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Ads in streaming have become a contentious issue lately. However, according to the numbers presented by, 57% of US viewers say that they have no problems with ads if it results in lower subscription fees. The survey was conducted in 15 countries, and viewers in the majority of them voiced the same opinion.

Spain offers most resistance with 39% against ads

As per the Morning Consult report, South Korea and Russia show the most prominent acceptance of ads in streaming. 64% of South Korean adults and 61% of Russian adults say they would trade ad-free streaming for lower subscription fees. The United States, which represents the biggest market for streaming services, is also highly in favour of ads coupled with low prices, with 57% of adults supporting the idea. 

Japan features at the bottom of the list, with only 37% of people surveyed in favour of ads with low fees. However, a massive 48% of Japanese respondents picked ‘No opinion’, meaning that only 14% prefer no ads. Therefore, Japan registered the lowest shares for both opinions. 

Meanwhile, the likes of Germany and Spain are just above Japan in the list, but they are the biggest proponents of keeping ads out of streaming. In Germany, the vote was almost evenly divided, with 39% preferring ads while 38% voting against them. In Spain, 41% favour introducing ads in streaming and 39% don’t want them.

Interestingly, India has the lowest share of answers with ‘no opinion’. Thus, in contrast to Japan, India features high among both options. 56% of Indians want ads with low costs in fees, while 38% are ready to pay high prices for an ad-free experience.

Vyom Chaudhary, an editor at, said: “The ads are coming in streaming. And it appears that the majority of the global viewer base is also fine with the impending change as long as it results in lower subscription fees. Streaming giants Netflix recently drew flak from its viewers for indicating that it might be introducing ads. However, this survey suggests that might not be the opinion of the majority. Other streaming giants such as Disney+, HBO Max have either already incorporated ads in their services or they intend to do so soon.”'
Vyom Chaud

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