How To Buy Sonik Coin – Meme Coin Buying Guide 2023
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There is a lot of interest right now in meme coins. You may want to consider Sonik Coin if you seek a cryptocurrency that will provide a quick return on investment. There is a possibility that this meme coin will experience the fastest market capitalization growth in the world.

It is probably well known that Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest creature in the world. Therefore, you should get started right away to avoid being left behind. We will guide you through how to buy Sonik Coin step by step. Furthermore, we will explain why its price could skyrocket in the future.

How To Buy Sonik Coin – Simple Steps

If you’re interested in participation in Sonik coin’s presale, check these quick steps to join to the fastest meme coin on the market.

Step 1: Connect a crypto wallet to DEX

You can use a crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Wallet Connect to connect yourself to the presale website.

Step 2: Swap ETH for Sonil

To buy $SONIK, you must exchange at least 1000 $SONIK for Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT).

Step 3: Transfer tokens to secure wallet

The Sonik coin presale website will allow you to obtain your tokens and use your wallet once the presale concludes.

Your Money is at Risk.

What Is Sonik Coin?

sonik logo

The Sonik Coin ($SONIK) is a cryptocurrency based on the character Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega’s whirling blue Hedgehog. As one of the fastest meme coins to reach $100 million in market capitalization, Sonik Coin seeks to cultivate a community of meme enthusiasts.

As Sonik Coin is currently in presale, its price is $0.000014 per $SONIK token, which will remain the same until the end of the presale period.

Staking is a great way to make your $SONIK tokens profitable, thanks to a generous annual percentage yield (APY).

Approximately 299,792,458,000 Sonik Coins are in circulation, corresponding to the speed of light in meters per second.

Sonik Coin will likely experience a significant price surge and journey to the moon following the completion of the presale.

$SONIK Tokenomics

It’s well known that Sonik moves at the speed of light. This cryptocurrency’s total supply is exactly 299,792,458,000, which reflects the speed of light in a vacuum. The founders of Sonik are passionate about the world’s most famous and fastest Hedgehog. Additionally, Sonik will provide you with 50% of this speed during the presale. It is anticipated that a total of 49,896,229,000 $SONIK tokens will be available for the presale.

With Sonik’s tokenomics, staking rewards are plentiful for the community. You will be able to earn a passive income while contributing to the stability of the Sonik ecosystem by staking 40% of the total supply to ensure smooth and fluid transactions on a decentralized exchange (DEX); the remaining 10% will be dedicated to liquidity pools.

What is the point of the Sonik coin?

There are distinct characteristics that distinguish each crypto project from the rest. As soon as these are mentioned, they become instantly recognizable. Here’s everything you need to know about Sonik Coin.

Based on the Sonic the Hedgehog character

Sonic, the world’s fastest Hedgehog, is a well-known character. Sonik’s founders were inspired by this iconic character, with millions of fans worldwide.

Nevertheless, Sonik Coin has no association with Sonic the Hedgehog or the Sega company that owns him. Consequently, Sonik aims to convey Sonic fans’ admiration for him.

Sonik Staking

$Sonik offers Staking Utility to help it achieve its goal of becoming the fastest meme coin to reach $0-100M in market capitalization. In this way, Sonik participants can earn tokens by locking up their holdings for at least seven days.

Purchasers can Buy and Stake simultaneously during the Presale, transferring their tokens to the staking contract before they are eligible to claim.

Seven days after the token claiming process has been initiated, tokens staked during the presale can be withdrawn from the staking contract.

The website’s staking dashboard lets you access details about APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

Pros and Cons of Buying Sonik Coin in 2023

Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of this project, so let’s get started.


  • Provides high-stakes rewards
  • It is ideal for those who are fans of Sonic the Hedgehog
  • When the tokens launch, their value could multiply by over 50
  • Sonik has already proven itself based on its concept

  • There is no guarantee of profitability for $SONIK since it is in the presale phase.
  • The long-term value of this cryptocurrency is uncertain since it doesn’t address any real-world issues.

Your Money is at Risk.

Sonik Coin Roadmap

Three phases will be involved in the Sonik project.

Phase 1

The smart contract and visuals of the project will be developed at this stage of the roadmap for Sonik Coin. After the website’s launch, the token will be deployed on Ethereum, and the presale will begin. The presale and staking phases of the Sonik Coin roadmap are currently in progress.

Phase 2

The official launch of Sonik on UniSwap will mark the beginning of Phase 2 when Sonik will demonstrate its full potential. The project’s developers expect the price to increase exponentially following this step.

Afterward, you will see your investment grow significantly. Staking for increased rewards will be further emphasized on the platform.

Phase 3

The focus here is on the long term. A strong online community is one of the primary objectives of the founders of Sonik Coin. $SONIK is expected to continue to exceed expectations in terms of its price.

In the roadmap of Sonik Coin, no dates indicate when the tokens are expected to reach their full potential.

Who is behind the Sonik Coin project?

No attempt has been made to reveal the team’s identities behind this project. Its behavior raises suspicions among investors. However, if you review the terms and conditions of this project, you will find that it is sponsored by the company Sonik Coin, based at YF Life Tower, 33 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. It is not uncommon for cryptocurrency creators to keep their identities hidden. Even Bitcoin’s creator is unknown. This hasn’t stopped Bitcoin from becoming the world’s most important cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to remain cautious until a name is attached.

Why Buy Sonik ($SONIK)?

There are two compelling reasons to buy Sonik; we’ll present them immediately.

A High-Potential Presale

Cryptocurrencies’ presales are good indicators of their potential success. Sonik’s presale is progressing rapidly, which suggests it may explode in price shortly. Why couldn’t it reach 100 million dollars with a market capitalization of around two million? Keep an eye on Sonik’s price as it races at the speed of light. With this high-potential cryptocurrency, you could also earn passive income through staking and seeing your tokens’ value multiply by over 50.

Sonic The Hedgehog Fan

The blue Hedgehog holds a special place in the hearts of some people. If you share Sonik’s passions, why not become a member? This approach could lead to profits akin to those achieved by Pepe coin and Turbo investors.

Your Money is at Risk.

How To Buy Sonik Coin in 2023 – Complete Guide

Now is the time to buy $SONIK tokens during the project’s presale. Here are 5 easy steps to buy $SONIK.

Step 1: Buy ETH from eToro


eToro is a good place to buy Ethereum if you’re wondering where to buy it. Trading on the crypto trading platform is seamless, and fees are low.  The website or mobile app are the two ways to register for eToro for those who haven’t already done so. With eToro, registering is remarkably easy.

Enter the quantity of ETH you wish to purchase and a payment method. Bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and other cryptocurrencies are also included.

The purchased ETH will appear in the eToro account within a few minutes.

For more information, check out our full eToro review.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated in the US and UK. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Step 2: Move ETH to MetaMask or Trustwallet

We are now ready to move ETH to the eToro Money Wallet. Using the eToro money crypto wallet, coins can be sent from an eToro account to external wallets like MetaMask.

The portfolio page on eToro allows you to transfer ETH to your money wallet. By clicking “Transfer to eToro Money Wallet,” the transaction will be approved by eToro within a few minutes.

How to create a MetaMask wallet

MetaMask is available in two forms – as a web browser extension and as a mobile app. This guide explains how to set up MetaMask via a browser extension. Installing MetaMask on iOS or Android is very similar.

  • You must first visit the MetaMask website to install MetaMask on your browser of choice.
  • Once the app is installed, click the ‘Create a Wallet’ button and create a password. A complex and alphanumeric password is recommended.
  • The recovery phrase will be followed by 12 words that must be written down and stored safely. When you enter these 12 words into MetaMask, someone can access your wallet remotely. Never share your MetaMask recovery phrase with anyone.
  • Set up an Ethereum connection. By default, MetaMask supports Ethereum transactions only. MetaMask does not have to change its network to engage with Sonik Coin.

Step 3: Connect your wallet to the Ethereum network

Next, transfer Ethereum to MetaMask from your eToro Money Wallet. On your mobile device, open the eToro Money app and log in to your wallet. The wallet balance screen allows you to select ETH from the available cryptocurrencies.

To send ETH to MetaMask, please enter the MetaMask wallet address and the amount of ETH you wish to send. The MetaMask wallet app also allows investors to enter the address automatically by scanning the QR code. Once you have entered the address, enter the SMS verification code and click the “Send” button to complete the transaction.

You will receive the crypto within minutes to an hour after eToro confirms the transaction.

Step 4: Add SONIK to your wallet

$SONIK must now be imported into your MetaMask wallet. The $SONIK contract address can be submitted by clicking on ‘Import Tokens.’ You can verify the $SONIK contract address by joining the Sonik Coin Telegram group.

Step 5: Connect your wallet to a decentralized exchange

After completing the import process, your tokens purchased during the presale or using Uniswap will appear in your MetaMask wallet.

Step 6: Swap ETH for SONIK

When the external wallet connects to the presale site, swap the ETH in the wallet for the $SONIK coin. Trading in Evil Pepe does not require a minimum investment, so traders can invest as much as they wish. Following the conversion of Ethereum into $SONIK, a breakdown of the transaction will display along with the Evil Pepe tokens to be received and the Ethereum gas fee of 0.008.

Complete the transaction following the prompts once the presale is over.

Upon the end of the presale event, all $SONIK holders can claim their tokens. You can claim the associated tokens after connecting your MetaMask account and logging in.

Sonik Coin Price Prediction

Community plays a major role in the long-term future of Sonik. The coin’s creators have carefully planned a strong community around this cryptocurrency. This is essential for the price to increase over the long haul. Sonik remains an entertainment meme coin; it does not serve any practical purposes.

You can certainly expect staking benefits from it. Nevertheless, this alone won’t guarantee lasting growth. Several meme coins without practical utility, such as Dogecoin, have become payment systems. It would be the best-case scenario for Sonik. Similarly to Shiba Inu, it could also create a Play-to-Earn gaming ecosystem. The Metaverse concept might even propel its market capitalization beyond $100 million.

How To Buy Sonik Coin in 2023 – Conclusion

Considering similar cryptocurrencies whose prices have skyrocketed, buying Sonik is smart. If you missed them, it may be your last chance to get your hands on those cryptocurrencies. With the speed of light, the blue Hedgehog is on its way to bringing you financial well-being. Taking part in the presale is the best way to capitalize on this opportunity. Tokens have just begun to go on sale, with a price of $0.000014 per token. If you want to buy Sonik, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet. MetaMask or TrustWallet are highly recommended.

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Your Money is at Risk.


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