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Presenting StakeMoon – A PoS Token That Encourages HODLing

Alan Draper
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Crypto traders and investors can now take advantage of an exciting new DeFi token, StakeMoon, which is soon to go on presale.

This is the latest development coming out from StakeCoins.com. The developing team has designed StakeMoon to get rid of the obstacles that have prevented investors from stepping into this growing ecosystem such as its traditionally high volatility levels.

By introducing taxes to all transactions made with StakeMoon, the developing team seeks to encourage long-term HODLing while reducing price disruptions by discouraging speculators.

StakeMoon Explained

The tokenomics of StakeMoon are fairly simple. The maximum supply for the cryptocurrency is set at 1 billion and only 1 million tokens will be sold at the pre-sale, which will take place during the third quarter of 2021.

StakeMoon will charge a 15% transaction fee to everybody with 10% of that total being distributed to investors in the form of a dividend. The remaining 5% will be used to build the token’s automatic liquidity pool – which will further contribute to keeping volatility at bay.

A 1-year lock-up will be enforced for all pre-sold tokens to make sure StakeMoon has enough time to mature while it is being launched in the public market.

In the future, StakeMoon plans to become the go-to cryptocurrency for people who wish to earn rewards for staking different tokens.

Moreover, rewards will also be collected in the form of passive income earned from locking up the tokens in the liquidity pool and via token burns. Proposals will be drafted from time to time for a token burn event. They will be subject to the approval of existing token holders who will have the right to cast one vote for every StakeMoon coin they hold.

StakeMoon’s Roadmap to Success

It all starts with Q3 2021’s pre-sale. A total of 1 million StakeMoon tokens will be sold over the counter to interest investors who will have to hold on to their tokens for one year. This lock-up period will be enforced by a smart contract.

50% of the proceeds obtained from the pre-sale will be used to build StakeMoon’s automatic liquidity pool. Shortly afterward, the token will be listed on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange used by millions of crypto enthusiasts and investors to exchange tokens without the need for an intermediary.

By the end of 2021, the developing team will list StakeMoon in many other DEXs to enter the global DeFi ecosystem.

Meanwhile, the team expects to launch StakeMoon’s staking platform during the second quarter of 2022 to allow token holders to earn money for lending their tokens. This would allow investors to earn passive income without having to fully lock up their holdings or give up ownership.

You can buy StakeMoon here: https://stakecoins.com/landing-page/

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