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The StakeMoon team believes that its inclusion on CoinGecko is a testament to the progress made so far, as well as an affirmation of the team’s dedication and hard work

The number of cryptocurrencies available on the market today is overwhelming. While cryptocurrency continues to turn many into millionaires, it has sadly ripped people off their hard-earned money. One of the biggest offerings of the StakeMoon token is that it promises to be an innovative and profitable coin. 

Scott Ryder, CEO of StakeMoon token, is thrilled to announce that the company’s coin, StakeMoon, has been listed on CoinGecko, a fast-growing crypto data aggregator providing top cryptocurrency prices, crypto charts, market cap, and trading volume. The site also updates new and trending coins, including updates on the top crypto gainers and losers daily.

“Our ICO is unlike any other token sale out there,” explained Scott Ryder. “We simplify what’s currently an extremely complex and opaque market so that everyone can participate. And, that in itself is a pain point which we are solving. You would never think that investing in cryptocurrencies can be this straightforward; but with StakeMoon, you can transact seamlessly as it is a token that not only promises 100 percent ROI but long-term investment yield.”

Getting listed on CoinGecko will further enable users of the CoinGecko site, holders of the StakeMoon coin, and intending holders to buy, sell and trade the token without any third-party involvement. This will make the value of the StakeMoon token dictated by market forces, leading to increased efficiency, production, and stable growth. 

Launched in 2014, CoinGecko is one of crypto market’s earliest and largest data aggregators. It takes a holistic approach to track tokens and exchanges and tracks almost 6,000 coins and over 400 exchanges. With a mission to democratize access to crypto data and empower users, CoinGecko provides actionable insights, deep-diving into the crypto space to deliver valuable insights to users through its cryptocurrency reports, as well as its publications, newsletter, and more.

According to Yahoo Finance, CoinGecko is a reliable source of information in a largely unregulated industry. They added that the site provides a trustworthy solution to help crypto traders and enthusiasts decide where to invest and which exchanges they feel comfortable using. 

“Getting listed by CoinGecko is a step further in the actualization of our roadmap,” an enthused Scott Ryder affirmed. “We are excited to be making steady progress as the listing by CoinGecko will provide holders of StakeMoon and other crypto traders with the information they need about the token,” he concluded. 

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About StakeMoon 

StakeMoon is a Binance Smart Chain-based autonomous staking and liquidity creating technology, launching new and innovative digital cryptocurrency projects. Follow StakeMoon on TelegramTwitterInstagram, and YouTube for more updates.

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