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The world is continuously advancing on all fronts – we all know that. Decades ago, nobody knew that artificial intelligence (AI) and trading robots would exist. Today, they are becoming more popular among crypto traders and investors. Robot trading apps can help you automate trades to make profits. 

You can also buy and sell digital assets like stocks, foreign exchange (Forex), and other financial instruments using the best robot trading app. But what are these tools, and why are they important? This guide reveals the best robot trading apps to help you understand how they work and find the most suitable option for your needs. 


In This Guide

What Are Auto Trading Robots?

Before journeying through our review of “What are the best automated trading bots and apps?” you must first understand what they are and why traders use them. Auto trading robots are automated software designed to help you trade assets across different financial instruments. You can consider auto-trading robots as expert advisors who can help you navigate the cryptocurrency, stock, and Forex markets – even if you are just beginning your investment journey. 

If you are a trader with limited time on your hands, you can configure these tools to generate trading signals or automatically enter and exit trades. In addition, you can use auto trading bots to manage your portfolio. 

Though they are automatic, working with trading bots requires you to enter preset conditions. The bot will stick to your configurations regardless of market changes and conditions – without these conditions, it cannot function. For instance, if you ask your robot to go short on Bitcoin upon specific market conditions like a price level, it will do exactly that. 

Additionally, robots are active round the clock, so you don’t need to monitor trades on your screen all day. You also don’t need to spend hours researching market data, as the bots do all the work and make data-backed decisions without human sentiment. 

The best part is that trading bots support all kinds of strategies. So whether you are a day trader or you prefer scalping and long-term investments, you can configure your bot accordingly. However, you should know that automated trading robots are not perfect. They have some limitations, including the lack of access to current market trends and news, high purchasing costs, and a deep learning curve for beginners. 

Which Robot is Best for Trading?

You are here because you want to find the best robot trading tool for your needs. We have curated the best robot trading apps on the market to streamline your search. So, if you are looking for automated platforms to buy, sell, and invest in diverse financial instruments, keep reading. 

While at it, you should note that the automated trading bots on our list have self-acclaimed excellent win rates. However, we couldn’t verify these claims during our review. 

1. Bitcoin 360 AI – Best for Assisted Crypto Trading 

Bitcoin 360 AI is a popular trading tool among investors. But what makes the bot so special? First, the trading platform offers you access to diverse cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Cardano, making diversification easy for you. 

You can also trade these assets seamlessly using Bitcoin 360 AI’s powerful and innovative trading platform. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, you can leverage Bitcoin 360 AI’s advanced technology to analyze market data. Doing so lets you make informed trading decisions and automate trades without hassles. 

To achieve the best results, Bitcoin 360 AI monitors the entire cryptocurrency market using past data to assess common patterns, price movements, and connections, then generates real-time signals, and data traders can infuse into their strategies. 

bitcoin 360 AI

In other words, Bitcoin 360 AI can find multiple market entry and exit opportunities for investors without any manual influence, offering better results than human efforts can achieve. 

Another exciting thing about Bitcoin 360 AI is its support for diverse trading tools to help investors conduct research and find tailor-made opportunities for them. For instance, the trading bot integrates with Web Trader and Meta Trader 4 (MT4), which are two of the world’s most popular trading platforms. 

These third-party platforms offer charting tools for technical and fundamental analysis. They can also trade across various markets, including crypto, Forex, indices, and commodities. On top of that, you can create a Bitcoin 360 AI account for free. However, you must deposit at least $250 to start trading on the platform. You’ll also not find information about its success rate or founding members on the Bitcoin 360 AI website. 

If you are looking for a complete robot trading experience, Bitcoin 360 AI is a leading option. You can read our full Bitcoin 360 AI review for more information on the platform’s features and offerings. 

Supported Cryptocurrencies  BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, EOS, XRP, etc. 
Minimum Deposit  $250
Trading App Type  Automated Trading App
Withdrawal Time  24 hours 


  • The software automates trades without human intervention 
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees 
  • Supports popular cryptocurrencies
  • Integrates with MT4 


  •  $250 minimum deposit
  • No claimed success rate or information about founders 

Your Money is at risk.

2. Immediate Connect – Best for Investment Diversification

Are you a beginner or a seasoned investor? Immediate Connect gives you access to various markets, including the stock market, cryptocurrencies, Forex, and Contracts For Difference (CFDs). 

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio across various opportunities, the trading platform is a good place to begin. During our review, we discovered that Immediate Connect has a user-friendly interface that provides you with easy trading regardless of your experience level. 

The website states that you can confidently access various opportunities and trade using the Immediate Connect robot trading app. The app uses high-end technology backed by AI and sophisticated algorithms to execute accurate market research and provide investors with effective trading signals. 

Immediate connect The platform also gives users the autonomy to determine how much assistance they need from its trading bots. For instance, newbies can take advantage of the platform’s market analysis tools to find trading opportunities and make informed decisions. 

Conversely, seasoned investors can generate trading signals with the Immediate Connect software and execute trades using their preferred strategies instead of completely relying on the automated trading tool. Whatever the case, users are assured of high-level support backed by real-time, accurate data. 

On the downside, Immediate Connect is an expensive tool. Though investors can create a free trading account, they must deposit at least $250 to get complete access to the platform’s features. The app also doesn’t have a demo account for paper trading, so the initial deposit is mandatory. 

Additionally, there’s no information about Immediate Connect’s past success rate or founding members. However, its impressive reviews on Trustpilot suggest that existing users are satisfied with the platform, especially in terms of customer support and stress-free configuration. 

Read our full Immediate Connect review to thoroughly understand its features to determine if it’s right for you.

Supported Cryptocurrencies  BTC, LTC, EOS, XRP, BCH, BNB, etc. 
Minimum Deposit  $250
Trading App Type  Semi-Automated Trading App
Withdrawal Time  24 hours 


  • Regular updates and improvements
  • Best for diversified portfolios 
  • Beginner-friendly platform 
  • Complete user autonomy 


  • $250 minimum deposit
  • Limited information about past success 

Your Money is at risk.

3. Quantum Prime Profit – Best for Short-Term Day Trading

If you are a trading newbie, you’ve probably not heard of Quantum Prime Profit. This is because it is a less popular robot trading app compared to the previous two options. However, you should know that the trading platform equally lets you access various tools to enhance your trades with little to no human interference. 

The fast crypto trading bot describes itself as a safe platform that offers users access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It also has charting and screening tools for comprehensive market analyses of each asset. You can use the data from such tools to develop different trading strategies to meet your investment goals. 

Quantum Prime Profit’s primary goal is to support traders and investors across all experience levels. So, you can easily find your feet on the platform without intense learning. For instance, you can trade various coins seamlessly, manage your asset portfolios, and close lucrative orders in one place. 

Quantum prime profit

In other words, Quantum Prime Profit is more than an automated trading tool. You can describe it as a cryptocurrency and online asset trading, charting, and portfolio management platform with a strong focus on usability and accurate trading. 

Another reason to consider Quantum Prime Profit is because it supports various day trading strategies. If you are a day trader who likes closing multiple deals within a short period, the day trading app offers a fast trading experience to help navigate market volatility and make profitable deals. 

The platform also offers graphs and candlestick charts that you can use to conduct technical analysis. This will help them determine price changes, market trends, and other factors that can impact the value of cryptocurrencies. As a result, you can make necessary adjustments to your strategies based on current market realities. 

You can create an instant trading account on Quantum Prime Profit and make a minimum deposit of $250 to begin your journey. Besides the high minimum deposit amount, Quantum Prime Profit doesn’t list the cryptocurrencies or other assets it supports. The platform also provides limited information about its success rate, pricing structure, and founding team. 

Read our full Quantum Prime Profit review for more details about the trading app.


  • Suitable trading app for beginners and experienced investors 
  • Easy registration process 
  • The platform states it offers portfolio management 
  • Charting and screening tools are available


  • No demo account to test the platform
  • Information about success rate, supported assets, and fees are unclear 

Your Money is at risk.

4. Quantum Flash – Auto Trading App with 1% Commission 

Quantum Flash is another trading bot you’ve likely not heard of if you’re new in the digital trading world. The auto-trading platform is relatively new, but why is it on our list of the best automated trading apps?

Like other apps in this review, you can access diverse financial instruments for substantial gains when you trade using Quantum Flash. 

For instance, you’ll find assets like cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities on the app, making it easy to diversify your investment portfolio and hedge against volatility. According to the website, Quantum Flash works with various web-based trading apps to allow seamless trading in one place. 

The platform’s features are also available to both beginners and seasoned investors. If you are a professional trader, you can access sophisticated trading platforms like MT4 and Web Trader via the Quantum Flash dashboard. With these tools, you can execute thorough market analysis via advanced charting features like candlestick patterns and graphs. Additionally, you can combine trades across diverse assets and automatically execute them for more potential profits. 


Quantum flash

There are numerous trading pairs available for trading on Quantum Flash. These include Bitcoin-backed pairs like BTC/USD, Ethereum-backed pairs like ETH/USD, and Bitcoin Cash-backed pairs like BCH/USD. The platform uses live exchange rates from TradingView to determine individual coin prices and the values of their pairs. 

On top of that, the trading platform offers a tailor-made mobile experience to investors with its intuitive mobile-optimized site that’s compatible with Android and iOS devices. Mobile-focused investors can easily monitor their trades and manage their investment portfolios on the go using the web-based mobile platform. 

However, like many robot trading apps in this guide, Quantum Flash users must make a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading, as it offers no paper trading app. There’s also a 1% commission on completed trades. However, the automated trading platform provides no information about its bots’ success rate and creators. 

Read our detailed Quantum Flash review to see how it compares to other competitor trading platforms and learn how to leverage its features for profitable trades.


  • Claims to have many trading pairs 
  • Mobile-optimized trading platform 
  • Integrates with MT4 and Web Trader   
  • Supports diverse assets, including cryptos, stocks, and commodities 


  •  $250 minimum deposit 
  •  No demo account 

Your Money is at risk.

5. Immediate Granimator – Best Trading Bot for Altcoins

Immediate Granimator is another option to consider if you are looking for the best robot trading app to trade cryptocurrencies and other financial assets. The automated trading tool describes itself as a powerful tool for building trading knowledge through diverse resources and features. 

In other words, you should consider the automated trading software if you want a complete trading experience combining learning about the financial markets and active trading

But how true is this claim?

Before answering your question, it’s crucial to note that Immediate Granimator is reportedly more complex than other trading apps. As a beginner, you will find the educational materials handy as you navigate the platform. Conversely, if you are a seasoned trader, you will fancy the platform’s advanced trading tools, including advanced charting tools and signal-generation features for technical analysis. 

With these tools, you can get more accurate market insights and configure your trading bots using real-time data. The bot operates round the clock, so you can conveniently leave it to run trades, even at night when you are asleep. 


Immediate Granimator’s support for numerous altcoins makes it more attractive to traders. Though the platform supports Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, its asset options are majorly altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and low market cap altcoins like EOS, ZEC, and MIOTA. 

Registering on the Immediate Granimator platform is straightforward, with no KYC requirements. However, users must make an initial deposit of at least $250 to access the platform’s trading and investing features. There’s limited information on how successful trades are using the platform. 

Neither did we find details about its developers. Because of the limited information, we recommend that investors begin with the minimum deposit to test the platform before committing additional funds. 

Read our comprehensive Immediate Granimator review to see how the trading platform stacks up compared to its major competitors.


  • The platform supports Bitcoin and diverse altcoins 
  • Educational resources are available for beginners 
  • No KYC requirements for registration  
  • No deposit and withdrawal fees 


  • A $250 minimum deposit is required to use a trading account $250 minimum deposit 
  • Unclear information about historical data and success rate  

Your Money is at risk.

6. BitQT – Top Robot Trading App with Zero Commission

BitQT is another automated trading bot that has become popular among crypto traders and investors. The trading app claims to have the ability to help users buy and sell cryptocurrencies under well-analyzed market conditions. 

To do this, the BitQT app scans the crypto market with its AI and machine learning (ML) models to find profitable trades. The software uses historical data of coin prices to generate real-time trading signals and execute automated trades on behalf of users. 

According to the website, the market scan happens within seconds, using an asset’s fundamental and technical data. So, BitQT can instantly open and close multiple trades within a short period to help users make reasonable profits in a way that’s impossible via manual trading. 


Since many traders and investors prefer trading activities devoid of emotions, BitQT’s ability to function without human interference makes it ideal for beginners and pro investors. In terms of profitability, the platform promises a 90% success rate. However, we were unable to verify this claim during our review.

Nonetheless, the platform’s unique offerings, including its integration with robust trading platforms like MT4 and Web Trader, make it an effective robot trading app. These tools offer a holistic approach to trading cryptocurrencies, as users can use them to gather additional market data and insights to make intelligent trading or investing decisions. 

The platform’s support for the best cryptocurrencies to buy is also a great attraction. You’ll find crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, and other altcoins on BitQT. However, these assets are available in the form of CFDs, not the assets themselves. For instance, when you buy BTC on BitQT, you get the CFD, not Bitcoin itself. 

The trading and investment app also offers users the option of trading automatically or manually to choose which trade execution style best suits their needs and preferences. However, with a $250 minimum deposit requirement, the lack of a demo account, and unverified claims, is BitQT legit? It’s crucial you do due diligence before using the trading tool.


  • Beginner-friendly platform
  • 24/7 functionality   
  • Compatible with mobile devices 
  • Supports top cryptocurrencies


  • Assets are limited to crypto CFDs 
  •  Unsubstantiated success claims   

Your Money is at risk.

 7. Bitcoin UP – Best for Bitcoin Investors 

Bitcoin Up is a relatively unknown automated crypto trading app that claims to have a robust trading platform. According to its website, you can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with little to no human activity using Bitcoin Up. 

At the moment, Bitcoin is rallying, and the market anticipating a massive bullish run. How can you use platforms like Bitcoin Up to your advantage? Trading platforms like Bitcoin Up can help you trade cryptocurrencies and return gains

To do this, Bitcoin Up uses a model similar to that of other trading bots we’ve reviewed. The platform leverages trained AI and ML models to scan the market and find the most profitable trades for you.

Afterward, it connects you to the best brokers in your location to let you execute trades manually or automatically. However, the rule of thumb when speaking of automated trading is that the bots cannot function on their own. You should always remember this.  


You must configure them with various rules or risk-management instructions like stop loss, market order, and limit order. These rules will determine what the trading bot does on your behalf in the crypto market. For instance, if you configure it to buy or sell a coin at a specific price, the trading robot will do so regardless of the current market realities. 

That means you must be open to making trading adjustments aligned with current market trends from time to time. So, what’s in it for you in terms of profitability? We cannot ascertain the potential profit because the Bitcoin Up website states that they can’t promise users profits. That means you don’t have any guarantees when trading with the platform. So, you should tread carefully when using the platform’s automated trading features. 

Similarly, the platform offers risk management guides you can read before you start trading. However, if you are a beginner investor with little capital, the $250 minimum deposit may be too high. The platform’s fee structure is also unclear, making it difficult to know if there are hidden fees. 



  • Automated and manual trading options are available
  • Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies   
  • Beginner-friendly platform  
  • Risk management guides are available 


  • No stated success rate  
  • Unclear fee structure  

Your Money is at risk.

8. Tesla Coin – Top Robot Trading App with MT4 Compatibility

As we edge close to the end of our review of the best automated crypto trading platforms, we can’t but mention Tesla Coin. The powerful trading platform is another decent consideration for traders and investors looking to profit from the crypto market. 

On Tesla Coin, users have access to numerous cryptocurrencies and trading pairs that they can buy, sell, and invest in on supported brokers. From Bitcoin to Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies, the options on Tesla Coin offer users diverse opportunities. 

Active traders can profit from price volatility by considering crypto-fiat trading pairs like BTC/USD, ETH/USD, ADA/USD, and BCH/USD.  The live trading pairs are updated with real-time prices from TradingView, and the trading bot can take advantage of the market volatility by automatically scanning the market and executing trades. 

Tesla coin

With its integration with the powerful MT4 and Web Trader, experienced traders have a robust Bitcoin trading app in Tesla Coin. These additional tools can help them conduct more detailed research using technical and fundamental analyses. 

Investors looking for alternative opportunities can also add the Tesla Coin’s native TES token to their portfolios. With the potential to increase in price over time, investors can make additional profit from their TES investments. 

According to the website, Tesla Coin is a free stock app for trading in the stock market and beyond. However, users must deposit a minimum of $250 to start trading on the app.


  • Web Trader and MT4-enabled 
  • Supports top cryptocurrencies  
  • Diverse trading pairs  
  • Claims to offer a free demo account


  • No mobile trading app
  • Only cryptocurrencies are available

Your Money is at risk.

9. Quantum AI – Emerging Trading Bot with 90% Win Rate

Quantum AI is the last robot trading app that makes our well-researched list. The crypto trading software is another tool that claims to have the required features to trade cryptocurrencies on users’ behalf. 

With its auto-trading capabilities, users have an automated way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies of their choice without constantly monitoring the markets. 

From the first website visit, it’s easy to see that Quantum AI is similar to other robot trading apps on our list. The platform has the same user interface and website design that makes it easy to create a new trading account with no KYC requirements. 

You’ll find various cryptocurrency CFDs on Quantum AI, including those in Bitcoin Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, and Bitcoin Gold. These assets can also be paired with fiat currencies like USD for traders looking to make money from trading asset pairs. 


There are many combinations of trading pairs on Quantum AI. These include popular options like BTC/USD, ETH/USD, ADA/USD, and LTC/USD. 

Quantum AI also claims it offers a substantial return on investment (ROI), with a 90% past success rate. However, we were unable to verify the legitimacy of this claim because the platform doesn’t have a paper trading app for potential users to test its features. 

Similarly, new users must deposit a minimum of $250 to access and trade on Quantum AI successfully.


  • Supports Bitcoin and popular altcoins
  • Diverse tradeable asset pairs
  • Auto-trading enabled  
  • Integrates with MT4 and Web Trader


  • $250 minimum deposit
  •  Supports only crypto assets

Your Money is at risk.

Robot Trading Apps: How Do They Work?

Robot trading apps are software tools that offer users automated ways of buying and selling digital assets. The tools are built using machine learning and artificial intelligence, and they are trained to scan the crypto market and find profitable deals for investors. 

At their core, robot trading apps leverage historical data to identify market trends and price patterns that they can use to generate real-time market predictions or trading signals that users can implement automatically or manually. 

However, robot trading apps only work using preset configurations from users. While you may choose to hands-off active trading, you must configure your bots. This is similar to telling it what to do and when. 

These preset rules vary from one trading bot to another. For instance, you can configure your bot using technical indicators like moving averages or use risk-management options like stop loss or limit order. 

Overall, a trading bot is more efficient than humans because it operates faster and makes trading decisions based on data only. The elimination of emotions and human feelings like fatigue makes trading bots more popular among investors. 

However, it’s crucial to note that automated trading bots make speculative decisions, as there are no guarantees that a coin’s past performance will repeat itself in the future. Similarly, there’s the possibility of trading bots malfunctioning or making errors due to glitches. 

So, while the best robot trading app can improve a user’s overall trading experience, it has inherent risks that users can mitigate via backtesting and other risk management options.

What Can You Trade on Automated Robot Trading Apps?

Automated robot trading apps are more popular among cryptocurrency and Forex traders. However, these tools can also trade diverse digital assets and financial instruments, depending on the capabilities of your preferred option. We highlight the tradeable assets on automated trading apps below. 

  • Cryptocurrencies are the most commonly supported assets on automated trading apps. Usually, you’ll find options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others on these platforms, and you can execute trades manually or automatically across the various options. 
  • Forex trading options are also popular with trading robots. These tools analyze the Forex market and find profitable currency exchanges that users can take advantage of. 
  • Stocks are also tradeable assets on automated platforms. You’ll discover that these AI stock trading apps offer some of the best stocks to trade, allowing users to invest in company shares after a thorough analysis. 
  • Commodities exist in abundance, and some automated trading bots offer opportunities across these assets. For instance, some trading platforms execute trades across commodities like gold, agricultural products, and oil to offer investors gains. 
  • CFDs are alternative investment options that allow traders to speculate on a coin’s price movement without actually owning it. Most of the automated trading apps in this guide offer CFDs instead of actual cryptocurrencies. For example, you can trade Ethereum CFDs on Bitcoin 360 AI instead of Ether. 
  • Indices combine different stocks from a specific industry. Automated trading apps offer index options like Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and S&P 500 to stock traders looking to diversify their portfolios. 
  • Options are investment products that let you speculate on the price of an asset. With this trading strategy, you are obligated to buy or sell a specific asset on a specified date. So, you can find shares and other securities you predict will rise in price at a particular future date and configure an automated bot to buy it on that day at a preset price.  

There’s no one-size-fits-all in trading. So, you must select an automated trading app with the features and supported assets in line with your trading or investment strategy. 

How to Choose the Best Robot Trading App

Since numerous automated trading bots are on the market, we understand that beginners may need help choosing the perfect option. However, if you stick to the key factors below, you can streamline your search and make an informed choice. 

Supported Assets 

The first thing to consider is whether a robotic trading app supports the type of assets you want to trade or invest in. There are robots focused on only cryptocurrency trading, while others are suitable for the stock and Forex markets. Choose the best Forex trading apps if that’s your preference, and vice versa.   

Risk Tolerance 

Every investor has their unique style and risk tolerance levels. Traders with a high risk appetite may prefer trading bots with day trading capabilities, while risk-averse traders may opt for bots for long-term investments. Choose a trading bot that suits your style or preference

Fees and Pricing 

Understand a platform’s fees or pricing structure before choosing it. Some automated platforms are free, while others charge commissions, subscription fees, and others. Go for the cost-effective options to make the most of your profits. 

User Experience

The goal of trading with an automated bot is to simplify the experience for the user. As such, you should only choose automated trading platforms that offer users a seamless experience. From registration to funding and trading, you will enjoy simplicity on the best robot trading app.  

Customer Support 

Automated trading platforms like Bitcoin 360 AI are software tools built with codes. As such, users can experience a glitch or encounter other issues when using such apps. The best trading platforms have dedicated customer support personnel to help users when problems arise. Choose options with 24/7 support and fast response times.

Are Robot Trading Apps Legit or a Scam?

The legality or otherwise of robot trading apps varies from one platform to another. On the one hand, many legitimate trading apps are on the market, providing users with quality tools to make profitable decisions. Conversely, many scammers use trading bots to lure victims and run away with their money. 

Since it is possible to find scam robot trading apps, it’s crucial to do due diligence before committing funds to any automated trading tool. You can also consider factors like transparency from the developers, user reviews, the availability of customer support, demo trading support, and regulation when choosing a robot trading app. 

How to Sign Up on Robot Trading Apps

You must create a new trading account on any robot trading app before you can access its tools and features. Follow the easy steps below to get started after choosing your most preferred option. We use Bitcoin 360 AI, our overall best robot trading app, for this review. 

Complete the Registration Form

Head to the trading platform’s website and fill out the registration form on the right hand of the screen. The required information includes your first name, last name, email address, and phone number.


After completing the form, the trading app will redirect you to a broker close to your location. 

Deposit Funds 

Bitcoin 360 AI and most of the other platforms in this guide require new users to deposit at least $250 before trading. Make the deposit using any of the supported payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or e-wallets

Open a Demo Account 

One of the best ways to assess whether sticking to a selected trading platform will be profitable is by testing your strategies with a demo account. We recommend trading first on the paper trading channel before switching to a live account.  

Start Live Trading 

After backtesting your strategies and building confidence, configure your trading bot and set it into action. Observe its activities and ROI frequently to know when you need to make adjustments.


Best Robot Trading App Review – Conclusion 

Robot trading apps are valuable tools in the hands of traders and investors. They simplify the trading of financial instruments by automating users’ strategies and making profitable trades. However, remember to thoroughly research a trading platform before committing funds, and choose only the automated trading app that aligns with your needs and risk tolerance. 


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