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The Lucky Block Pre-Sale Has Sold Out Having Raised $5.7m

Dassos Troullides
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Upcoming crypto-lottery platform Lucky Block, due to officially launch in Q2 2022, has announced that the tokens allotted for the platform’s presale have completely sold out. 

The pre-sale was set to conclude on February 1st, yet investors have snapped up all of the reduced-price tokens over two weeks before its conclusion, closing with 9,000 holders. As such, Lucky Block has raised nearly $6m (£4.39m) in funding, which will help expand the platform and develop additional features.

The buzz around Lucky Block has ramped up in recent weeks, as top-tier media outlets have reported on the crypto project, such as The Herald and The Economic Times of India – with the former even placing it number one on their list of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022. Now that the presale has sold out, all eyes will be on Lucky Block’s impending launch on PancakeSwap, scheduled for Wednesday 26th 2022.

What You Should Know About the Lucky Block Pre-Sale

Lucky Block’s pre-sale offered investors the chance to purchase LBLOCK tokens at a reduced price point ahead of the platform’s official launch. This structure is followed by many top crypto projects, as it helps build hype before launch and provide developers with additional funding to improve the platform. Investors could buy Lucky Block for 0.0000004222 BNB per token – which is around 26% less than what the launch price is scheduled to be.  

lucky block

Ultimately, this opportunity to purchase Lucky Block at a reduced price point could prove invaluable to investors. Lucky Block already has over 18,000 members in its Telegram group, highlighting the strong community backing that the platform has. 

Furthermore, Lucky Block’s roadmap post-launch looks incredibly exciting, with opportunities for metaverse integration, Lucky Block merchandise, fundraising events – and even Lucky Block NFTs! 

Finally, and as noted earlier in the article, Lucky Block has already raised nearly $6m in funding, which will provide the capital necessary to expand the platform and conduct extensive marketing campaigns.

Lucky Block has even begun giving back to the community already, as the platform made a donation to the British Red Cross last week. Thanks to these elements, investors who purchased through the pre-sale will now have a fantastic opportunity to generate returns if Lucky Block’s price were to rise post-launch.

Lucky Block – What Exactly is it? 

Now that you understand the hype around Lucky Block, you may be wondering precisely what the platform is. Put simply, Lucky Block is a crypto-lottery platform that seeks to revamp and improve on the prize draws offered by traditional lottery organisations. 

Lotteries run by the likes of Camelot are still essentially ‘offline’, meaning that entrants must buy physical paper tickets whilst out shopping. Although these lotteries have become more digitised in recent years, the user experience is still cumbersome – and the odds of winning are very low.

Lucky Block is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain and uses blockchain technology to solve these pain points. Users can instantly purchase tickets through the Lucky Block platform using LBLOCK – the platform’s native token. As noted in the Lucky Block whitepaper, jackpots are also distributed in LBLOCK, meaning winners can instantly receive their prizes. 

Due to the fact that anyone can take part, Lucky Block offers multiple prize draws per day – meaning investors have greater odds of winning. What’s more, prize pools are distributed in an innovative way, with 70% going to the winner, 10% going to charity, 10% going to Lucky Block to improve the platform, and the remaining 10% being distributed back to token holders as a reward!


Lucky Block has already undergone a strict security assessment from SolidProof.io – one of the leading blockchain auditors in Germany. As such, investors and stakeholders can rest assured that the platform’s technology can handle the functions that it claims in the whitepaper and on the website. 

Finally, since fees are paid in LBLOCK, a portion of the collected amount will be destroyed forever (burned) – reducing the overall supply and making the remaining tokens more valuable.

How Do I Buy Lucky Block Now? 

Although the Lucky Block pre-sale has completely sold out, investors will be glad to know that LBLOCK will be launching on PancakeSwap on Wednesday 26th of January 2022. PancakeSwap is a leading decentralised exchange that allows users to purchase BEP-20 tokens – such as LBLOCK. So you’ll be able to easily invest in Lucky Block once the token launches next week.

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