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IMPT is making waves as one of the most promising projects in the current cryptocurrency market. IMPT is an ideal asset for investors who want to invest in environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) projects. Through IMPT, shoppers worldwide can connect with hundreds of well-known retailers who support environmental projects and buy carbon credits.

In the following article, we will discuss IMPT price prediction without leaving aside an overview of the green token that is revolutionizing the green token industry.

Impt Price Prediction – Overview

IMPT investors expect their investment to rise after the presale, based on current expectations. More than a million units were sold after the presale opened within a couple of hours. Based on these facts, what might IMPT’s value look like in the future?

Year Minimum Price Maximum price
2022 0.018 0.020
2023 0.028 0.034
2024 0.040 0.049
2025 0.059 0.070
2026 0.086 0.088
2027 0.12 0.15
2028 0.18 0.15
2029 0.26 0.31
2030 0.37 0.43

IMPT Price Prediction 2022

Based on a technical analysis of past IMPT price data, the IMPT crypto price 2022 is expected to reach at least $0.018. With an average trading price of $0.019, IMPT can reach a maximum price of $0.020.

The upward trend will be supported by the announcement of new exchange listings that will take place at the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023. On December 28th the token will be listed on Bitsmart and on January 1st, IMPT will be listed on The new listings mark an continuation in the projects development and are likely to encourage new investors to buy the token whilst it is still at a low price.

Furthermore, the Telegram channel for the project has seen an influx in new members and support over the last few weeks. This is a positive sign and suggests that the price will continue to climb upwards throughout the new year. IMPT holders can expect to see gains in the portfolio in coming weeks.

Your money is at risk.

IMPT Price Prediction 2023

A wide range of industry leaders have partnered with IMPT, and more partnerships are expected to be announced shortly, according to the whitepaper. IMPT’s popularity will likely explode in the months after its launch.

By 2023, the price of IMPT is expected to reach a minimum of $0.027. Through 2023, the average IMPT price is $0.028, with a maximum of $0.033. However, some believe that the price could shoot even higher. This is due to the fact that previous crypto presales, such as Tamadoge, have seen 10x price increases during initial exchange listings.

Although IMPTs initial exchange launch did not attract as much hype as Tamadoge’s, the project has strong fundamentals and the token has promising utility. As a result, the Impt project should attract a continuous flow of investors over the long term which will push the price up.

IMPT Price Prediction 2025

A minimum price of $0.059 is expected to be reached in 2025 for 1 IMPT. With an average price of $0.061 throughout 2025, the IMPT price may reach a maximum of $0.071. This is assuming that the project continues development and receives positive reviews in the media. The crypto market is volatile and it is hard to pinpoint the price of a token in the long term.

Nevertheless, the aim of Impt is to encourage people to make sustainable choices which is in important part of reducing global warming. The potential impact of the Impt platform on the environment is very strong which means that the project is likely to continue attracting investors into the future. Unlike many other crypto projects, Impt will make a real difference so will always have utility.

IMPT Price Prediction 2030

By 2030, one billion people will use crypto around the world, according to a much-cited study by the Boston Consulting Group.

Over the next decade, sustainable investment apps and products will become more popular as a result of this premise. Coins like IMPT that are environmentally friendly or sustainable will offer considerable opportunities due to the increasing use of cryptocurrencies.

It is predicted that the price of IMPT will reach a minimum of $0.37 in 2030. With an average trading price of $0.39 throughout 2030, the IMPT crypto price prediction could reach a maximum of $0.43.

Your money is at risk.

The Best Alternative Tokens To Invest in 2022


Fight Out | FGHT

Impt crypto price prediction As a world first, Fight Out is a pioneering gym chain and fitness app with Web 3.0 technologies that combines real-life workouts with metaverse competitions in a completely new and exciting way.

In addition to serving as the project’s currency, FGHT tokens also serve as a form of governance and reward for the project’s users. The platform will also use REPS- a secondary crypt token that will be earned by users when they complete workouts and achieve goals.

The Fight Out app and gym chain aims to disrupt the move-to-earn (M2E) market by providing a unique workout experience. By addressing problems that exist with the likes of STEPN, which merely counts steps and uses expensive NFTs, the network will motivate individuals to exercise, especially using more NFTs.

Other innovative approaches include a user-bound avatar unique to you within the app, including attributes such as strength, muscle conditioning, cardiovascular performance, technique, and more. The stats you record from your real-life workouts will level up your avatar.

The Fight Out project is currently in the pre-sale phase, and one of the reasons it has attracted so much attention is the exclusive bonus offer from the development team. Pre-sale investors can obtain up to 50% bonus FGHT tokens based on their purchase amount and vesting period for a limited time.

Furthermore, Coincodex data indicates that 60% of the FGHT token’s distribution will go to investors, based on tokenomics.

Your money is at risk.

Dash 2 Trade | D2T

Impt price Investors seeking a new cryptocurrency trading platform should consider Dash 2 Trade. It combines cutting-edge analytics with social trading capabilities to dominate the Bitcoin trading industry.

Dash 2 Trade takes crypto transactions to the next level by incorporating all the necessary elements on the same platform. With the capability of testing and creating new trading strategies and the advantage of having the latest market updates, Dash 2 Trade enables its users to stay up-to-date on everything they need to know to make their trades successful.

In a matter of seconds, Dash 2 Trade can provide its users with the most powerful metrics to make more informed decisions when transacting with digital assets.

How to Buy Dash 2 Trade

Using the Ethereum ERC-20 network, the D2T token functions as a native digital currency within its ecosystem. With its help, users can view the growth of each of their favorite currencies with a brief analysis of it by using transaction notifications.

In terms of the presale, so far, it has been a great success. There are just a few days left in the presale, and the first central exchange listing is expected to occur on January 11th. There are already three exchange listings agreed upon with the team by Changelly, LBank, and BitMart.

Your money is at risk.

RobotEra | TARO

Impt crypto coin Using futuristic robots and inspiration from The Sandbox, RobotEra creates a metaverse themed around robotics. The entire project will be tied to the $TARO token, which will serve as the main currency within the game economy. It will be unique in style, and the entire project will be based on it.

Virtual robots will represent each user in this game, which they can personalize. There are virtually no limits to the possibilities in the RobotEra metaverse. Among the features available to users are virtual plots of land that can be purchased. The land is then 100% owned by the user so that it can be built on it. Within the RobotEra metaverse, real estate and land ownership are secured and verified using an individual NFT.

The metaverse has several components, such as acquiring resources and creating companion virtual robots. In addition, there are a wide variety of activities available in the RobotEra metaverse, including concerts, museums, nightclubs, and casinos.

RobotEra Home Page

It is also impressive to note that the Metaverse of RobotEra does not have any centralized authority that governs it, which is another interesting aspect of the RobotEra ecosystem. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) will play this role instead, as all token holders will own shares. In this way, RobotEra remains true to its decentralized nature.

RobotEra reached the milestone of raising over $465K during the first round of its pre-sale. Further, RobotEra’s official cryptocurrency, TARO tokens, has sold more than 31 over 90 million.

Your money is at risk.

Calvaria | $RIA

Impt crypto price 2022 RIA is the crypto governance of the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity project, a next-generation P2E game. This is an ERC-20 token within the Ethereum network, whose usefulness has been highly accentuated.

Dueling cards will be the basis for Calvaria, where every user will have access to a set of them. They will all be traded through RIA as NFTs. As a result, they will represent unique characters with special abilities that will help them win the game.

Calvaria is designed so that each player can own the game’s resources. With blockchain technology, they can earn them by playing or investing in their ecosystem.

Several different game modes will be included in the project to cater to the needs of players with different goals and preferences. As part of the game, players can compete against each other, accumulate assets, complete the solo campaign, earn unique cards and upgrades, and participate in seasonal tournaments.

Furthermore, this NFT game app will have a free version for those not interested in crypto. Playing it won’t require any virtual purse or wallet, nor will crypto-asset deposits be necessary.

As of now, D2T has reached $10,832,399. However, the final goal of the project is about to be gone. With the last phase of the pre-sale about to begin, a price increase will benefit those who bought the token during the previous stages.

Your money is at risk. (IMPT) – A Closer Look

What is (IMPT)?

Impt coin

Carbon offsets are currently showing promise as an effective way to reduce emissions and encourage positive climate change. It is for this reason that the platform was created.

Through a blockchain platform, individuals and businesses can offset their carbon footprint simply and securely, giving everyone a chance to help the environment and make a positive difference. With the help of IMPT, users can earn emissions allowances by shopping regularly. The project also allows users to purchase them directly.

Consumers and businesses can withdraw their carbon credits by burning them on the blockchain via the project’s platform. By withdrawing credit on the IMPT platform, users receive a collectible NFT designed by a renowned artist that can also be traded. In addition, carbon credits can be kept as investments or traded on the IMPT platform if the user does not wish to withdraw them.

Impt crypto price prediction

Your money is at risk.

What is a carbon credit exchange?

Both individuals and companies can purchase and sell carbon credits, certificates that authorize the owner to emit a particular amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. This will enable better control over how much carbon is released and reduce the amount.

Companies with high emissions will be penalized economically, while companies with low emissions will benefit. As fewer allowances are issued, companies that can’t reduce their emissions must continuously buy new credits, eventually costing them a lot of money. However, companies that successfully reduce their emissions and therefore have quotas remaining can sell these to other companies and profit from them.

Impt price

IMPT’s use of Blockchain technology makes them attractive in this area. The fact that the quotas can be tracked eliminates the possibility of fraud. The allowances are also “minted” as NFTs, which are unique assets on the Blockchain so that crypto enthusiasts may find the project appealing.

What existing problems will solve?

Carbon credits have been used as a tool to reduce carbon emissions. Nevertheless, experts have expressed diverse opinions about its use as a tool to reduce carbon footprints.

By channeling money into profitable projects, carbon credits can help achieve net zero emissions by 2050, according to some experts. However, the opposite opinion also holds that carbon credits are a dangerous distraction, allowing polluting companies to pay to eliminate their emissions.

The main environmental analysts believe that there are few environmentally friendly projects within the crypto industry. IMPT is one such project.

IMPT is one of the most innovative projects in the green cryptocurrencies sector, with a platform that allows consumers and companies to burn their carbon credits easily. Furthermore, when users withdraw their credits on the IMPT platform, they receive a unique collectible NFT designed by a renowned artist that can be traded.

The user can either keep the carbon credits as an investment or trade them within the IMPT platform if they do not want to withdraw them. Moreover, the project also tracks the origin of each credit, which is one of its main characteristics. This feature allows IMPT to serve as a solution for trade in carbon credits that lacks transparency.

With the global adoption of the IMPT system, some problems associated with carbon credit trading, such as double selling and excessive counting of carbon credits, may be resolved.

What makes IMPT sustainable?

Sustainable design is at the heart of the platform. Each carbon credit bought through the platform directly contributes to real-world sustainability initiatives since the projects listed on the platform are from accredited environmental organizations.

Sustainable environmental practices were the primary purpose of the platform’s creation. Therefore, carbon credits purchased through the platform go towards legitimate and impactful green projects registered on the platform.

User passions can be matched up with projects they wish to support with IMPT. They can make informed decisions by monitoring and quantifying their total impact on the planet over time. Carbon credits and where they are being applied will be included in the data. By ensuring transparency, individuals can directly see the progress they are making.

On the other hand, IMPT will likely be favored by those looking for the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrency. Part of this is due to the project’s eco-friendly goals and the Ethereum-based network that hosts the ecosystem.

Ethereum is considered a greener blockchain due to its minimal energy requirements. In addition, its Proof-of-Stake consensus process is significantly more energy-efficient than Proof-of-Work. In other words, it explains why its energy requirements are so low – it allows reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 99.99%.

IMPT tokenomics

Due to the fact that IMPT is offering a deflationary tokenomics approach, there will be a maximum supply of 3 billion tokens available. Because IMPT is deflationary, its value will increase over the long run as demand increases.

Platform users will use IMPT for participation in the marketplace, unlocking platform features, purchasing rare NFTs, and joining the DAO. Sustainable decisions will also be rewarded with IMPT tokens.

This asset boasts substantial tokenomics, huge intrinsic value, and a vibrant community, which should lead to significant developments over the next few months.


NFTs are one of the cryptocurrency industry sectors that is growing the fastest. The best NFTs are selling in the thousands, and in just a few years, they have expanded from unchartered territory to billions in sales.’s use of NFTs is revolutionary as it creates an immutable and traceable carbon token that will revolutionize the carbon offset market and increase excitement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide.

Impt crypto coin

It is intended that IMPT will convert carbon credits into NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will then be fully tradeable.

Who is the team behind

The platform is managed by a team of six, led by its CEO, the Irishman Denis Creighton. Having worked with such companies as the Irish company Conduit and the American firm Data Fusion International, he has a solid background in the IT sector.

Sometime in the future, the system intends to shift control to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Impt crypto price 2022

IMPT use cases

As the native token of the platform, IMPT facilitates emissions trading on the blockchain in a way that is more transparent, accessible, and secure than ever before. Similarly, there are several use cases for IMPT tokens apart from market price trading to make money speculatively.

First, tokens are used as carbon credits and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of large polluting companies.

Burning tokens and converting them into NFTs are other interesting benefits. Also, investors holding IMPT tokens can purchase collectible NFTs with their market value.

In addition, IMPT’s decision-making structure has been transformed into a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This implies that IMPT token holders can decide which projects will be developed for the future company, which is the most democratic and transparent process.

The Presale

The IMPT coin was originally going to have three separate presales. Still, due to the abrupt ending of the presale, the CEO decided to announce the early listing of the IMPT tokens on the exchanges.

On October 5th, the company announced the first round of token sales, which ended on November 5th. A total of 600,000,000 tokens were released for $0.018 each. In the second presale, 660 million tokens were sold for $0.023.

There was to be a distribution of 540 million tokens for $0.028 during the third presale, but that did not occur. It is believed that the massive market crash that followed the FTX fiasco is part of the early end of the IMPT presale.

Based on the CEO’s explanation, the FTX crash unsettled the market and made the crypto space more volatile. Therefore, to ensure the sustainability of IMPT and the timely achievement of all of the project’s targets, the team decided to burn the tokens of the current presale stage and vest the tokens for 12 months after the presale closes.

Impt (IMPT) Price So Far

The IMPT coin increased by 104% in the third week of December. Investors have been rushing to join the IMPT project in recent weeks as it promotes an environmentally friendly future.

There has been an increase in volatility in IMPT over the last few hours, with prices trading between $0.012 and $0.019. During the past day, over $1.2 million worth of tokens have been traded. Due to the token’s listing on the Changelly Pro exchange later this week, IMPT could see more gains.

As traders begin taking long positions in the IMPT project, we can expect gains toward $0.02 due to the robust fundamentals. Thus, IMPT could decouple from the broader market and rally independently.

At its peak, IMPT traded at $ 0.025244, an all-time high reached on Dec 14, 2022. The low price since it reached its ATH was $0.007131. It reached a cycle high of $ 0.019566 since the last cycle low. There is a bullish sentiment currently prevailing in the IMPT price prediction.

Was The Impt Presale a Success?

The IMPT coin presale proved to be a real success, as it ended earlier than expected. The presale buyers have already begun redeeming their tokens to their crypto wallets from the project’s website.

As successful new cryptos tend to multiply their value the moment they are launched, everyone interested in this project wanted to get the cryptocurrency at a discounted price. So when rumors spread that the presale would end in the first half of December, there was one last rush of buyers.

The Presale pot increased to three million dollars due to the buying rush. As a result, it was one of the year’s most successful cryptocurrency presales, with a market capitalization of $20 million.

How much money was raised during the presale?

With a total of $19 million raised during its pre-sale, this year’s greenest cryptocurrency closed the doors of its pre-sale. The presale never slowed at any point, as IMPT rushed through its last leg without a hitch. With a $1 million raise in the 11th hour, it has solidified its position as the top presale crypto for 2022.

What percentage of the token supply has been purchased during the presale?

As part of the presale round, over 1.2 billion tokens have been allocated from a total supply of 3 billion tokens. By listing IMPT for $0.018 during the first stage of the presale, IMPT raised a total of more than $10 million.

The remaining tokens from stage 2 were burned. Unsold tokens from round three were vested. When the token launches on cryptocurrency exchanges, there is a lower chance of immediate price dumping.

When did the IMPT presale end?

Presale ended on December 11st, 2022. Since then, IMPT has been listed on three noteworthy CEX lists: Uniswap, LBank, and Changelly Pro, with at least seven other lists in the pipeline.

Where to buy Impt after the presale?

The presale for IMPT tokens has ended, which means the tokens can now be traded on exchanges. After IMPT tokens were listed for the first time on December 14th, this occurred. More detailed guidance on how to buy IMPT in one of them will come later in this guide.

What Is The Current Price of Impt (IMPT)

At the time of writing, the trading volume of IMPT has been $477,146. Meanwhile, CoinMarketCap reports IMPT’s price is currently $0.01832.

Pros and Cons of Investing in IMPT


Impt is a completely carbon-neutral project

Along with being powered by the energy-saving blockchain Ethereum, IMPT is also designed with a purpose. In essence, it is designed to solve one of the biggest problems faced by the fight against climate change – it aims to ensure that many consumers, businesses, and other organizations are adopting carbon credits on a massive scale.

As a part of its development, is developing an affiliate program at the core of its ecosystem. The program enables consumers and businesses to acquire carbon credits conveniently and affordably to offset their carbon footprints.

IMPT is new and has room for growth

It is no secret that the carbon offset sector is growing rapidly. There are two carbon offset markets currently: mandatory carbon offsets (MCO) and voluntary carbon offsets (VCM). Due to IMPT’s presence in both mandatory and VCM markets, IMPT could see tremendous growth in the years ahead.

The project has a large backing

Unlike most of the latest crypto apps and projects on the block, IMPT has a long list of high-profile partners who have already been able to lend a hand in reaching a broader audience over time.

There are over 25,000 affiliate brands that will join, according to the white paper. Over two billion products can be viewed on the IMPT widget or app, enabling users to purchase them. Due to the presence of leading and renowned brands, the selection is wide. Doing so will reach a wide target group and anchor sustainability in consumers’ minds.

Aside from that, the project is also expected to be able to provide both enterprise and retail users with a tremendous amount of intrinsic value. is lead by a team of reputable industry experts

There are many industry leaders with years of experience inside IMPT’s highly qualified team. There is no doubt that the level of transparency displayed in this project is a great step forward for its growth and success in the future.

The need to sustainable projects is growing

In addition to supporting green initiatives such as renewable energy and preventing deforestation, IMPT attracts ESG-focused investors scrutinizing to put their money to work stopping environmental degradation. It was predicted that by 2030 there would be around $30 trillion in ESG assets, according to Broadridge Financial Solutions.


Impt is a new project which means that it is prone to volatility

There is still a long way to go in developing this project. In this sense, there is a greater risk associated with putting money into a project when it is still in its infancy rather than when it is further along in its development and more established. Dealing with new coins always carries the risk of total loss.

IMPT is not yet listed on centralized exchanges

It will take some time before you find a buyer/seller on a decentralized exchange because they have a much lower trade volume than centralized exchanges. Any investor looking to profit from the market faces that disadvantage. Additionally, converting cryptocurrency to fiat might take a while because of the lower liquidity.

IMPT saw a drop in price after launch

As ICOs are in high demand, many individual investors are looking for short-term returns. Upon listing the token, they can sell it and earn profits. Prices drop faster as more tokens are sold.

How To Buy IMPT on UniSwap

Buy Crypto from Bitstamp

Create an Bitstamp account

If you want to become an investor in IMPT, you must first become an ETH holder. This is because the IMPT crypto coin is based on the ERC-20 standard. As a result, you will have to exchange ETH for IMPT on a decentralized exchange.


When it comes to opening a trading account with Bitstamp, you must visit the site and click on ‘Get Started.’ Then, enter the e-mail address, password, and username that you would like to use. Next, complete your personal information, including your name, phone number, zip code, and birthday.

Deposit funds

The minimum deposit required by Bitstamp for new users is $10. PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, and Mastercard are all accepted payment methods.

Search for ETH

As soon as you have successfully finished the steps above, you are ready to buy Ethereum with Bitstamp.

On your Bitstamp dashboard, you can search for ‘ETH’ or ‘Ethereum’ by using the search bar at the top of the screen, which will bring up the results. Upon appearing, click Trade to open an order form.

Place an order

When you fill out the order form, it is very relevant to enter the amount of Ethereum you want to purchase in US dollars. Then, when you decide to buy ETH, click on the Open Trade button.

Transfer crypto to MetaMask

Once you have purchased ETH, you must transfer the tokens to a crypto wallet that can be connected to the UniSwap exchange. For desktop users, we recommend MetaMask. To transfer crypto from Bitstamp to MetaMask, simply send the tokens to your ERC20 wallet address.

Connect MetaMask wallet to UniSwap exchange

This guide on investing in IMPT continues by connecting your MetaMask wallet to UniSwap. It is easy to connect your wallet by visiting the Uniswap website and clicking on the ‘connect wallet’ button in the top right corner.

Impt coin

Impt crypto price prediction

Swap ETH for IMPT

You can swap your ETH for IMPT using the exchange token swapping feature once you have connected your wallet to the UniSwap exchange.

A small transaction fee is charged when you are making a transaction. However, this process is very simple. Remember to have enough ETH on hand.

Impt price

Move IMPT into crypto wallet

The last step in the process is to confirm the swap, and the IMPT tokens will be transferred to the associated crypto wallet once everything has been double-checked.

Impt Price Prediction 2022 – 2030 – Conclusion

IMPT token is the ideal asset to choose from as investors continue to search for the best coins in 2023. In less than three months, the presale raised over $13.4 million, making it one of the best-performing in the market. Considering that the asset has done so even during a bearish market, it shows how many people are interested in saving the planet.

However, investors in new cryptocurrencies should always consider the risks involved because the establishment of a new cryptocurrency is not certain and can also fail. Therefore, despite their strong backgrounds and unquestionable skills, the IMPT team must also demonstrate themselves for IMPT to truly become an innovative solution for companies and customers.

Impt crypto coin

Your money is at risk.


Is IMPT a green crypto?

If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency assets with no use case or utility, you may find it challenging to deliver outstanding gains in the crypto market. With, you will not have to worry about this at all. Eco-conscious crypto project IMPT aims to provide users with an eco-friendly experience. IMPT's team is bringing a whole new level to the world of carbon credits by putting them on the chain to become far more efficient than ever before.

Is IMPT better than Bitcoin?

As far as sustainability is concerned, it is better than Bitcoin in this regard. Cryptocurrencies that minimize carbon footprints while maintaining blockchain integrity are rapidly being adopted today. In the current crypto community, green coins aim more at positive environmental behavior than competitiveness. With IMPT, you will enjoy an eco-conscious crypto environment. Token transactions and production use less energy in this project.

What exchanges will list Impt?

As of December 11, 2022, the IMPT token presale has ended. December 14 marked the token's first exchange listing on Uniswap, where presale investors profited after an initial sell-off. LBank followed it on the same date. On the other side, Changelly Pro will likely add the IMPT token to its list of cryptocurrencies before the end of the year after it was delayed from its scheduled listing on December 23.

Will impt explode in 2023?

IMPT coin's value is expected to explode in 2023 based on many indicators and analyses. This platform's real-life utility makes this whole crypto project explode in the year to come as this massive carbon credits market continues to grow. Approximately $851 billion was raised by 164% to the carbon credits market cap in 2021 alone. As soon as more governments and companies are using carbon credits to offset carbon emissions, this cap is expected to increase.

Is IMPT a good investment right now?

Since demand for environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies continues to rise, it is reasonable to anticipate that IMPT will seduce a sizable investor base in the coming months. Additionally, IMPT has already announced partnerships with over 10,000 top brands. This could lead to the explosive growth of the IMPT token.

Will Impt Reach $1 Next Year?

Considering crypto presales continue to attract a lot of interest, IMPT might reach a price of $0.05 in the short term. However, with this initiative, cryptocurrency can be used in an ecologically friendly manner that leverages technological advancements to benefit the environment.

Will Impt Ever Reach $5?

At the moment, it won't. IMPT tokens are currently priced at $0.018564. According to predictions, the price will reach $0.43 by 2030.

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