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Global interest in Bitcoin on Google grows by 108% to 12 months high

  Bitcoin continues to have a tremendous year with the asset hitting the highest price level in almost three years. The soaring Bitcoin price can be witnessed in the rising search rate for the keyword ‘Bitcoin’. Data presented by Stock Apps shows that the global interest in the term ‘Bitcoin’ has soared by 112.76% on …

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Kickstarter Reaches 500k Launched Projects Milestone with 38% Success Rate

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has been in existence for slightly over a decade and working towards improving crowdfunding for creatives. The platform is now witnessing success after hitting key milestones. Data presented by Stock Apps indicates that Kickstarter has successfully launched 505,590 projects since April 2009, when it was founded. The film and video category has …

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Crypto Fear & Greed Index Grows by 119% YOY, Recording 12-month High

In recent weeks, the cryptocurrency market led by Bitcoin has been on a bullish run due to various factors. Notably, the Bitcoin recent price movement has had an impact on the Crypto Fear and Greed Index. Data presented by Stock Apps indicates that the Crypto Fear and Greed Index has grown by 119.51% on a …

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42% of Americans plan to spend over $500 on Black Friday shopping

Black Friday has been on the rise over recent years as shoppers attempt to take advantage of massive discounts from retailers. With the popularity, Black Friday has witnessed several trends among shoppers, and this year has not been different. Data presented by Stock Apps indicates that about 42% of Americans plan to spend over $500 …

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Buy Now, Pay Later apps record 8m installs YTD, grows by 155% YOY

  Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) applications continue to rise in popularity due to the various advantages they offer. In the United States, the applications have significantly grown this year, mainly due to the economic crisis resulting from Covid-19. Data presented by Stock Apps indicates that BNPL apps in the U.S. have recorded 8.43 million …

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Tinder is iPhone's top-grossing app globally with $33m revenue in September

Mobile apps continue to evolve with developers innovating new ways to earn revenue. Apps that constantly appeal to consumers are surging in revenues due to various monetization programs and global crises like the coronavirus pandemic that left people with mobile apps as entertainment avenues. Data presented by Stock Apps shows that dating platform Tinder was …

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Global searches for ‘iPhone 12’ peaks with Nigeria, Singapore driving interest

Since Apple announced the release of the iPhone 12, potential customers began showing interest in what the new device will offer. After officially launching the product, interest in the device on Google search has hit new levels from different parts of the world. Data presented by Stock Apps shows that global interest in the keyword …

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TikTok recorded over 23 million downloads across top ten countries in September

Video sharing platform TikTok continues to skyrocket in popularity with more users downloading the application on both Android and iOS platforms. Interestingly, the application popularity appears not to be impacted by recent legal woes in the United States. Data presented by Stock Apps indicates that in September 2020, TikTok recorded about 23.21 million downloads across …

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5 best performing semiconductor stocks record an average ROI of 27% YTD

Semiconductors are playing a key role as new technologies like 5G and Artificial Intelligence continue to take shape. Consequently, due to this role, semiconductor stocks are emerging as an exciting option for many investors. Data gathered by Stock Apps indicates that as of September 30, 2020, the average ROI of five best performing semiconductor stocks …

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Top 10 iOS game apps record over 190k daily installs in the US

Apple has been a leader in the mobile gaming revolution hosting a wide range of exciting multitouch innovation game applications on its iOS platform. Some games have stood out weathering the competition to record significant daily installs and revenue. Data presented by Stock Apps indicates that as of September 23, 2020, the top ten games …

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