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Best Bitcoin Podcasts in 2023

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Keeping up with what’s happening in cryptocurrency is no longer a hobby for enthusiasts. It’s an essential activity for anyone doing business or investing anywhere in the world in 2023. Fortunately, staying up to date with the latest insights, news and changes in this highly disruptive sector of the world economy can be done on the way to work, at the gym, or anywhere, thanks to podcasts.  

 Podcasts are immensely popular with high performers because they give you access to the best minds in the world, almost as if you’re having a conversation with them. Often, the speakers featured on podcasts are the very people who are building the technologies you will be using tomorrow. Here are the top Bitcoin podcasts for sharpening your crypto knowledge and making sure you don’t miss out on any important developments.  

Untold Stories by Charlie Shrem 

Charlie Shrem is one of the deepest and clearest thinkers in crypto. He also has plenty of interesting stories to tell. He was the co-founder of one of the original Bitcoin startups, BitInstant, a company that aimed to make crypto transactions much faster. He also helped found the important Bitcoin Foundation. He has attracted plenty of controversy in the past, serving two years in prison for a project connected to the old Silk Road marketplace. Moreover, the Winklevoss twins once attempted to sue Shrem for millions of dollars worth of stolen bitcoins.  

 As the title would suggest, in his Untold Stories podcast, Charlie Shrem focuses on telling fascinating stories from the crypto world. Some guests on the podcast include Three Division co-founders Arel and Lex Avellino, Stacks co-founder Dr Muneeb Ali, and Enjin co-founder Witek Radomski. Podcast topics include the metaverse, decentralised finance, Web3, crypto investment strategy, wealth building and much more.  

 The idea is to give a unique perspective of what it’s like to actually live the exciting lives of those building the most innovative and risky companies on the planet. If you like a more relaxed feel to your podcasts, hearing real-world tales of founders and pioneers, this story-driven podcast is for you.  

Unchained by Laura Shin 

Laura Shin is a powerhouse in the cryptocurrency world. She is famous for her journalism as former senior editor of Forbes, her book, The Cryptopians, in which she uncovered the hacker who stole from Ethereum’s 2016 DAO, her TEDx talks, and her popular podcasts.   

 The Unchained podcast is for people who like to focus on the big changes brought about by technology. It is also fitting for those that believe that blockchain is in the process of changing every online interaction in our lives. The podcast covers a wide range of technical and philosophical topics, from what it’s like to work at a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, to the ethics of punishing cryptocurrency hackers. It’s in an interview format and focuses on deep and long-term structural changes caused by disruptive blockchain technology.  

 Unchained is a 60-minute podcast that’s released every week. Listeners praise Laura Shin’s ability to find interesting topics, talk to relevant guests, and ask direct questions.  

Unconfirmed by Laura Shin 

Unconfirmed is another podcast by Laura Shin, but with a different spin. Rather than long-term structural changes, Unconfirmed aims to stay up to date with the weekly ups and downs in the crypto-financial world. It’s also a smaller, 20-minute format each week. This podcast is for those in the business of crypto every day; either running a business or trading cryptocurrencies. Unconfirmed will give you an informed take on the breaking crypto and financial headlines from top industry insiders and researchers.  

 Listeners of Unconfirmed enjoy the intelligent questions Laura Sin asks, with her background as a journalist shining through. She offers a fantastic way to break through all the noise in the crypto news cycle and really understand the importance of what’s emerging in the headlines on a regular basis.  

 One unique thing about Laura Shin’s podcast is that her opinion and what she decides to explore is not influenced by her crypto portfolio like most crypto influencers. This is because, interestingly, Laura Shin is a ‘nocoiner’, meaning she doesn’t own any cryptocurrency. She’s more interested in how the technology will impact the world than in getting rich quickly using the volatile and risky crypto markets. This makes Laura’s opinion and outlook on the crypto industry one of a kind.  

What Bitcoin Did by Peter McCormack 

If you’re looking for a crypto podcast host with a bit more of a provocative nature, Peter McCormack is your guy. McCormack once told CoinDesk that he purposely tries to “trigger people” on Twitter in order to get a better understanding of the political environment. He does this with provocative statements, like his tweet “You only need to check the BTC price once every four years”.  

 Peter McCormack does not have a technical background like many crypto influencers. Instead, he comes from a digital marketing career. This shows up in his ability to pull in large audiences for his show. It also makes his podcast great for beginners, as technical topics are usually discussed simply and with flair.  

 McCormack also hosts a popular political podcast, so political issues and insights feature regularly in this podcast, too. Some recent topics include the background to the Russia-Ukraine war and the future of bitcoin banking. Listeners say they love the podcast’s accessibility for bitcoin and crypto beginners, its cast of bitcoin A-list celebs, its authentic host, and the wide range of opinions represented over many episodes.  

 These podcasts are a fantastic place to start if you’d like to delve into the depths of the cryptoverse. They do it through casual but insightful conversations with those actually building the future companies and technology. But in the end, the best crypto podcast is going to be one that resonates with you. Start listening to some sample episodes and see which hosts and formats work for your needs. Once you do, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to start.  


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