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Cryptocurrency has dominated the financial news cycle for some time now. However, stocks remain the most preferred form of investment for investors in the US.

According to the latest report presented by StockApps, 52% of US adults are either very interested or somewhat interested in investing in Stocks. In comparison, only 38% share the same opinion about cryptocurrency.

Stocks preferred mode of investment 


As we mentioned before, stocks are the most preferred mode of investment for US adults. The latest survey from Morning Consult says that 23% of US adults are very interested in stocks, and 31% are somewhat interested. On the opposite end, 26% are not interested in stocks at all while 11% are not very interested. 8% of respondents had no opinion about stocks as an investment.

Mutual Funds are the second-most favorite option for US investors in terms of overall interest. 15% of US adults are very interested in mutual funds, while 28% are somewhat interested. Thus, a total of 43% of US adults have some level of interest in mutual funds. However, a total of 47% of respondents are not interested in mutual funds at some level.

Cryptocurrency invokes extreme opinions

When we look at the consensus about cryptocurrencies as an investment, we witness intriguing insights. 18% of US adults are very interested in cryptocurrency as an investment. This figure is better than mutual funds and is only eclipsed by stocks (23%). However, only 20% of respondents are somewhat interested in cryptocurrencies. For this category, this figure is joint-worst among all investment options. On the opposite spectrum, 42% of US adults are not at all interested in cryptocurrencies. For this category, this is the biggest figure among all options. This distribution of answers for cryptocurrencies gives the impression that investors’ emotions about them are very extreme.

A large percentage of US adults are either extremely interested or not at all interested in cryptocurrencies. There is an apparent lack of middle ground when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, only 8% of US adults have no opinion about this mode of investment which is joint-lowest along with stocks. Thus, one can also claim that the US public seems to be most aware of stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Bonds are the most popular of the remaining options, with 38% of US adults interested in them at some level. Exchange-traded funds, ETFs, are just behind with a 33% interest rate. Private Equities and Commodities seem to generate the least amount of interest among the US public at 29%

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