Dash 2 Trade is a social platform through which traders and communicate with and learn from others. Dash 2 Trade is one of the only crypto trading platform that offers this feature.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

D2T tokenomics

The D2T analytics dashboard runs on the Ethereum blockchain – the ERC-20 standard, and its utility token is the D2T. With the D2T utility token, users can access the D2T dashboard and its broad features. A billion D2T utility tokens are available, and the supply is fixed. A fixed supply means that the D2T token cannot be diluted by the founders, and no additional tokens can be added.

The tokenomics include:

  • Total D2T supply: 1 billion
  • Development: 15% (150 million)
  • Private sale: 3.5% (35 million)
  • Liquidity: 5% (50 million)
  • Public sale: 66.5% (665 million)
  • Competition pool: 5% (50 million)
  • Talent acquisition: 5% (50 million)

Dash 2 Trade values user adoption, and one of its core beliefs from its whitepaper is that the value of a web 3 application’s native token or coin should come from the project, not from trading the coin. The belief stands true for very successful coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. Bitcoin is a means of exchange, and Ethereum is a blockchain. As long as user adoption of a project is steady and growing, the utility token associated with the project will always be in existence.

D2T Tokenomics

The D2T token carries zero tax (and forever), removing entry barriers, and users can access advanced features (backtests charting tools and social trading) with their D2T tokens. Users are allowed to purchase and trade D2T tokens freely; however, using the D2T analytics dashboard will depend on the token you have. D2T has a free tier for people. The free tier will contain basic features, but for more advanced features, users will have to exchange or hodl their D2T tokens to access premium tiers. Users who also want to participate in trading competitions can only do so with their D2T tokens. Investors can also earn D2T tokens when they enroll in the Dash 2 Trade Academy.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

Dash 2 Trade platform subscriptions

Dash 2 Trade has three membership tiers. Each tier has its own token subscription fee and features.  You do not need D2T tokens to access the free tier, but the starter and premium tiers require 300 D2T and 1000 D2T tokens, respectively.

Free Tier

The free tier gives you insight into the Dash 2 Trade dashboard. Beyond that, you can access select features like market data terminal and market/social metrics for selected tokens.

Starter Tier

Access automated trading tools, strategy builder and backtesting platform, watchlists, advanced on-chain data, members-only discord channel, and insights on notable presale launches. For this tier, you can only access two watchlists.

Premium Tier

With the premium tier, you get everything in the starter tier plus other features like prize pool and staking, whale wallet alerts, professional-grade market indicators, and real-time market-leading data feed.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

Project roadmap

Fourth Quarter, 2022

Dash to Trade has executed all of its 2022 fourth-quarter goals, including:

  1. Creating a founding and governance team
  2. Kicking off the development of the D2T system
  3. Establishing trader partnership
  4. Presale launch of the D2T token
  5. And a full security audit

First Quarter, 2023

Website launch and presale

  1. Dashboard launch and beta testing of the dashboard (still ongoing)
  2. Launch of the subscription model, giving users access to social metrics data, presale insights and scoring, technical indicators, real-time event streams, newsfeeds, customizable watchlists, and new listing announcements.
  3. CEX and DEX listing for the D2T token.

Investors should expect that before the end of the first quarter of 2023, D2T tokens should be available for claim and listings in major DEX and CEX platforms like OpenSea.

Fourth Quarter, 2023

  1. Backtester
  2. Trader AMA launch
  3. Risk profiler
  4. Trading competition launch
  5. More CEX partnerships and integration of the D2T platforms

Second Quarter, 2024

  1. Auto-trader launch
  2. competition launch
  3. mobile app launch
  4. Widgets
  5. Academia
  6. Integration of the D2T system with API’s of CEX
  7. Integration of trading strategies with centralized exchanges

Fourth Quarter, 2024

  1. Social and copy trading functionality launch
  2. Charting tools
  3. Community feedback features
  4. D2T social trading features
  5. Further CEX listings


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

Who is the team behind Dash 2 Trade?

The team behind Dash 2 Trade is made up of veterans from the popular Learn 2 Trade platform. As a result, each team member is equipped with years of experience and expertise. Key team members include Duco Van Roosem- CPO, Andre- Development Lead and Jarmo van de Seijp- web3 Engineer.

When Will The D2T Presale End?

The Dash 2 Trade presale is set to end during the first week of January 2023. Therefore, there are only 2 weeks left to invest early into the utility token before prices rise.

Where To Buy D2T After The Presale?

UniSWAP, LBANK, and BITMart are the three exchanges confirmed to list D2T token after presale.

What Is The Current Price of D2T?

The current price of D2T at the moment is 0.0533 USDT.

What Tokens Can Be Used to Buy D2T?

You can buy your D2T token with ETH or Tether (USDT). When you connect your MetaMask wallet with the D2T presale page, you can exchange the available ETH for D2T. MetaMask will automatically run the conversion for you.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

Other Presales To Watch in 2023– Best Crypto Presales

Fight Out

Fight Out is a brand new move-to-earn project that has already seen success with its presale. The platform aims to use blockchain technology to create an innovative m2e platform that will encourage users to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The project will also launch a chain if exclusive gyms, merchandise and offer an exciting metaverse world in which users can compete for rewards.

The main offering of Fight Out is the ability to track workouts. Users can keep track of their healthy habits and earn crypto rewards for completing workouts, achieving goals and winning competitions. Each user is given an avatar that reflects their physical fitness in the real world. Therefore, the fitter the user is in real life, the more powerful their avatar will be.

This innovative game play and valuable reward system will incentivize users to maintain exercise routines and get fitter.

When users complete workouts, they are rewards in REPS. This is a secondary token that can be earned by users and then used to by merchandise and enter competitions.

The main token that will support the platform is FGHT. FGHT is an ERC-20 utility token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. FGHT can be staked by holders for memberships to Fight Out, used to purchase REPS or exchanged for other currencies.

FGHT has strong utility and deflationary supply of just 1 billion. You can invest early in FGHT during the presale event which is expected to end in 2023.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.


Calvaria, better known as Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, is a play-to-earn crypto game set in the afterlife. There are three cities in the Calvaria world, each governed by a separate party vying for control over the afterlife. NFT combat cards that depict the members of these factions are used in the actual game, and each character has traits and stats that determine how they behave in combat. Battle card games like Gods Unchained or Splinterlands share some parallels with the strategy game Calvaria, which puts strategy first. However, it goes above and beyond what these games provide by adding 3-D characters, mobile gameplay, and a solo story option.

Calvaria home page

Players may purchase and sell their NFT combat cards on Calvaria’s peer-to-peer market. Because it allows players to personalize their decks and pursue a particular strategy, the marketplace is crucial to Calvaria. It helps investors to sell their NFT cards, adding to the rewards of playing Calvaria or investing in the game.

The Calvaria ecosystem has two tokens: eRIA and RIA. While eRIA is given to players upon a victory in a fight, RIA is obtained through the Calvaria presale. Users of Calvaria have access to a variety of arenas where they may compete for the platform’s eRIA token. Battles are one way to win, but there are other methods. The game’s creators frequently organize contests and other activities through which users may quickly and directly earn money.


Calvaria features a native coin and functions similarly to other blockchain games. The platform’s asset, RIA, may be exchanged for eRIA and is primarily used to conduct NFT trades through Calvaria’s in-app marketplace. The RIA coin has two functions as a proof-of-stake (PoS) currency. By staking the token, owners may earn more units as prizes and participate in governance through the Calvaria decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which votes on any proposed platform updates.

Only 27% of the RIA tokens are available as the presale draws close. Calvaria, a play-to-earn (P2E) game, offers the ideal chance for investors to make money while using the most cutting-edge gaming platform available.


One billion RIA tokens are available, of which 38% will be used for the presale, 25% for the staking pool, 28% for the prize pool, 8% for operations, and a meager 7% for the team and advisors. The presale is ongoing and will end in January 2023.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

How To Buy Dash 2 Trade in 2023– Conclusion

Buying the D2T token is easy and can be done in less than three minutes. Of course, you should have enough Ethereum in your MetaMask wallet (or a wallet of your choice). You should also consider the gas fee when purchasing Ethereum. Always remember: as with every cryptocurrency project, token, or coin, you have to contend with volatility, and prices can shoot up or down with very little prior warning. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose.


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.



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